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Smooth Jazz Lounge & Chill House Music Mix by JaBig - DEEP & DOPE 22 Soulful Playlist

by JaBig • 987,732 views

- Download: - JaBig on Facebook: - JaBig on Instagram: (@JaBig) - JaBig on SoundCloud:

La Spinaround, thank you for the info man. I've been looking forever for it.
Jochen Walther Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:
The music is allowed to play again...yay.
JaBIG, you are the man. you have monopolized my music consumption.
playlist? or, what's the track at 5:00? hot
prifica la mente y el alma que originalidad.................. por dios que musica mas vergona
28:00 wowwwwwwwwwwwwww is sound my life =) 
Loving this mix, JaBig.  Keep vibing man.  :-)
Love it Montreal baby best place in the world just love it jabig... When u come to Vancouver let me know....
Franco Vargas Vargas Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Beautiful mix Mr Big! What is the name of the track at 19:00 called? Does anyone know? :)
Where can I find Green City - Color TV song at?
its green city by Gak Sato
aye i found it that part at 19:19 sade comes in wicked mix this is the shit my spirit comes out and dances
Jabig im looking for the mix you did with mood to swing all niht long is it mix 111 please  respond asap
THANKS, Ja Big.  I enjoy your music. Finally this sexy mix was no longer blocked. I was waiting to hear it.  Blessings to you!
Big Hug, very Nice, Love It
Jazz Loungen & Chill House excelente Mezclador.
full chill out with this mix :D nice #JaBig  
You know your stuff Ja, your mixes are shit hot!
YEAH! the mix is back again!! The beauty :'D
Ana Bernat Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
ESSALHI Toufik Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :
Lush Montana Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
i want to buy that song by green city but i cant find it
Right now you can make and download brilliant beats online on "Beat Max Pro" (just google it)? I enjoyed watching the video on their website, this may be an inspiration for you also.
in the description, follow the directions in here ;)
i listened to the whole thing straight and it changed my life lol
the vibe takes me back to Ibiza in the 90s love it
I wouldn't even complain as much except that Jabig's other mixes have all been great.
You've even Got Clara Hill in here? YES!
yo jabig, nigga can you make me sum sick rap beatz?
track name @ 45mins in please please
Kids, you need to go to his soundcloud account, youtube totally sucks for these things... Even vimeo is better for videos
!phenomenal mix! THANKS!! (^.°;;;;
The first song played in Rush hours theatre scene. Whats the name of the original songname?
this is REALLY greatttt love itt :D
Nice funky chill beats. I like 19:40 min the Sade chill track! NICE.
This is an awesome mix!!! DJ JaBigs is a genius!! Hate that it's muted. Will this mix ever be available again?? It's one of my favorites!!
Hello please be so kind and contact me . I need information. About that what you are doing in the WfP org.
How on earth can you possibly study listening to this? The music is so dope it makes me want to shake what my mama gave me! :)
George Levin ft Clara Hill - I got somebody new You're welcome! This sounds good aswell!!
intro tho ..... \o/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
You ! Excellent Motha Lovin' DJ ! Thanx...
Raphmagaldi, this is soulful house music. I strong recomend you to listen to Kenny Bobien, you gonna love!
Like its the best music ever duh!!!
the minute 36:30 to 38:00.. the best part could i get the complete track of taht including the voice of that man. omg what i would not giv you to playin my parties
good music muy buena musica me gusta muito bum
Green City "Color TV" ---what a beautiful song
Funny how i came across you from listening to your classical music recordings!!! Gotta love a trained ear. iN THE NAME OF MUSIC - AMEN
just download dvd video software and then press on you tube to mp3 download and download it :D
Universal Music at it's best, you go JaBig. I love love love...
Awooooooooooooooooooo funny shadows
This is nice a smooth 4 sho and hey keep it flowing like the bottle of wine that I pour listening to it.
wtfomgbbq Copy write? Artist who discriminates recreation must be a headless idiot
after the Intro track started i was sucked in, automatic rock this mate!!!!!
Tou a fait d'accord avec toi l'ami(e).'re the man!!!
good evening deathlox41, The green city song is by a group called gak sato. the song is green city by the group gak sato. You can find it on itunes. enjoy the groove. It's an awesome chill lounge tune...
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