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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 32 : Reapers Dark Tower, Skeleton Demonic Horse, Smart Souls and Witchplate

by Gopher • 122,310 views

Mods covered in this video: 1. Reapers The Dark Tower (0:22) : 2. Witchplate (6:48) : 3. Smart Souls (7:51) :...

Where the heck is the portal back to the ground?  The map of Tamriel you port in on doesn't seem to be activatable.  Did I miss a portal somewhere?
+Matt Van Vrancken if you cant find a way out just type in console coc whiterun or coc riverwood
+TeamChaos500 I did find a passageway after I commented, it links to Brittleshim Pass I seem to remember.  I won't spoil it if anyone else wants to find it.  You can always fast-travel too but I have Frostfall enabled so I don't want to have to fast travel if I can avoid it.  Thanks for replying!
Am I the only one who noticed that the runic circle on the top of the tower is the One ring inscription from (not limited to) the Lord of the Rings?
The evil tower mod is incredibily overrated. Every room has a loading screen, so nagivating your home is a true nightmare. And the NPCs don't say a word, except for the orc blacksmith who talks like a redguard for some reason. Yes, the amount of detail is impressive, but that's about it. J'zin-Darr thinks the author spent too much attention on meaningless detail and clutter, instead of functionality and efficiency.
you do realize how old this mod/video review are. For the time it was published, this was some impressive stuff
Do you use this in your Let's Play?
does that cape come with the dark tower or is it a sperate mod, i like it. the cloak in the tower right now wont show up.
I got the mod, but how the fuck do you get it lol. Does a courier give you something or is it a quest that appears in your inventory, or what? So confused. XD
I can't loot Bethezda's armor
The tail does look like its farting continously :D
I'm definitely going to use The Tower for a pure evil dark lord type character.
what is that armor?!
I'm installing videos with no problems so far, but when I try to install the dark tower it says that a problem iccurred during install: there was created an exception type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'. what does that mean?
This Tower is an awesome House Mod.
I would also appreciate it if the armor/s had a black cape thanks again (This is a follow up from my previous post below)
I like that horse but the tail is a little to over the top to me
I saw some runes from the Mortal Instruments in this house and although it may not be the most lore friendly in that sense, it's still really awesome c: 
I am aware of the range of mods that you cover ever now and again, however lately I have been in search for some Dark Lord Armor that practically covers my character in a shroud of pure dark armor. I was wondering if you might have a or several suggestions for me. This would be much appreciated, thank you.
Meh, you can already buy 5 houses and build 3 yourself in the vanilla game. But that tower is pretty awesome!!!1!1
yet look at the video release date. Hearthfire didn't come out for a few months after this video. 
+Tagiau Never claimed that, was just saying that the 3 buildable houses aren't from vanilla, they're from a DLC. :)
what gorgeous armor is he wearing during the dark tower? with the fur looking cape? I see it quite often in mod videos and its really nice looking (: thanks in advance
It's the lich kings Armour from World of Warcraft, you can probably find it if you search for 'Lich King' or Arthas Armour
I realy didn't like the horse. The animation was a bit off
Is Stiv still planing to rule the empire and i think the let's play is about fails and adventures of a evil orc
gopher can u please tell me witch followers u have maybe other would like to know that 2
Gopher, have you had any issues with Smart Souls and the 1.6 update? the consensus in the mod's comments indicate it is not compatible with 1.6.
lol he was wearing the lich kings armor x3
I like your Oblivion Wood-elf accent :D
oh for fuck sake! im just saying and you cant even do a kickflip!
Soul gems become empty when you drop them. So its very easy to fix this problem
Why refrain from showing nudity if you show people (more or less) extreme displays of violence (like in your Skyrim Mod Sancuary - Part 18)? Isn't violence somewhat worse than nudity (everyone sees a naked person once they shower or something and it shouldn't be considered as something to avoid I guess... Don't get me wrong, I really like your videos, since they made me play Skyrim again. And don't stop showing proper combat, it's just a matter of principle to at least complain about it. Cheers!
Most of them do it to annoy the haters. :P The others are basically the pony-society equivalent of annoying Missionaries. I hate them just as much as you do. Troll the living hell out of them for me.
Top floor? One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. xD
I don't know if someone has stated this already but if you have a filled soul gem, you can drop it and pick it back up and the soul that it was filled with will be gone. Hope that helped a least a little bit :)
the demonic horse does look awesome but i think it could do with the addition of a fiery mane as well, i think that would imrove it even further.
smart souls is USELESS if u drp a fld soul gem it wll empty
Apparently Acquisitive Souls doesn't work?
Wouldn't it be sick as fuck to board the air ship from the air ship mod(s) from that giant evil lair tower thing?
Nope. Mine is and I can no longer see it, either.
That armour looks similar to an Oblivion mod that added the Lich King's armour and sword from WoW.
Hey, Gopher, maybe this is a late reaction on this video but I'm having a problem with the Dark Tower mod. Whenever I try to enter Bonechill Passage, I get an infinite loading screen. The esp for this mod is at the top of all my esp's in my loadorder and I did a manual install. Do you know anything of the known issues on this mod and how to solve them?
wait wait wait. did he say that theres a chest that multiplies the ingredients you put in? hmm *cough* Daedric Hearts *cough*
Hey bro I love your videos but I have a question. What armor are you wearing on the part where you show us the reaper tower?
that's because it is that same armor. This guy got permission from Jojo to use it.
I could be wrong, but I think this guy doesn't like that Idea much.
He's brittish but lives in Norway, as I understood.
i was ganna say something else but when I went to type I had a brain-fart lol.
"This file has currently been set to hidden by the author of the file. You cannot look at this file page or download any files relating to this file until the author makes the file visible to the public again." I am not blocking any content and I have it set to "allow me to see adult content". I downloaded it a while back, thankfully, but I just finally enabled it and wanted to go back to endorse since it's so awesome, and now I can't :\
In the mod maneger do the plugins have to be checked for the mods to work?
I found a foal shadowmere... I know its a dark hall, but all I could think about is... CUTE~<3 *ahem* now that that's out of the way, this lair will perfectly suit my needs to take over skyrim.
Smart Souls is no-where near as good as Acquisitive Soul Gems. I've tried both and the latter is far far better.
The original game has violence, but no swearing or nudity. I personally have no issues with nudity where appropriate, but I acknowledge it is a touchy subject and so even where appropriate I avoid it in my videos. Because of my own preference for realistic bodies/clothing it really is not a problem for me to avoid nudity, but avoiding violence would basically mean no videos :)
Your a Legend Gopher love your videos and mods keep up the good work. :)
as usual great vid mate , if u ever visit slovenia beer is on me mate :)
Reminds me so much of Isengard :D
The mod looks great, but I think it's slightly ruined by the pool area and nudity, just my opinion.
If you have a soul gem that has a smaller soul than it should have, just drop it on the floor and then pick it back up, this clears the gem of the soul and then it can be reused, obviously with the mod shown this isn't a problem now!
what armor is that?, what mod is it?
Do u have to be evil to get into the lair? I usually don't care what character i play, but that still looks awesome.
He's partnered... Why do you think there's ads and thumbnails on his videos...?
and besides you need to buy shoes constantly, so now i like to fingerboard lol
Yeah you just get that option if you've uploaded a certain amount of videos near the 10 minute mark, I have it too and i'm not partnered
The SKyim Nexus site is slower than a snail.
Does the dark tower torture people respawn?
Yeah. The ddos attacks are in full swing. Not a lot they can do about it I am afraid.
What is the armor/mod at 31 seconds in? any help I can't seem to find it haha. Cheers,
I agree with both of those opinions, however you cannot say that it's only bronies that do that, nor that all bronies behave that way. As for the Skyrim part, I have no idea why people do that, but it annoys me just as much. :/
hey if your gonna be evil might as well show some tits
Here u go buddy. The armor is made by Jojo. This author got permission to use it with his player home mod search for mod Frostmourne and Lich Kings Armor
Gopher what was that death knight like armor, you were wearing? :o
what is the name of the quest for the house?
whenever i go to the cave to kill the guy the old man told me to i get a loading screen that will never end. Anyone know how to fix this ?
what i wanna see is a mod that has two towers, good and evil, and you have to choose. then it would work with any kind of character.
I feel some donations coming on :) That tower is soooooo awesomeI just feel like saying thanks even if I don't use it. Off to watch this for a second time now :P. Liked!!!
Cool i found a New lair For my Not Evil Character Then He's Mostly Neutral.. Called Ragnarok The Gods wrath
i'm up to lvl 37 and still listening to Lydia's wining... only until i get around to Boethiah ;-)
Is there anything beneath the pool or is it relatively shallow.
Sell! Sell I would be like this is my tower hand it over or die followed by an evil laugh I will not write here because it would scare the daylights out of you :O
Actually the odd thing is I received the option to make long videos after I posted my first ever Fallout NV tutorial. I just received a message saying I had it and that was it. I assumed it was normal.
Hi Gopher, about your problem concerning a Grand Soul Gem filled with a smaller soul, there is a game mechanic in the vanilla version where if you drop the soul gem and take it back the soul gem become empty (works also for the Black Star - Azura Star not tested). Happy Modding. Love your accent btw.
I may download it just for the hood
It's mods like this that make me regret getting the Xbox version.
What mods are you going to be covering for your FO3 videos?
I don't hate MLP fans for their interests. I hate them for what they are. They just HAVE to tell EVERYONE that they're a brony for some unknown reason. I mean this one guy has the username "Rainbow Dash" and kept talking about it and trying to persuade people to watch it. I don't understand why they need to tell EVERYONE. They should just keep it to themselves. and speaking of skyrim. Why can't people keep it SKYRIM like it's supposedto and not skyrim with a side of MLP, anime or naked women?
How do i check whats crashing my game specifically?
SHIT !!! I want the dark tower !!! but flie is HIDDEN !!!
2:55 ooh almost got the nudity on :P
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