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MW3 The Story of Colin (Modern Warfare 3)

by WoodysGamertag • 182,448 views

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what the fuck that does not even make any sense now go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich
i have that word problem to it sucks
You are the scum of the earth. You deserve to be hit by a car and your alleged "Brains" splattered on the ground. I feel bad for your parents, they should be ashamed that they raised such a waste of air. He can't help what he has. He is a much better person than a lot of people could aspire to be, not all of us can play life on hard mode and win.
you made the definition of autism sound like schizophrenia.
The social issues were to avoid confrontation
Woody your a great man, and you have an amazing son. Ignore all the hate to him and continue to help him. He will grow up to be a great man just like you. Thoughts and Prayers to him.
i have so much respect for people like colin
my cousin is atistic and he is 5 and he still havent said words i think hes learning sign languege
My little brother (autistic) didnt learn to talk until 2 also. He is 5 and just started talking sentences the last 6 months.
@ChromeTo YourDome WTF is wrong whit you?! You are laughing cause he was born whit it? Hope you die!! You laught thinkiing of a pedophile raping him? Really you little devil piece of shit!! Hope YOU die you fu*king retarded ass! Why would you wantColin to die? You dumb psycho ass! You are the worst and retarded guy i have ever met on internet and in real!! You stupid fu*k!! Hope you die
(woody) colin wheres your sister? (colin) Shes upstairs. (woody) thats really cool. (me) yeah it really is. :)
colin is goona be awesome dont worry woody Every superhero finds his weakness
No no no. I hope you will die by acid being poured on your skin , then get it burned , then get stabbed 100 times , then watch all your family die (and your mum suck my dick) then get hit by a car then repeat the process.
Colin is a fucking boss woody!!! #teamcolin
my niece is 9 months and shes already saying mumma and ta when you give her something lol
You are such an a**hole. He's a person, just like you and me. He has disabilities, he is AUTISTIC. My little brother is autistic. I know how it feels to have a family member with autism. I am a thirteen year old! It can be hard for familys of autism. Dont be such a douchebag, learn some manners, that is woody's child! You are lucky I am not woody and I dont know who you are, because you would be sorry for typing that comment....
I've got a bother who has Autism, I know what its like. I had to go speech therarpy myself when I was younger but I have ADHD.
my btep brother is autistic so am i but im not as bad as my step brother or colin i just am shy nut if im around them for a wee bit ps i knew that colin was autistic ecuase of my step brother who can speak but not the best
It may not even be autism, it may be as simple as verbal dyspraxia. Again its a spectral disease though but may be worth looking into
Anyone who disrespects, Woody, his son Colin, Any of his family, or anyone with disabilities or family members with disabilities, in my opinion, is just disgusting. Enough said.
Woody, I want to personally thank you for doing a video about your son. I have a 5 year old son on the spectrum (PDD-NOS) He also has a speech problem but with help of a lot of thearapy and him being in a special needs school he has really started to come around. This video really touched me. I have gone through and am going through a lot of the same things that you talked about. It just helps to know there are other dads out there who know what it is like to have a special needs child.
i didn't talk till i was 3 and a half...
Man who cares Colin is awesome no matter what
wow die in a damn hole millions of people are retarded its a normal thing
What Collin does? Fuck bitches get money!( not trying to offend anyone)
Colin is 10 or 11 years old.. hes not a toddler
Wow I feel bad for ur son from growing up untill now
I agree, but that was a weird fucking insult I must say.
It's ironic. my name is colin and I've been told by my mom that I'm autistic but she's never really gave me a clear answer.
I agree but you're telling people to get off YouTube because there stating their opinion and you're stating your opinion. Just watch what you say!
Uhh, retarted..? Grand spelling smart one >_> and btw you're a douchebag :D
Why can't people understand that children and adults alike that are born with mental deficiencies understand that they are as much human as we are, sure maybe Colin can't speak very well or form words as well as 99% of the people on this page but would half of these idiot scum hate on Colin if he was deaf, blind, or couldn't talk, no I doubt it so why can't you just get off YouTube and stop being so freaking idiotic and immature Thumbs Up so Woody can see this GO COLIN!!,
My surgeon said to my parents I had 1 day to live as soon as I was born, but in 13 haha
That's why I love England because medical is free :)
What would make people hate on a kid who has a few problems; it really irritates me when i see a comment hating on Colin. To Woody, when Colin gets older, he is going to have a bright future, so what he has a few problems now, these won't last forever. Peace, hope Colin will get better in the future. *TEAMCOLIN* and *TEAMGAMERTAG*
Your son is great no matter whats wrong with him
you are a 12 year old pubeless little shit go get you dyper changed
That is a lot of money,u r a true father to pay for that hope he grows up ok
We (Canada) have free health care.
Dammit, this video makes me sad, mad, happy, and frustrated all at the same time. Woody you're a great dad, I wish my dad had actually been a dad to me, he was never there, and I can only hope to be as good a father as you are.
I'm autistic I speak in non words like brabrabraghe and I started to talk at normal time
Next time someone says colins retarded I will personally stalk them tear there feet off and cut there balls off and shove them up there ass so far they come out of your ears. Colin never give up because of idiots who keep Putting you down you are a great kid and woody you are an amazing father keep it up guys good luck to you both ;)
guys is son is having having problems and you bitches should be lucky that your not like him,you all are fucking assholes!!
socialism is not what we are striving for here...
you ys think your immortle. well probably you punks just think your so fukin bad ass that you play cod, etc, that u could bully people like woody son. well fuk that. we're human beings. dont bully. well and, DONT BE A SON OF A BICH! you thinks its easy to be him but thats not your fukin self. it looks easy but no its not.
Hey woody I have a sister with down syndrome and this video brought me to tears when you said its like a death in the family because I remember feeling the same way when my parents first told me that she had downs I was 12 and she was 1 month and I went in my room and shut my door and didn't come out for a week but know 1 year and a half later I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world and she means so much to me
Hey Woody! Thank you for making such a great video. I have a 2 year old son that has been developmentally behind and in therapy since he was born to try and get him caught up. They have not officially diagnosed him yet but we do suspect some problems. But none of that matters since he is healthy and happy 99% of the time and I couldn't ask for anything more.
I totally agree. Thanks for your agreement and support.
dude... why would you feel sorry! He is still a human and woddy still loves him!
The medical stuff is the worst I have a cousin who is autistic it is down right insane
How can I even respond to this over-opinionated pompous comment when you can't even spell "dollars" correctly? You sir are a scholar not to be trifled with.
Your a fucking goon kid you would never say that shit in the real world youtube gangster hahahaha i would break your legs if we ever met.
Trust me woody do what you can, colin will have a good life and it will all work out. (keep up with the video's), also any time i'm on line and you want a game of what ever message me (Potshotwilliams).
you cant even fucking spell, the only retard here is you.
feel so bad for you hope he will be okay and more people need to accept kids with disabilities they are still humans and they wouldn't say that if they had someone in their family who had a disabilities
hes still awsome woody like joe says everbodys awsome haha.
My 1st youngest brother is Autistic!!
im sorry to hear about your sis man.... i hope everything will turn out great for her! =)
Are you kidding me? It's terrible to think that there are people out there that are so blind to people problems and feelings and that dont even care. Sure he may not be able to read that paragraph but so what? He may have a mental deficiency but that doesn't lessen the value of himself. How do you think he would feel if he knew there were people out there who want terrible things for him. Go die in a fire you sick, pathetic disgrace. Dont comment if your gonna say hurtful shit like that.
This is the thing with American health care , if you are born with a mentally or physichally disabled child or even have an illness yourself your going to be in debt. In the UK its free for all and its fair !
good thing about canada FREE heath care
Health care that is free in foreign nations is terrible and if you have a serious medical issue say cancer (since alot of people get it) you are put on a wait list and have to wait along time to get treatment.
Its a shame you couldn't read what his original comment said, or you'd be agreeing with me. Unless you're a piece of shit like joel.
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