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Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

by turnstiles92 • 87,375 views

a slideshow i made about the people in the billy joel song "we didn't start the fire"

Now THAT'S a thalid picture I haven't seen in quite a while. 2:14= Thalong.
awseome and i like how the videos match what they say. finally found the video i was looking for for my party!!!!!!
Thank you for useing The Ramons for the punk rock pic thats what punk was and never will be agine i thought the whole thing was asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my science teacher thought it would be nice to listen to this song during class, so the next class everyone brought the lyrics to this song and EVERYONE started to sing this song over and over again. We couldn't stop laughing. then the bell rang and everyone was staring at us. p.s i go to a girls school.
D**m, Akk are the annoying concert version.
What does this song mean? I dont get it?
HAHAHAHAHAA I have you nowMiss. Shoesmith! I have found your source!
why didnt he just piss on the fire ...
FABULOUS song, I am old enough to have been through most of it all as a spectator, and the song is just sooo very GREAT! How to do a world history lesson in 3 minutes and keep it real, and relevant. Good on all the teachers who use it, and good on the students who "get" it!
its billy joesl retort to the people of the generation at the time complaining nothing of value happening during their lifetimes.. everything mentioned is what was major during the time..
Our teacher showed this to us in class. it started buffering on british politician sex :D
he wrote this song because a man told him that he was born in a period where nothing was going on in the world. he proved him wrong :)
This is Brilliantly Done.. It beats anything Official.. 1000/10+
cool cool cool video love this song
bay of pigs is not a picture of pay of pigs
LOL OHMIGOD REMEMBER THAT Richard Nixons back again XDDDDDDDDD LOL. ahh history times :'( We shall never have them again....
i realized something today. im sixteen and listen to things like Hollywood Undead and Deadmau5 things. i listened to this song.It changed my view of the world. I realized how music back in the day made sense and had deep meanings. this is arguably the best song i have listened to in my entire life. so, thank you Mr. Joel for making this great song and showing me that music today is pretty shit.
LOL we watched this vid in history and we had to write down all the things we heard and it was going too fast and all i shouted was "RICHARD NIXON XD"
freakin love this song :) and really great video i like better than the other ones
love this song , your video was awesome
Picture Timing - 4.8/5 I think one was off...not bad! Picture Accuracy - 4.8/5 Peter Pan was not off...but you shouldn't of used the Cartoon. Video editing - 4.7/5 Very good editing! Picture Section - 4.5/5 Great Sections! :) Creativity - 4.5/5 More Creative than most! With the old film effect, and the Fire effect, it was great! Overall - 4.6/5 My rating - 5/5 The best one I have seen tonight!
CAN WE HAVE A 16:9 Version.. this is too good to get lost in the past or forgotten.. I SALUTE YOUR PASSION !!!
i started the fire.! thank you very much!!!
This teacher shows her students a slideshow with this song and next year I will listen to it! BTW I know all the lyrics for this(
to good slide show was a good idea
Oh crap! I'm the one who started the fire and they got blamed for
my teacher showed us this in class
Jackie trying to protect her husband. Unexpectedly moving.
lol most random song line i have ever heard: Pope paul, malcom X, British politician sex XP
"Foreign debts, homeless vets... Aids, crack, BERNIE GOETZ!".. Gotta love the 80's!..
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