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by WHZGUD2 • 113,986,811 views


Shout out to spencer happy Halloween everyone!!!!!
Shout out to abhi and vik so much fun in Nyc!!!!
Can i get a s/o on instagram
Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 
+SLIMER THE GHOST one up here  slimer is the bollox 
...fucking aliens
100% proof that +TheEndTimesAreHere​ is a religious freak: look at comment above^
+Arminas LTU halo isn't trying to be realistic. if you want realistic, play battlefield.
+Text Missing Actually, if your going for realistic games, Arma III is the way to go
Call off duty Ghosts !!
hi cod fans ...... halo lollolololollololololololololollolololololololololololo
Who the heck would ever dislike something like this?!?!
Ignorant religious soccer moms
+Ari Periche Nah. Little Dicked White Atheist. Wait...that's all the Atheist....
My dick can do this, not impressed.
+­ ­No so then you must be great at it?
100 million - !!!!!! Wow !!!!!!!
陳志維 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
+陳志維 why did u say happy new year?
My sister is using this song for twerking instead of dubstep...Not sure how it will ended up
+YoDrTube better give her mcdonalds 
+AMS McDos will give her fat, i dont want fat, i want meat :D :3
WARNING RACIST COMMENT:black people really are talented.
Thank you! Someone finally gets it!
Youre right i like youre setting
he is ugly, he is a normal dancer, and its a bad song 
See its not the fact he's athletic or black ( no racism intended ) its the fact he's trying at what he loves and that's what you go to do if you have a dream like this try and try use trail and error I bet you before he recorded this he tried millions of time to try to do this then one day he tried hard enough and he got it my point is you want to do something do it but try before you do because if you go in headstrong you might not have a chance to make up the mistake you made so try before doing he's very talented I don't doubt that but life is like a line you go on that line your set you go off trying to shape your life like god poof your dreams are gone go on the line and live your dream I'm not meaning fairy tales I'm meaning actual dreams so try before doing LONGBEFORESEEN OUT.
that's what you got to do
Soooo smooth... it looks as if it's an animation. Can't believe it's an actual human.. just wow!!
shintaro osaka Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
これすごいよなぁ♪(>_<) アニメーションダンスはここまできちゃったんだねw マーキューズ・スコットさん言うらしい( ̄▽ ̄;)
+shintaro osakaさん Jackson5の曲も 違うアーティストの方がリメイクしたりして 今でも好きですw でもMJのシングル曲的なものなら みんな聞けば知ってる!! って曲多いはずですよねw 僕もMJの何年か前の映画も見て 超〜カッコ良いって思いましたよw
ただ、、凄いしか言えない❗❗ 人と、思えない( ゜o゜)
Like if your watching in 2015
well, I do not know about you ... but as it depends upon me, some dancers will always be lebrados, and never forgotten, will always be respected and I'll show their work, with praise !!
Marquese is a beast on the dance floor... I watch him from time to time!
+Shenise Harbin OMG, seriously ?? I wish I had the privilege !! If you ever have the opportunity, to get close to him, and say something (say que in Brazil, in Sao Paulo he has an admirer, nothing secret .... I) LOL ha ha ha ha  He was in Brazil (as I think) but in another city !!
Steven Rose Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
I'm sure you've all seen this video by now. But that doesn't change the fact that 250 years ago this dude would have been convicted of being a warlock.
I think this video and the rising skills of les twins is a big part of what brought so much sudden life to a largely underground industry. That and the increasing popularity of fitting music.
Woww I remember when I first saw this video 3 years ago and it had little views then every week I eatched it then views increased rapidly. Now look at it. This has become one of the most wayched videos on youtube. Marquese had came nothing to somthing by doing his passion. Now look at where he has became because of this video. Congratulations marquse you truly are AMAZING!!!!
This video also has the most comments I ever saw lol
Блиииииин, ты не реально крутой! Хорошо, что я канал нашла!!! Да, да, о тебе и в России знают!
This is the video that inspired me to do some dubstep myself and my friends say I'm good at it when I think I'm terrible at it. But, best dubstep video in the world in my opinion!
Dude that was amazeing you saw those trash cans move MY GOD
I watched you like 5 years ago when I was a kid, and now found your same video again.. you're the Maestro :3 keep up them kicks :3
I was gonna make a dubstep joke, but i´ll just drop it.
Don't stop doing this, you're good at it, and it's obvious you love doing it. I've looked up to you as my idol ever since I saw this video, which is the very thing that inspired me to take dancing seriously. Watching how you moved just made me think that they were using trick photography at some parts and then a real person at the parts where the moves seemed possible. But nope, it was you, a real person doing all of that awesome stuff in real time. Cheers to man, rock on and keep on dancing!!
what is the dance move called when he moves his feet weirdly 1:29
its gliding i just found it xD
could use some choreography help and rhythm. i used to teach hip hop dance. the dude has incredible almost un seen control and isolation, but i'm sorry, you got no rhythm. none of your isolations are to the beat. this is hardly impressive in the dance world. You have un REAL talent though. Please work on fine tuning it. dont be arrogant and refuse it either.
 i did that for valentiens day i did it perfect 
He just destroyed it at 4:12-4:14 with that toe assault...I had to stop pretending I could any of it then...great vid.
How does this have 100 million+ views when there are only 7 million people in the world?
Was it too obvious? xD
Hi Marquese you are amazing!!! If you check my channel It would be awesome
Is this animation????or real man performance...
It's real, this guy is just very talented
I can dance like him but I just can't vibrate
the best video of youtube.
We see the wires you fraud!
+TrollyTrollyTroll check out my comment on hot nigga by bobby shmurda. it has 500 replies of dumbasses getting trolled
Haha you cant troll me dumbass 
Ignore the 19k dislikes. They have no idea how much skill it takes to do what u do! Keep at it!
What shoes are those?
Marqese I'm having trouble poping I need som advice plz hurry talen show comes at school in 2 months plz help im 13
After seeing Fik-Shun, this one here is pretty lame...
It's ok if i can't dance like him...  But I really fucking wanna wear many different shoess like he does!  -___-
:o WOW!!!!!!!! coooooooooool
Hey nonstop i like yur shoes though there pretty 100% swag
2:00 Cleanest fuckin move
i lost count of how much i saw this video...
I don't think this man possesses any bones, seriously he must be 95:5 ratio of butter to skin
I'm speechless 😄😄😄 +xXx Marissa xXx +that emo guy you two came in my mind when I saw this awesome video
+xXx Marissa xXx I couldn't breathe 😍 it's the best of the best
speed this up to 1.25
+karimshami well if he is a normal dancer and this song is bad then how did it get over 100 milion views with over 1 million likes
Spaghetti legs anyone lol
Ez valami rohadt jó!!
You are awesome dude !! 💖
Décio Chaves Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
olha meu aluno kkkkkkkkkkkk
Does anyone know any good videos on how to dance- for super duper beginners? One day, I want to dance like this guy!
+mabeyyoutubewannabe i think its just popping, but dont get me wrong
overrated as fuck. do yourselves a favor and look up Blu Print or really anyone else from Dragon House.
I looked him up as you suggested and my god he is terrible. He is so stiff and just twitches. That's all he knows.
If what i saw was real no editing  he should enter for americas got talent.
sadly he has once before, they told him he would never be anything more than a club dancer :/ Who cares though, he showed them!
Awesome love u bro...
He looks like my geography teacher
Maybe he is... DUN! DUN! DUNNNN!!!!!!!
Don't understand y the fuck anyone would ever did like this #DOPE ass dancer. Best I've ever seen in my entire fucking life.
I meant dislike this #DOPE ass dancer
Shout out to all the pear. Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!
2 things 1. What is the vibrato like sound effect used in your dark industrial base at the intro? I want to know so i can start on my song "Lost Love" 2. Can I have the .flp of the galaxy stardust base so i can use it for my orion base?
Oh and 4:12 is SICK also! Lol
Andrew Ptashnjuk Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Мне думается, имеет смысл как то попробовать поэкспериментировать... Очень хочется увидеть как окружающие будут выковыривать себе глаза :-D В Аризоне жарковато для таких экспериментов, или ничо?
Сейчас как раз можно, но с мая по сентябрь - нежелательно :)
obviously... thats the joke...
Why Pumped up kicks is banned from murica? I don't see why they say that dis song is based on the columbine high school massacre
then listen to its lyrics
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 muito bom !!
Mix dub and a amazing song and you got gold!!!
Tony Danza Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
can you hear me now baby soft. that when your smashed in the core and it starts to grow back the atomatic becomes abstract like i can feel my heart who wants to be a sniper
Pyotr Ryzhov Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
I'm going to dance to this on my channel later today or this week.
unless Scott says not to
What kind of dancing is this? someone please tell me I want to learn!
The most likes I have EVER seen and u deserve them too
The Gangnam Style music video has a whole bunch of likes
Talented Guy.Keep it up.
So cool video how does he do it
Funny thing is people think this is dubstep. Lol
MAN DUDE Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
mo4ng2o Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
King Jay Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Wish i can dance like that
I can dance like that XD
i know this video me and u watch it it was AMAZING
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