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Monday Morning- Death Cab For Cutie (Album Version)

by jwurth8324 • 226,276 views

A great song off of Codes and Keys. This is album version.

THIS ladies and gentlemen... is music
Cine teatro Odeon Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
In questo lunedì di festa il tempo fuori parla solo di cinema: oggi vi aspettiamo!
such an awesome song!
Jim Moriarty Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Monday Morning- Death Cab For Cutie (Album Version) One of my new favorite's in my top ten.
Jason Rogena Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
feel good Sunday
Ross M. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I, personally, think that this is one of their better songs.
I prefer their older stuff. This is more mainstream and appealing. Though of course it is good :)
Love. I just bought the album five seconds ago.
As long as you like Benjamin you are okay in my book.
Hui e!!! muchas gracias amigos... PENDECHOS (hehe)
We all hate monday morning less... Death Cab =)
I love the antlers but to accuse death cab of ripping them off is like saying the pixies ripped off nirvana. You hear similar melodies of the antlers because they were influenced by Death Cab. Both rock btw.
With Death Cab, ti l on monday, I get happy.
The beat is soooo hard to get out of my head <3 I needed a song like this
I love that this has almost 10k Views and still no dislikes WTG Death Cab
Two by The Antlers brought me here. It's not that bad of a song, actually. See everyone, look what Hospice has done. Amazing things.
One Tree Hill :) <3 Choosing the best music ever x
@cutyourlossesX hey.. im a huge twilight fan, but i knew dcfc before i read the books or watched the movies. so watch it buddy.
from the second i bought codes and keys this was my favourite song
I've always thought the very same thing. :) Sounds exactly like her!
I promise to listen to it on every Monday Morning from this day forth !!! AViD
@amzyangel92 right? I just wanna steal the ipod of the music director :3
@Gorehound23 True. She's so wonderful<3 Plus, he's better off being sad and writing mopey songs. She's better being adorable and with joseph gordon levitt! :)
dumblin made the made response, let's leave it at that haha
remembers life in Black and White... #film
Totally ripped off The Antlers!!!!!!!!
I love how there are no dislikes <3
@Samiiax7 except now, Ben and Zooey are getting a divorce... so that pretty much makes this song the saddest song on the whole album.
twilight has surprisingly produced quite good music. i dont care how you get to music. as long as there is music being introduced to people. a band as awesome as deathcab.. people need to be educated! even if its through twilight!
Song's about the singer meeting Zoey stfu about Twilight. Did I mention the only good thing that came out of Twilight were the soundtracks? Because the 'saga' in general SUCKS ASS, word.
what is your problem if i'm a twilight fan and i LOVE death cab?
Great, especially when the other video is a fake XD
"gonna astound you"? That lyric is awkward as shit.
the color of the symbol thing changed and i thought i was going crazy
Listen to Cath... and Possess your Heart and Soul Meets Body and... getting carried away. But definitely give those a listen. I got into Death Cab a couple months ago and so far I love every album I've listened to.
@TheMotivatedSequence you clearly know nothing about music. do you understand how many songs have been written? there will always be coincidences, in this case, they happened to use a similar chord progression to that chord progression used in that song. plus gibbard's songwriting and singing is clearly superior to whoever wrote and sang that other song. death cab has more than proved themselves as an original band in the past. search "axis of awesome four chords"
@auditi5 Bummer they're divorcing now eh? But Zooey is free now, guess there's a silver lining in every cloud after all.
This song reminds me of... -Me. DCFC I love you and always will <3
really? twilight? this band and especially this song seems so unfit for such a movie....
@11suppakit Pretty good? This song is the best thing I have ever heard.
The beginning of this song describes me. I swear.
she loves the natural light, captured in black in white <33
But you would be liking the music after it doesn't matter the order had 333 likes and 3 dislikes... I just messed it up. Now it's 334. Aww. :(
No no it wasn't Meet Me on the Equinox is what you are looking for.
wait, people know this song because of twilight? wait what? what happened??!?!?!
Yes! Read in an interview that this song was written about Zooey Deschanel (his wife). Makes me love the song even more.
Twilight hasn't produced shit. They didn't make this. They didn't produce this. Death Cab for Cutie did. But yes, awesome band indeed.
this is my favorite song, definitly popped when lidtening to this album :D
@TheLumberjackHero possibly the only comment i can agree on.
Is it just me or is the tempo faster than normal?
Now this is the Death Cab I've missed oh so much. <3
The first time I heard this song I was amazed! Death Cab For Cutie has been stalking me! O.O *looks to the left, then the right* Just kidding, I know this is about Zoey :)
@ALestriel8 Completely agree with you! In fact I discovered Muse through Twilight :P I feel slightly ashamed...but not really
I love this more than the idea of love. Does that make sense? It's possible, but all that matters is that people know I love the new album. Good job to Death Cab, :)
The Twilight fandom is full of crazy intolerable teenage girls and even more annoying pedophiliac moms. It's great that they got the money, but the Twilight fandom is gonna soil this amazing band.
I'm seeing them at deck the hall ball in like a week...I think I might cry when they perform :')
The name of this song made me tired, grumpy and sad.
Or, Death Cab For Cutie could have just denied the money, like My Chemical Romance did, STILL write Meet Me on the Equinox, STILL make thousands of dollars for being the awesome that they are, and continue to be famous to the few that admire them. However, artists need to eat too, and in the real world, such things don't happen, so their reasons are understandable. However, Death Cab For Cutie doesn't need any bandwagon fans, they need real ones. Twilight can suck it.
@seanyboyrebel i guess with this logic i could say that the 10 seconds of piano in "two" was ripped from death cab's "transatlanticism", but i wont.. because that seems a little ridiculous. these bands just came up with similar cords it seems. the fate of sooo many artists
This song is getting me pumped up for a Saturday night
i love listening to the first 10 seconds at top volume. can't get over it.
@senorshorty16 i know and he took away comments because he's a pussy and doesnt want to hear people say 'fuck you' to him. wasted my fucking time just because he wants views, asshole
@TheImnothungry It is! the day they met or something like that (:
Omigoodness. I heard this in Macy's for the first time. It seems like I end up loving 90% of the music played in that store.
Omg. That humming bass at the beginning is so beautiful.
@sh1tonwba You should go ahead and do that. Then you won't be able to appreciate music at all. We won't have to listen to assholes like you complain about it.
This one was a real ear-catcher. I'll have to give the rest of the album more of a listen.
@samuelRknight uhhh that is why it works perfectly
because of death cab i have a skewed sense of how the world should be described. also how people should talk. i love this band
@jamiemoore2086 it definitely has the potential, but i'd rather not hear it on the radio
If everyone listened to Death Cab, the public world would be a more tolerable place. I'd rather hear this on the radio than half the crap that's on it. Bandwagon fans or old fans, it doesn't matter. It's a beautiful song, and whoever enjoys it shouldn't be ruled out simply because of their other tastes or the medium through which they found out about this song. Get over yourselves.
@seanyboyrebel Ohh okay...yeah I doubt they would purposefully try to steal another band's song. Even so, it's not that similar to "Two." I love both bands, anyways.
@seanyboyrebel I'm not dismissing them as "some indie band." I was simply stating that they are an indie band and I doubt that Death Cab would have ripped them off. I have listened to the Antlers before, and while their lyrics are great, I find the vocals painful to listen to. Just my opinion. But anyways, I find it funny that you're dismissing Death Cab as "plodding dad-rock." Have you ever even truly listened to their music? It certainly is not "plodding."
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