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Wings of Redemption World at War Arisaka on Dome

by Jordie Jordan • 41,324 views

Try hardcore TDM Lads, it works for me. hit me up on xbox 360 @ II DaaaaN x ps I made the awful name 5 years ago when I was 13 lol
anyone know how to record psone games from the playstation store on an hdpvr? ive tried changing the resolution to standard/pal under display settings but it cuts out whilst recording and wont process.
hey guys how do you avoid the modders on waw? every game i go into has one.
i am so tired of hackers on waw
I love old commentaries, because I get to hear people bitching about Modern Warfare 2! Then you get to think about how bad Black Ops is compared to MW2.
Put up battlefield 2 port valdez last site cuz i cant figure out how to win it
@MrTrippyChips A ton of people still play WAW, COD4 and BC2 online. I play all and their is at least 25,000 peak users per day on each. That's nowhere near MW2's 350,000, but it's still more than enough to play any game at any time of the day. They are still in the top 10 on PSN's most playable online games
hey what other bolt action rifles are there other than the arisaka
report them to the Playstation network, thats what I do, I enjoy WAW since its a fun WW2 FPS shooter game, and I don't like EA and Dices games, like BF3 and MOH 2010, I got rid of them, so now I just use COD WAW, but the hackers try to ruin the game, so If I see that they have hacked themselves invincible I report them to playstion, for in game cheating, and since then there have been less, I report maybe 6 a week, but I think I may be making a difference, I suggest others join me, to save WAW
What do PS3 people play now? RDR is boring MW2 is shit all the other CoD's are dead BFBC2 is dead. I really wish Black Ops would hurry up. Atleast Xbox got Reach.
@GanjaPharmzor i figured that im helping you out so u know for the future. english isnt mine either, im from moscow and when i fist came to US, people corrected me also, but i learned grammer the most through friends making fun of me haha because i changed my grammer when people corrected me
@MrTrippyChips What? What does Xbox players play? I still play both Resistances, i occasionally play Killzone 3 and Uncharted, some Little Big Planet, and every now and then Modnation Racers :D
Damn hackers fucked up this game on xbox
star wars battlefront!!!!! that game iz beast!!!
sorry i need to ask whats better the arisaka or the kar98k?
ill rate you as a true gamer if you beat battletoads.
If you're putting up a lot of videos you could do a "lets play" series, be it Mafia 2 or Lost Planet 2, Even Fallout 3, i'd watch it anyway!
Hell yeah champions of norath!
uhmm i like ur waw vids the most
Did anybody hear the wings chicken in background at end
Start playing Battlefield Bad Company 2
@GanjaPharmzor oh haha :P top gear is een tof programma :P
I have a request use the mp40 bet ur not douche enough to do that
play the VANQUISH demo on xbox live marcket place
I wish world at war was not hacked, played it with a buddy of mine and I had so much fun but the hackers came in a few games later and it was so people really have nothing better to do with their lives?
I havent seen any gameplay of nazi zombies in a long time. do a vid bout that
@ammattilainen90 same here i file complaint too and i also avoid against them so i dont end up playing with them too it kinda works
dude i support you man i click on your ads and everything. i know what it means to you cause i do the same on my other account :) good luck man!
i am so tired of hackers on wow
@jjlol234 o ya. sorry. thought u were asking for all rifles. my bad. but ya. those are the ones that are in the game.
ASSASSINS CREED 2, or if u hav co2.
I wish more people still played this game. People hate it but put up with all the bullshit on MW2. I jumped back on yesterday and there were only 54 people in HC Free For all, and only about 3000 total in all game modes (360). It had better recoil, the guns each had their own unique feel, the maps are superior. I had more fun in World at War than than 4, MW2, or Black Ops. I play Black Ops mostly now since at least the maps are better. Still not as good as WaW though.
Wings do you plan to stop posting videos say if you are able to retire at 35 ?
This is so eerie, I watched this video when it came out... came back to it randomly now, I didn't think I had seen it before, but now I'm remembering some of this commentary, it's insane.
black ops campagin playthrough when it comes out
Yes! please put some fallout 3 gameplay, i love it
erm bioshock/mafia wars/minecraft :D/ maybe some old games or something/assasin's creed maybeh can't wait :)
@THEcrimeEATER LBP is dead it's full of people just trying to get the trophies so gay.
stick them wings up your fruity ass boyeee you really do have beautiful ears
add me on ps3 if you want. my GT: NICKBOY300
Brothers in arms hells highway plz
I have World At War or Xbox 360 and wii, hackers are a major problem on Xbox, but on wii their not a problem.
You should get Battlefield 1943 and make some videos :)
@Anxakaem haha, zeiden ze een keer bij een aflevering van top gear = )
Mafia 2 maybe, its a fresh game and it would be good for a lets play
Having a moderately exiting personality helps a lot. Work on that.
right now im only playing waw cause blops is frusterating '.' i wish treyarch would clear some hackers out of waw -_-
map guides for different game modes in world at war, alot of people are new to world at war and bought it just because treyarch is making the new CoD and they want to see their previous one. I personally played it quite a bit, but alot of people are new to it.
Sorry, i didnt see the Resident Evil 2 Lets Play when i posted that comment!
does cod 5 work online on the ps3 (do parties work)
@lordzegrom black light was 1200 microsoft points when I bought it; to be honest i am not sure how much it is now.
@99DirtyGhettoKid99 someones jealous that they cant get it
hey wings,we want more world at war,no modern warfail 2
Is it just me that love when wings says: That Nature
nostalgia hit me right here.
"I'm going to be putting out a lot of videos" means "I want to put out more videos so I get more money from Youtube".
Whenever he just kept saying B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b a bunch it caught me off guard! HAHAH! I LOVE YOU WINGS! NO HOMO!
@TheGrayStranger MW 2 was way more bad then black ops IMO. trust me, in 3-4 months everyone will be playing BO again, just like w/ MW 2
battlefield 1943 :) and I hope you do black ops vids that would be awesome :)
minecraft on pc seananners plas so does pyropimcher
Battlefield 1943, its in WW2 and its like bad company but, its alright. Alot of people play it and it don't cost alot.
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