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Antonio Banderas Talks About Puss In Boots Movie | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

by Ryan Seacrest Presents • 162,149 views

"SUBSCRIBE: Shrek: The Final Chapter star Antonio Banderas joins Ryan Seacrest to talk about the film, his upcoming Puss In Boots movie and his secret to a long, successful...

Oh my god his voice. Ravish me
'No mom, that's Zorro.' =D
He would have been great as Oberyn Martell in GoT.
Any sexy hispanic would have done it right, I guess.
His voice tho my god I'm in love with him my god if I was around his age I would marry him 😘
Omg. I love him. His voice
Zorro was much more better that that movie because Catherine Zeta Jones was in it ! 
wow, i've never seen this side of antonio before, he sounds so wise when he shared his view on love that changes over time and people freak out after the first spark gone and seek outside to ignite that same spark like the first time. i just respect you even more now. wishing you & melanie all the love. much respect.
His philosophy about love, and how it changes over the years, that it isn't always the first rush of feeling, is spot on. It's something more people need to realize, going into a relationship they hope will last: you must adapt and change and believe, and you must accept and embrace that change as part of the whole that is the two of you, or it will not last. I admire this man even more!
I remember in my spanish 2 class when i was in high school, I was asked to describe one of my favorite actors. I chose Antonio Banderas...... No one except my teacher knew who I was talking about. I ranted on for 15 minutes listing all the movies he had been in, one them being "The 13th Warrior" (I love that movie.) It wasn't until I said Puss in Boots that someone finally caught on....... How can people not know Antonio? He is like several years my senior and the man is sexy ;D
They seriously couldn't have picked a better person to play the character Puss In Boots
Antonio is puss in boots!, what a cool voice...
"Look, look! that's puss in boots!" "No Mom, that's Zorro..."
It's the freaking accents!!! Spanish takes the top as the sexiest and passionate, and personally, Australian is a VERY close second for me <3 :D It's all about the accents boys, us girls are weak for them :D
@nievesecillas Sí puedes hablar inglés sin acento, pero hay que estudiar y practicar mucho, y ten en cuenta que Banderas vive de su acento y no lo quiere perder.
@nijabonana It's really that not exciting to speak, I prefer Italian myself, but to each their own.
@twilightcreational they make the movie bout puss in boots cause it's an old story that came out long before shrek. so i don't think they're gonna make donkey's.
cool. puss in boots own series!
WOW Puss has a movie all for himself. That should be quite interesting.
why would anyone DISLIKE this video!
is there going to be a donkey movie?? :D
Don't EVER lose that accent. do that & you'll lose mojo. you don't know how blessed you're to be able to speak in one of the few English accents that people find sexy... the accents from where i'm from, sounds funny AT BEST, dorky usually, & kinda sound like something that comes outta the mouth of retards at worst...
Antonio Banderas Puss In Boots ftw. So awesome :D
Will Shrek show in the movie
Ppl thinks hes mexican cux of desperado no hed spanish from spain
i wish puss in boots and antonio banderas lasts FOREVER. you what i mean...movies..forever..
Wow he actually knows what hes talking about, despite coming to America speaking no English. And hes quite funny as well!
No puss in them boots! Banderas is purrrffffect!
@pucashells1 Me too! I'm 4'11 and it's rare to meet fellow adults that are shorter than myself.
Because is Andalusian Accent from the south of Spain...
Antonio Banderas has voiced Puss In Boots in English,in Italian and even in Spanish. :D
I love how his real voice is just like his Puss in Boots voice :D
Me encanta el ingles tan fluido de banderas...
i am 42 years old 35 years ago in Iran i was had book from this lovely cat.
I loooovvveee spanish accents they're soo pretty and sexy!... I want to learn spanish fluently..
@reggiehuiyi LOL finally someone notices its Zorro!!
Move away from the screen, and it's Puss in Boots speaking.
3 people have the letter Z engraved in their foreheads.
@mellowmeful oh yes hes so hot.....
Well said. Can't wait till the Puss In Boots movie :)
I'd hate to see Shrek or Puss In Boots turn into one of those shitty nickolodeon shows
El español Antonio Banderas y la mexicana Salma Hayek, dos de los actores más populares del universo latino del cine, se reunieron en el Festival de Cannes para ofrecer una presentación especial de “Puss in Boots”, una cinta animada que será protagonizada por el gatito que se hizo popular en las películas de “Shrek”. LEAN EL REPORTAJE COMPLETO EN LA PAGINA DE "MANGANZON"
haha! omg when i meet someone shorter then me i also say finally i met someone shorter! :)
Holy crap..I'd buy a CD of him reading the phone book....beautiful voice
@mellowmeful Yeah, being a Spanish native he has that distinct, this accent.
@nievesecillas pero los acentos espanoles son muy sensuales! No te preocupes si no puede hablar sin acento, todo el mundo le encanta la voz de Antonio Banderas, es tan sexy! Soy estadounidense y me gustan los espanoles y latinos ;-)
Ohhh I haven't thought it that way, I've always blamed myself for my lame English pronunciation, but I didn't knew this accent were actually desirable among others, to be honest having accent here is like some sort of handicap instead. You must master English almost like a native speaker if you want to be hired or apply for scholarships abroad. I guess it would be better having English as first language and maybe German, French, Spanish, Chinese or other widely spoken language as second one.
no ma... thats zorro.. jajajajajajajajaj!!!!!
He is so sexy, love his voice! Even though my name is turtle I'm a girl.
"You have a beautiful microphone!" ..I find this very endearing. =">
@SomosSoloPersonas Go to Spain, they speak no english compared to rest of Europe!!
Tenía la esperanza de, aún siendo española, poder llegar a hablar (algún día) un inglés sin acento, pero viendo a Antoñito me da que no... xD
This man helped me to survive Spanish 101!! Te amo, Antonio!!!
ANTONIO BANDERAS: I love your voice in the Puss in Boots:)you are my favorite actor:)
He's Zorro and Puss in Boots. Get over it!
puss in boots is chuck norriss' favorite pet
He's not even in the moive I WATCHED IT. ITS A WHOLE DIFFRENT MOVIE
He still sounds like Puss in Boots while he is talking normally.
@Marshalsify stupid hipster! he's perfect that way!
teeheehee i love his voice its so cool i have to admit i didnt watch this coz of ryan seacrest i do like him though!
I hope Donkey and Shrek will have a cameo appearance in the movie of Puss in Boots!
"El Gato con Botas" Antonio, God Bless, man
Ryan Seacrest is HOT! and i mean HOT!
damn hes voice i could listen to it 24h :pp
i want just that part on cd and show it to my ex husband
@1221kary i know but there is also an old story about a donkey that made money come out of him remember? there was something like that..
Wow I've been trying to reduce my Spanish accent for so long in order to speak English properly, but now it feels nice to have it, awesome Antonio!
suck it bitch! if you dont like it dont watch it you fucking retard its easy as not reading and answer back at this coment, oh in please do me a solid and bitch out somewere else..
Spanish guys are hot... and have the sexiest accents in the world.
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