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Avengers Flash: Drunk Science

by mijukitty • 222,651 views

Original by Edgar Nielson: My Tumblr:

Bruce: Hey ton Tony:what Bruce: ALCOHOL!!!!! both: wooohoo! Woo! DRUNK SCIENCE!!
Tony and Bruce doing drunk science is all that is good in this world!
Category: Education Yup.
DRUNK SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much. This should have been turned into a t.v. show right when u made it :)
This needs to be turned into a tv show!!
Yeah !! I'm with you
I fail. I took me watching this video literally 5 times for me to realize that orange thing on the table is Loki's glowstick of destiny.... I love this video!!!!! XD D R U N K. S C I E N C E!!!!!!!!!! WOOO! XDXD
These vids are so cute!
This is why they don't have nice things...
Nice redub.  Clever as fuck!
When bruce hulks out idk why but I completely lose it every time
what a minute you're a brony, Avenger fan, eddsworld fan, tomska fan, and hilarious? WILL YOU MARRY ME? 
Tony's face after poking Bruce with a pencil and bringing out the Hulk: 'This suddenly feels like a VERY bad idea.' XD
Your a fan of Eddsworld aren't you. Can we cry together friend
You have come a long way mijukitty!
Oh my god I've watched this so many times I can't count #DRUNKSCIENCE
If it's this bad normally, I'd hate to see how it's like on St.Patty's day...
Love this really, I will go see more of this right now ^_^ (Reminded me of a french short movie (something like 7 minutes) called "SuperHero hangover", I recomend it to anyone who understands french or who knows how to read subtitles ^^)
I remember seeing this in the newest
Who's on to do DRUNK SCIENCE at home ?
you should make a little show of the avengers in that style :b
I don't know about Bruce, but Tony Stark may well be the patron saint of Drunk Science.
you should do hot koolaid by julian smith lol...BUT BROTHER I MADE THIS FOR YOUUUUU!
This is amazing. just.... amazing
I know, just in the original clip, it's Tom. Besides, wouldn't a shortening of Tony be pronounced Tone?
Oh, the memories... Well, I hope it isn't to late to say "RIP Edd"
I wonder what would happen if Tony tried doing drunk science on his own.. Thinking about it reminds me of the ball pit scene from the Big Bang Theory.. So fitting. xD
i think they got the Hulk drunk...
"Ugg...this has to stop!" XD HAHAHAHAHAA
Does he call Tony, Tom in the beginning?
I'll be watching this forever, it makes me giggle so much
T: DId we do drunk science again? B: Yup. T: UGH, this has to stop!
Isn't the original idea from Tomska?
Couldn't have been a better match!
this is the most AWESOME video i have ever seen in my life!!!
I would bow to u if you ended up making a Science Bro video to the song "Guy love" from Scrubs. :) yep, would make my entire life
Oh. My. GOD!!!! I can so picture this!!!!
THE DEED HAS BEEN DONE. Thank you for the wonderful idea. :D
The actual video thats full length is on my channel.
0:18 Cap is jealous cause he can't get drunk XD
Had to look for it. Yes, that is a pikachu... They're supposed to be working, not playing Pokemon.
0:19 Tony- DRUNK SCIENCE! Bruce- WOHO! Steve- Again?
hahaha! i love the way tony says "Oooh...this has to stop!"
Part when I laughed the hardest? 0:18 Steve just looks so lost. :D
Anyone else noticed the Pikachu that is drawing on the board? Is that a Pikachu, right?
you are a facer becuse somebody else made it
Please make more!! I love your Avengers Flashes XD
Why did this not happen in the actual movie
It's for science that's all they'll tell you...well that's what GLaD0S told me when i asked why am I jumping over a bottomless pit just to putt a cube on a button.
this is how i do my homework :) !!!
Hahah Steve can't do drunk science because he can't get drunk.
I thought that Iron man would be the one going "HEY TOM, ALCOHOL!" XD
I've watched this video like 20 times and it's still hilarious. :)
THE NORTH POLE 150,000 YEARS AGO Thor(Wakes up): Where am I? Where the hell am I?! What are these?! WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE DUCKS?!?! SON OF A BIIIIITCH!!!!!!
Ahahaha i lold sooo much!!!! This is awesome
The biggest thing that was messed up was His name isn't Ton its Tom well close enough
Hay Ton. What? Re-play button!!!! WOOOO!!!
Steve should have joined them...
This is literally my favorite video on the internet.
:D And he'd be like, "Where am I? WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE?! WHAT'S WITH THESE DUCKS?!"
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