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SkyBLock 01 with Chimneyswift and Wolv21

by minecraftwb • 125,459 views

Please Leave a Like/Fav/Comment it helps a lot :) ||FS|| Chimneyswift Wolv21 TWITTER: FACEBOOK:...

im now part of thye pack howlls
You had to save some grass
You guys are stupid you have to keep the grass
It's an old video. Shut up dude.
anyone else notice chimney say Leroy Jenkins randomly at 10:41
put the diffuculty on peacful so u dont loose health
really luclin know everything about redstone but he doesnt know how to make a freaking cobblestone generator
14:36 I flipped out for a split second!
thumbs up if you noticed the dessert iland in the backround
didn´t you know that about in the middle of the video you lost your only chance to breed animals when you guys did destroy the last grass block.
I know im putting this on the wrong episode but EVERYONE HERE WHO READS THIS. CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG. Its possible to make a 6 cobblestone generator because it moves 4 blocks in every direction.
Do they have mineshafter or something?
Ive watched all of this series on chims channel :) im just here to watch it from luclins point of view now :D
14:39 ":O:O:O my heart just droped to my ts- JIZZ WOW "
I want luclin back!! (im watching old videos)
Says the guy who types "u" instead of "you. Fucking dumbass.
also notice how the person he is talking to doesn't exist
i thought about being a family member, but i prefer paulsaures jr
lol cobble genertor is so easy i figed it out witout even knowin it existed.
I luv luclin urr an idiot urrself
I got introuble because I was watching this and wasnt suposed to be up and I was loling to hard and my mom heard.
@jjcdwag you hat to go to minecon but there is a cape mod :D
Dear,luclinmcwb,lilethyn,and, mrs.luclin willl you please do a skyblock video with me i am trying to figure out how to make my own video but i wnt to do a video with u first will u please add me on skype to start? my name on skype is audrey.lyn.nguyen
My shift button loves me so much he doesnt let me fall off Cliffs <3!!!
NOOOOOOOOOOO! chimney dropped his glasses over the edge!ALL SWIFTERS ARE DOOMED! or just chim`s chance of surviving...
They are building the Cobblestone Generater on the spawn point. Win?
Is sky block just a seed or is it a mod?
how did they make their world like that?
Oh my god. at around 14:50 my heart dropped too.
@EDxAto3 not necessarily because the lava has to be a certain thickness to make cobble trust me I've experimented with geneerators alot
You can't spell ChimneySwift without 11 e.e!!!!
If u guys have an iphone/pad get the app to make your own skin. On users type WOLV21 on it and guess who will pop up!
O.O OMG!!! I thought he fell for a second. I gasped and woke up my boyfriend
I bet ur shift button is all........ HES BEEN TOUCHING ME SOOO MUCH <3
roses are red violets are FUCKING VIOLET!!! i don't like peoms fuck off
Wow why did u restart at the end
I know this has nothing to do with the video.. but I changed My Sneak/Crouch Button to "V" instead of "LeftShift"
i'm probably going to be called a liar for this even though it's the truth. i met chimney swift on dragonslayer's server. i'm mojas5 and i have screenshots to prove i saw him.
They should be able to make a multiple cobblestone generator if I can
This makes me miss the old luclin and chim....I loved watching them so much, but they changed, i sitll watch them. WE JUST WANT THE OLD YOU!! :( Forever missing.
wait did chim say damn it when wolv lost the second piece of dirt?!?!?!
He means that they skrewd up cause the destroyed all the grass blocks and now there is no more grass to farm on
u r dum lol, how r u gunna make a farm w/o grass!!!!
This is my favorite Youtube series of all time, now im watching it from your view Luclin c:
He's luclin friends with paulsoaresjr.
4:53 /watch?v=qvgYAwDORo4 (not suitable for minors) don't yell at me later. please.
Wolv: ewwwww Chim: ewwwwww get raedy for my sweetness!!! You:ahahahahahahah Me:(laughing) LOL
sorry I broke the like button so I can't like your video :(
i know, but im just so used to watching paulsaures jr, it feels odd to watch someone else
Omg wolv took out the grass blocks lol
@gotenjsfan you cant not alowed on the rules i have played it before! :P
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