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I'll See You Again Lyrics Westlife

by Dark17Moon • 10,585,449 views

I'll See You Again is the 13th track in Westlife's latest album (Where We Are 2009) the song is really emotional and very powerful... talks about how a person feels after a death of a loved one...

My grandad is currently in the hospital. Hes been in there for almost a month now. I went to see him yesterday and it broke my heart into pieces. He looked like a holocaust prisoner. When he told me to kiss his cheek i almost started crying. When i did he was colder than anything ive ever felt. It was like he was already dead. This is so hard. My heart is breaking everyday and its hard to focus with depression and panic disorder. Constant anxiety gets the best of me. Keep fighting grandad <3
my grandma died 3days ago ...i regret every second i spent away from her 
+Ayoob O'donnell  I'm so sorry, Ayoob. Grandmothers are very special. I lost both my grandmothers years ago...and I still miss them too. You will always remember all the good times you had with your grandmother. You please take care and know we care. Okay. :) God bless and hold you, Ayoob. :)
my dad died in 2006 and i was young and the last image i have of him in my mind is him violently convulsing on a stretcher. I was six years old at the time and i have been depressed for six years hardly able to function or cooperate with anyone. If your dad died at a young age then you know how hard it is to live without one, but if not it is the hardest thing to do, i have had noone to pick me up and spin me around or teach me how to ride a bike or help me buy a tuxedo, he wont be at my wedding standing at my side and he wont be at my graduation screaming his head off but the worst part is the fact that i didnt get to say goodbye. i dont need pity i just needed to get this out of my system..
I lost my mom when I was 7 so ik ur pain
My dad was a prick. Well, that's what my family told me. They said he didn't care about us and that he hated me. I always believed them. The last time I saw my dad, November 02, 2012, he was laying in his hospital bed, ready for brain surgery. Before I left with my mom, he said "Son, I love you". I wish I can go back to that day and say I love you too dad. He's gone now, and it's hard for me to say I love you to anyone knowing that I didn't say it back to my dad. I hope he is in a better place, and that he knows that I love him too.
You father was telling you the truth... he did love you,  It is wise to live for the Lord  so that you will join him someday.  Your father surely is with the Lord.
+Ronda Witt Great advice Ronda. I wish i could give the young man a huge hug, along with many others who are dealing with loss and it would help with the pain and the loss, but i can't. So praying that God will hug everyone. Still cannot listen to this without crying. I know that until one experiences some thing like this in person, they have no real idea what it feels like. I have to turn that song off before i lose it. 
Life is a continuous never ending event from your own perspective. You are an immortal spiritual being. Death is not the end, mankind is the only animal that even knows it is going to die. It is a double edged sword, it gives a chance to evolve out of the animal realm and into a higher state of consciousness but it also puts mankind to sleep to true life. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. Google Truth contest and check out the top entry. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile. 
i wish i could just hug my mom one more time i miss her so much :'(
Dont worry bud you will see her again, but for now just know that shes with you and shes in a better place a peaceful place now just pray every night and ask fora sign from her i got a bunch of signs before take care bro.
When I was 16 years old I met this amazing girl, she wasn't the hottest girl and some friends even told me to dump her but I didn't care because I saw the greatness in her that nobody else saw. She was always there for me when i needed her and whenever I was feeling down I'd just go cruise around the neighborhood with her. We even had some rough times and a few times she made me so mad I even hit her, which I regret a lot, but she always gave me forgiveness. Every day without her was a pain and every time I didn't see her for a while I bought her accessories and stuff and if she even got hurt a little I'd immediately help her. Those were the best times of my life and I thought we'd be together forever, but unfortunately in August 2013 everything changed and the worst thing possible happened. We were driving around 60-70 kph when suddenly a taxi who came from behind a stop sign and drove right in front off us and I had no time to brake and I hit the left side rear end of the taxi and I flew 2 meters over the taxi and I hurt my head so I couldn't really see or hear anything that well and my limbs weren't working that well after the impact so I just had to lay on the ground and I couldn't look at my love, but when I was in the ambulance driving to the hospital I asked a doctor what happened to my girlfriend and that's when I heard the most shocking news, she was dead. Those words hurt me I was in huge pain with a possibly broken spine and my first real love was dead way too soon and that made me realize I'd probably never drive a motorcycle again. After the collision her front forks were bent, the front rim was bent, the exhaust header and muffler had both cracked, the chassis was bent, the headlight was broken, the handlebars were broken and the engine wouldn't start anymore, there was no hope in getting her back to life. R.I.P. Honda CBR 2006-2013 :'(
I'm sorry for your loss. R.I.P.
Trust in the Lord for we shall all be judged on that final day and be given eternal life for those who have followed the teachings of our Father.  The Bible is not just wishful thinking, 350 messianic prophecies were fulfilled confirming it to be the only religion to have such a claim. It is no coincidence. 
My great auntie Lisa pass away today . Its just so hard  she one of my favorite family member. Someday I will see my great auntie again .
Pauline Lao..So sorry for your loss..
i'm going through hard times my nans just died and she was the only 1 I had left bc my parent's torture me im crying so this I guess helped me I don't even know anymore
Dreams Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
thank you +Viva S.  we will again togehther
Hopefully all these stories you motherfuckers are saying are true. I'm pretty sure 60% of you fuckers are looking for attention.
What do you I know you?
Sorry, I do know who you are. Maybe I should have just told you to chill out. I just thought you were being kind of mean..Chill out is ok..
Before a week i lost my dog. My dog died.  He was very, very old - 13 years old. Ihave listened to this song before, but i couldnt feel it, but now, when i am sad and hopeless, i listen to this song and i say to myself "He is on a better place now. Ne isnt suffering anymore. And he will always be part of me." I really miss him. and this song will always reminds me of him. 
I have lost 2 dogs my dog Jessie in 2002 cancer she was 12 then we got another dog in 2004 hunter we had him until 2009 he died of a bacterial infection due to a cut we never knew he had that got badly infected he was a corgi he was low to the ground he wasn't cuddle type so that's how we didn't know he had a cut or were It came form until he got violently sick one day and the infection went to his kidneys he was 7 .we got another dog about a few weeks later we adopted a dog of a rescue angels pet website and got our beautiful terrier mix named liza she came form Tennessee shes a cuddle bug so much joy to have around its going to be even harder when she goes she turned 6 . Jessie 1994 2002 Hunter 2004-2009  liza 2009 present    
My sister passed away and they played this. it's been a rough go of it lately with my sisters passing, my mother and father are both sick, cancer and kidney failure. i'm pretty much the only healthy one trying to take care of everyone. i've been reading some of these comments and they break my heart. If i can give some of you one word of advice that would be to stay strong, sounds cliche but when you are weak, find strength. don't ever give up.  whoever you have lost, rest assure they are looking down on you.   i hope you all find happiness
those who cry are not weak,but rather have been strong for too long. keep strong but makes ure to let your feelings out once in a while.
My grandmother passed away last night, and i'll be putting together the video for her funeral, this is the song i plan to use in it, it's a beautiful song.
The 4 year anniversary of my nans passing from breast cancer is in a month and i wish i can say that it has gotten better, but it hasn't everyday little things remind me of her and im a wreck. She passed away before my 18th birthday i never got to say good bye or that i loved her and it has been eating at me since her death. When i listened to this song just now i couldn't even finish listening to it before u broke down.
I'll Never Get It But My Heart Was Bro But Its All Too The People That Died And I want Too Have More People In Earth But All THey Do Is Just Pass Away There's Always  Been The Right Heart Again But It Will BE OKya I Almost Died Before And God Stopped It From Happening I Will Pray The Day Out Of My Heart Girls Are Mean Too Me God Will Make The World Less Better But He Wants Us Too Come Too Heaven !!!!!!!!
Dee Westcott Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Beautiful,but sad.Have a nice day +Dee Westcott :)
My husband died when I was 6 mths pregnant with are second child I was 24 and are other son was 4 he was 34 I been through so much I don't know how I still standing ..... are son's now are 12 and 8 it hurts to look at them but I gain him double by 2 beautiful sons I always smile but nobody knows my broken heart I miss u hubby
i miss u grandma i still can`t belive ur gone u was my hero my best friend 01-16-2015 an ur funreal was 01-20-2015 :( ugh i can`t stop crying i miss u so much i can`t take it anymore 
When I was 5 my nana passed a few minutes after we left. We left that day and my older brothers both gave her a hug and kiss goodbye, but I didn't and 12 Years later I still feel it's my fault. Regardless what anyone tells me thats a guilt I hold, and will always. 6 Years later my grandfather was laying in bed and we all knew it was his time to go, I wasn't going to leave the same way I left my nana. As my family left the room I kissed his forehead and told him I loved him and a smile was drawn to his face. In that moment my world was leaving, the man who took me fishin and bounced me on his knee. At his funeral I was the one to light the candles and walking to the podium with tears filling my eyes I felt a chill on my neck, it was a real moment and at times I know I feel them both in the presence. I've lost friends and family and it's something I've never wish on my worst enemy. Life is to short to wonder what if, take the chance to embrace a moment and live life fully. To everyone reading this who has lost a loved one, God bless and stay strong<3
Every time I listen to this, I think of my cat Sweetpea who, at the age of 12, died of breast cancer, and my Uncle Richard Thomas Lesley who died at the age of 44 from cardiac arrest in his sleep. Uncle Rich was a good man, with a loving family and caring friends. Sweetpea was an an amazing cat who was my best friend. I miss you, guys. I can't help but cry as I write this. I love you and I wish I had one more day with each of you. It's still really hard on me, and I can't seem to get over their deaths. My heart keeps getting broken over and over when I think of them and think that I'll never hug them, see them, hear their voice, or kiss them ever again. I've been depressed for a long time, and I'm almost at the breaking point. I love you guys, and may you both rest in peace
On valentines day, I lost my grandmother. She was the most caring person I have ever met. She would drop everything to lean over and pick you up. I don't ever remember her being stern with me. After battling cancer twice and winning those battles, there was a rupture in her stomach which led to her passing. When we got the autopsy they said that the cancer was just starting to come back. So we truly believe that my grandfather took her on valentines so he could be with his true love and keep her from suffering with cancer again. Because she already won her battles, and that was going to be the end of her fighting for her life. She won. And she will always live on in my heart. Here is the quote I read in her eulogy. "A heart of steel stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best" rip nanny
I have the gift from above and my sister we can see spirits
For grandmother who passed away last night. i love you nanay
I lost 2 mentors in 2 years one just passed away tonight. And no amount of tears can comprehend the feeling of loss 4 of my good friends died before they graduated high school and the pain is still there. Life is too short. Tell those people that you love that you love them while you still can.
I lost my dearest, closest friend, my Mother in 2010 after being her care provider for 10yrs through Alzheimer's. I literally wanted to die. Went down a path of self-destruction and after 2 dui's and 30 days in jail (at 62 I might add, a first, ever) I had a lot of time to pray and reflect and those 30 days in jail saved my life making me realize that the thing I wanted most, to see her again, was NOT the path to making that happen. So I did something she had begged me to do for years. Quit smoking. I didn't do it, God did it because I couldn't. In 2012 my dad had a stroke and I became his caretaker. On July 6, 2014 I went in to wake him for church and he had died sometime during the night. This hit me like a ton of bricks. It still is. However he and my mother having been married for 68yrs and being reunited, how amazing for them. Do I still cry over BOTH? Yes. Am I at peace with it? Yes. Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will see them again. God conquered death when he rose from the dead and when the Resurrection takes place, the Bible specifically says that "The dead in Christ will rise (from the grave) first." I can't wait! My prayers are with you all, it is not easy but you must go thru it and I personally have come out the other side a stronger, better person.
Thank you for this song it has been almost a year sense we put my dog down he was having seizures back to back and he could not walk I remember it like it was yesterday I miss him a lot not many things make me cry but this song makes me ball overt time I hear it
Love and friendship doesnt end at death it's story continues infinity ..Just because someone isnt there physically with you it doesnt make there presence any less significant in your life if anything your love becomes stronger. love is not bounded by time nor by circumstance .friendship and love isnt just the one where it is with you physically for a lifetime  it is still love if it is cut short  ..The people i love who passed away are still by my side and will be til my last breath and  for whatever come after that because they are part of my life story and have left their imprint within me.. i sense them all around me and see them in the interptation of all the beautiful images  this life has blessed us with.this song is stunning.
Beautiful, Beautiful, I love all you had to say, Thank you for saying it.. They remain in your heart forever. Because someone dies, does not mean they are forgotten or should be. I talk about my son often, he lives in me.
+Mona Martin i am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son.I cant even begin to imagine the pain you have gone is so true that our hearts never forget.those that we love leave beautiful remnents and their mark within us .They are still by our side and always will be.Our souls never say goodbye they just lie in wait for when we will get to see them again.Wishing you love,peace and happiness.
am crying cuz i still sad that my fsmily left me and i miss them like my aunts,uncles,grandmamma,grandpapa,and my vcousion theey live 4hours from methey live diffrent part in NC
I was actually looking for some good songs for my mom since I miss her so much. She's still living though. It's just that I am miles away from my family. I am moved as I read the comments. May the Lord bless you all.
missing my very special son David, left me feb 2012, 3years have past by and i still grieve and need so much to see him again, Dave you were only 28, he loved Westlife's music and used to get emotional and come to me (mum) for a hug, i miss you son, i'll love you always and our special bond will never be broken x love mammy xxxxxx
@Alexis smith I've been there its tough y'all just keep fighting:)
Dark Horse Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
+josh suddeth​ this is in relation to your post about what song are you listening to now
I loss my fiancee on October 26 2014 . He came home Friday from the hospital and passed away Sunday. . From a heart attack. Loved him with all my heart. Still do. I miss him so much.
RIP. A girl in my year died of a heart attack too about 2 weeks ago. This song made me break down.. she was the nicest person I knew and.. oml
Aw! I'll see you again!!! Aw! That's so touching & nice song!!!! I like it so much!!!!
This is for my baby sibling, my mom miscarried but the day she did I heard its heart beat and that was over.
This song makes me remember my pet cat she died of cancer and other diseases but now she is in no pain She is always with me and my uncle
I lost my father last Friday to cancer. It was a life changing experience to be by his side and experience what happened in that room. I know now I will see him again.
I lost my mom on February 9th, 2015 at 5:15 pm central time. It's one hell of a way to enter adulthood. I really do miss her.
My close friend for 18 years has sadly passed away at the age of 28 with cancer, this has killed me deeply going to miss you my friend all the fun times and laffs we had so many more could have been if only this had not happened ..i will see you on the other side when its my turn, take care now Brent pickering 
Beautiful,thank you for this~ Stay tuned for SerenityCam.. Inspired!
My GF and my best friend committed suicide April 8th 2014 .. The worst pain in the world ...It's almost been a year and I think about her all the time :'( 
This song is sad and i cry all the time when i play the song why because my grandma passed a way
I miss you Daddy, R.I.P 2/18/15 Gone but not forgotten, and never will be, you will live on in my heart and others.
Ranjaani R Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
i will see you again... once again.. 
love you my son miss you
I have lost so many friends and family members. it hurts me inside. :'(
I love you Joey. Shauna Elysia here. I've missed you very much. I'm not gone.
I'm 13 and my father just passed away 2 months I just fell like I'm caving in
After 42 years, my memories of my first husband and soulmate still sting my heart to the core. Miss him so much.  
LOVE 😔😔😔
I miss my grandpa today is his funeral.😞
My grandma took care of me for 44 years of my life had passed away jan 21 2015..part of me die with her
This is my favorite song since my grandad funnel I wish they could have played it,but it will be alright so sad but I have to be strong for my self and family :| :)
la musique m'a beaucoup touché
Lucas Grayson Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
A song dedicated to both of my lost parents.
i just love this song, it dont save tears
my biological mom and my step mom both died :,(
I lost my dog yesterday
My dad died today. I don't know what to do.
rest in peace dad
i played this at my moms funeral, RIP mommy 11/20/14
I'll see you again miss you so much mom 💖💖
insert tragic backstory here
My granddad sadly passed away on the 21st off January 2015. this was the last song that they played to him on the morning off his funeral we loved it so much. He called it his little girls song because I always played it t him ly granddad miss u every day reunited with nan. RIP my angels cant believe ur gone but im strong. rember till we meet again never forget me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My mom died when I was 14, I'm 16 now
R.I.P granny LOVE U!😢❤
Crying and 1:04 minutes in =( I just lost my uncle aswell.
I know what you're going through.. I'm losing my uncle very soon now.. from skin cancer and he only has like 2 weeks to live and he also has a brain tumor
=(........Probably worse for you.....just remember to say your goodbyes....I never give a goodbye to my uncle because I live at the other side of the country from where he lived....And I also never got chance because he died of Heart Failure..............Hopefully your uncle might come around and get is a chance....its called.....uuuhhh.....I can not remember....I'll look it up....
R.I.P yayo we love you
okay so I am making a part for a collab while listening to this I love this song :) this was played at my nana`s funeral :/
Braveheart BraveHeart Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
I'll See You Again Lyrics Westlife:
Luciano Junqueira Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I'll See You Again Lyrics Westlife:
This is real story of my friends sis: there were a girl who was always bullied,they called her names such as virus,she always cries by herself then one day she met the love of her life <3He cared for her and cared for her,he was very popular in school he was risking his popularity with hanging with the girl <3 they both loved each other but they never say a thing.then one day the girl found out something was wrong,she didnt get bullied for a whole week,then she heard someone moaning in pain,when she went there she saw the boy getting beat up...</3 he was bleeding,a group of other guys from their school was there hurting him...she knew that the boy wanted 2 take her place </3 she gathered all her courage to go and stop them...but she was pushed away...she watched the boy get beat up
but she could not do anything then after a while someone came and stoppped the older guys but the boy was almost half dead </3the girl cried a lot as she held him in her arms Girl-please dont leave me </333  Even when the boy's almost half dead he still asked her to not cry with all his might the girl held his hands tight but then suddenly she felt the boy's hand fall out of his,she knew the time was already here...afterwards she always blamed herself for his death,eevry night she will hold the teddybear that he gave her...than one day she could not take it...she decided to end her life...she was found dead in the tub but the boys teddybear was still on her </33
My grandpa and grandma and another grandpa passed away not to long ago and I saw this video nearly killed me to listen to it I just couldn't deal with the pain this song is very beautiful and very deep and meaningful those out there that have lost anyone close I pray for u and pray you can stay strong and make it just know our love ones who are gone are in a better place and we will see them again.
To my little cat Spikey. He died 5 months ago and I still mis him. I know a lot of you people don't understand the situaition I'm in right now, but Spikey was one of my only friends I had and thanks to him I got new friends. All I want is just hug him one more time and say goodbye to him because I was on a schooltrip for 3 days when he died. Rest is peace little kitty.
r.i.p Cody you were a great uncle...
Rizka ayu tiara Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
i'll see you again papa :')
Maryann Rufo Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
RIP Vegetable Man I loved you💔🍌🍎🍤🍇🍆🍄🍉🍏🌽🌾
i`ll see you again,,you never really left!!!
Want this at my funeral.... which will hopefully be soon....
Wai? You can't feel happiness if you're dead. You can't eat chocolate either.
In the honor of my grandfather..James Hicks <3
I miss my dad soo much:'( its been almost 9 years and i still cry whenever i.think of him...hes the person that raised me...better than my biological dad ever will/has. i remember the day i watched him die...i just wish the last thing i woulda said to him was i love you not good night
It's ok I still cry about my dog and he died 6 years ago still crying😰😰😰😰😭😭😭
Autumn Howell Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
I lost my Dad to brain cancer October 19th, 2014.  I was by his side when he passed.  This song helps.  Thanks.
I lost my pet mouse today, and I hate how people are like, "Dude its just a mouse" but she was so sweet, and only had 4 months in this world, I would do anything to see her again :'(
I,SEE YOU AGAIN>!!!love the lyrics
thank you for liking it allso
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I'll See You Again Lyrics Westlife
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