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TuT on Call of duty World at war on mac FREE

by zack parek • 15,176 views

This is a tutorial on how to get Call of duty 5: World at War on a mac. Torrent Link: Stuffit Expander Link:...

can you get all the zombie maps?
My antivirus detected a virus in the game folder, download at your own risk.
THANK YOU! i have been wanting to play this game for so long without going to some other guys house to do it. Cuz like i live in japan and they dont allow this game here cuz u shoot at japanese so yea... but ive just started downloading it i hope it works!
can u please reply to this comment, i donwloaded all the links but how do i start the download on my torrent
how long does stuffit expander supposed to take to open the game
hey can you download custom zombie maps too?
how many kb per second did yall have
i don't get it, i downloaded everything but it wont even start to download the turrent, does it take like 30 minutes for it to hit 1%?
it doesn't work because it doesn't open
ive downloaded this 4 times in utorent its just it never gave me the follder im hoping this will work
if this works you got yourself a sub :D
it doesnt open how can i open it
Is this a PowerPC ".app" file?
For mac? THere is only like one virus and this file is too old to have it. It might on pc but not mac.
what did you type in to pirate bay to see if i can find it
You need to use Stuffit Expander, I used unarchiver, and it didn't work. mines works fine right now
yeah it sais i dont have enough 3d textures
so whats the point without multiplayer loll dislike, and horrible audio faggg
No it does not Its 100% Virus Free Even check with a Virus Scan!
i tried to open it but the icon just bounce once and then disapear
campain not sure what that is but multiplayer is all that matters bro. i think you mean campaign :)
1:27 hour to download it works fine smooth and perfect
my mac avast detected a trojan
thanks bro! sorry for bad english, but i can have der riese dlc on my mac? can you do a tutorial? thanks:)
@xS1n1sterSn1p3rHD elaborate on that?
i download call of duty 5 but i lost my key code so cannot download :(
it just quits in a sec (doesnt work please help)
mine won't start downloading PLEASE HELP ME! D:
Don'T download it! It's a virus!
my waw dosnt even open, any help?
can anyone please tell me if stuffit is free or not. please someone right back ASAP
how do you get it to download in u torret
@55redg55, once I downloaded everything, then I'm trying to open the game, it's not loading at all, I waited for about 10-15 minutes.
you downloaded it fuck urself if your too dumb to look at how big something is before putting it into your computer dont put it in! simple as that :)
im trying to make it run do i do it?i changed the graphics in the options..but it still runs
what if the structure is damaged?
I Downloaded This And Opened It And It Jumps Once Then Quits. My Specs: Mac 10.6.4, 2.4GHZ and 3gb ram. intel core. And When i Open With Stuffit Expander It Says Corrupt File. Help!!!
i downloaded it and it did that for me and u need to deleet some files first
For me, my torrents take like a day or two to download. :P Probably because I have a lot of games downloaded.
i need help i dont under stand
Wow Torrent... Wer hätte gedacht das man das da laden kann....
do you know zombies fagg and campain youre so fcking stupid
do i have to use stuffit cuz im on a version 10.8.4 and it wont let me
Wait nvm lol But it says 1.5 patch in description. so....where is the multiplayer patch line than?
Also What Version Of Stuffit R U Using
Don't use stuffit.. use Unrarx
This doesn't work on early 2008 Macbooks with Gma X3100 graphics cards.
Do you now how to fix the der rise problem?
Hey dude awesome vid can u help me I need the new patch can u give me a link for a download plz oh and I subbed.
thanks taking too long though =(
everytime i try to play zombies or capmaign it says click to start and then it automaticaly quits the game. Please help me!
i downloaded it and everything the icon is there now its not opening the fire dose anyone know WHY!?!??!?!?
Yo mate, I've successfully torrented the game using utorrent, 100% downloadd and everything, however I can't show in finder, or open with utorrent or anything. It says there's an error with the files, should I just re-download it?
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