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by tdichick123 • 66,032 views


i thought eva was a vampire but now she is just plain U.G.L.Y
i love it it was awesome video i love vampire girls
The sad music is more like slow and pedantic
Leshawna Looks More Like A Look :L
these just look like wana' be vampire goth girls why do people think that vampires are doom , gloom and depressed I mean common' is it impossible for them to were light colors and how in gods name did twilight inspire you on this ? it doesn't seem like you even read one page nor watched the previews cause' if you had you wouldn't have added fangs or drawn them in all black
I wonder who said vampires were goth...
im happy u used an evanescence song
i love evanesance!!! oh and the vampires :D
they all suck you should do better drawings i mean im in 5th grade and i can draw better than that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : D : P : )
Izzy already looks like a vampire xD
i like but more effort! and im in love with vampires too
gwen really should be a vampire........ and heather!!!!!!! my opinion!
Vamps don't HAVE to have dark blue outfits or RED ALERT or wet jet black or shit like that. Racist to us...
just to let u know if u want to do somthin like this again use ms paint or just pait
I'm not even sure why I'm watching these videos. It's not a normal thing I do.
XD The song is My Immortal, the saddest song ever, but fits?
9 people actually have brains, this looks weird.
love twilight and tdi i love the video and courtney
Gwen pretty much looks the same ^^
No offence but...izzy was the only one that looked like a vampire...the others...well......they looked damn offence :S
i liked all of them they looked cool
Gawd dang autocorrect. We don't wear red or blue or purple or shit like day.
what do u use on true media or what
Izzy looks better as a vampire. >_>
yeah their fangs don't show and not all vampires wear black red and blue and gray like Bella no down colors
I love your YouTube profile pic
Gwen is already goth enough .-. I like Courtney she looks way better
love the song i ended up singing along
Izzy Katie Gwen and Lindsay look awesome!!!!
That was pretty cool xP I hate Twilight (no effense) but Vampires are my life. Mom got me this book "Vampire Kisses The Begining" and I'm JUST like Raven. She's a Vampire obsessed Goth girl. Just like me!!!! XDD
i dont mean to be mean but this is the stupidist vid iv ever freakin seen
izzy would kill everybody she is literally crazy but heather and gwen should be vampires
Izzy looks like the most evil vampire ever XD
bridgetter looks like Dracululas daughter
GREAT VID! but for me Heather is already a vampire!
I have one question: who ever said all vampires are goth?
U know vampires r not gothic they just have black K!
gwen and duncan is my favourite couple whats yours?
for heather you should have given her the teeth and put a crown because she is evil enough to be vampire queen
"sorry about the music" DONT BE SORRY!!! D:
if i saw eva, i prob shit my pants
lindsey was the best ... and i kinda did like the music
Izz Gwen Lindsey Hether are my fav
izzy look's batter than all of them
You should have left Heather the same because she already sucks the lives out of peoples' souls.
when vampires mouths are closed their fangs don't show...... so this suck I'm sorry but it did
stick to making videos of your self and let TDI cast make the looks or at least leave it to someone who can work photo shop
dude the title says tdi girls. Duncan is a guy aka a male not female.
did you ever think of werewolves?
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