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A Loss For Words - Raining Excuses (Official Music Video)

by riserecords • 413,359 views

iTUNES: MERCH: When you're with him do you still feel alone? So lower your draw bridge; You know what...

Is that  the vocalist from Vanna?
that woman is fucking gorgeous!
this song sounds really similiar to Alien Ant Farm xd i love both of them
is that eddie hermida lol?
He should, like, move more..
The singer's moves and stuff looks like pierre from simple plan a little :D
Candace Cage.She's a porn actress :) 
friendzone level EXPERT
I came from an abusive and neglected relationship and all I said to friends was excuses on why I was waiting to break up with him. This song came out and put it all in prospective.
fucking Davey haha. Perfect.
Remind me to Alien Ant Farm!!! with out that great song guys!!! i like it so much!! Fingers up from Argentina!
Justin Bieber is Playing Drums
hahaha how awkward would it be to have someone lip synching right next to you as you try your best to ignore them 
She still doesn't look mad enough
it works both ways, girls like bad guys who treat them badly, that alws confuses me, im there thinking why dont you pick a nice guy who will treat you right :)
why is youtube only counting my views?
Haha so you're saying that along with this band, A Day To Remember is also a homo band? Lololololololol you make me laugh.
Im more into 90s hardcore. But this is awesome music. Rise better not fuck this band up.
oh spare me, if it came down to two guys you know youd go for the ripped dude over the fat guy with a great personality.
Why did they replace the drummer?
What's so wrong with being gay? You're hating on the music and claiming that they're gay. You're trying to use gay as a negative thing. You ignorant fuck.
Perfect guys ;) from replacement screen ;)
1:28 ohhh SHIT!!! That lean in!!!!!!!!
Haha vannas singer is a pimp xD
that is vannas frontman. Also, Vannas one guitarist is in it too.
Very solid song, I just wish the harmonies with the guitarist were a bit louder. I feel like I can only hear the lead singer
Jay and Silent Bob going around at the end of the movie and knocking dudes (and kids) out left and right for Trolling...exactly what I want to do to most of these douchebags posting negative comments. Matty, Mikey, and the crew - keep it up!
i wonder what you've been smoking to have such terrible fucking grammar
HOLY FUCK THIS WAS SO GOOD!! Production wise and musically... just wow
where are theses kinda girls at my party's?
God I love this song. reminds me of high school, for whatever reason haha.
i agree with you.... he obviously is a load a horse shit
the skank in the video is a porn star. she clearly knows what to do with a dick. Id rather that than some dead fuck.
Last night I fell spine-first on a monitor while crowd surfing to the stage during Hit The Lights set, and Matty ran on stage to make sure I wasn't paralyzed. He helped me get up and walk and he's kept tabs on me since last night to make sure I'm okay. I have so much respect for him. Thanks Matty!
To anyone who thinks this band is "gay" or too soft, or whatever I really think you should give them a chance. This is one of the most genuine and underrated bands out there, they are fucking awesome and different.
This song remains me of my Ex and I
Omg!!! Cute drummer and lead singer :)
the thumbnail made it look like a heavy metal band...... that was misleading.....
Most bored drummer in existence.
how the hell did they get signed with rise records?
Guess what!? I'm seeing these guys on Sunday at Norwich:D Anyone else?:3
Davey from vanna! No shit that's awesome
That they don't sign more bands like A Loss For Words? I know right!
I heard this song a while ago. At first i was like wtf? :o but now I'm like. Amazing. ^_^
I'm not the only person here who thinks Matty is an absolute badass right?
Silent, in shambles, love's such a gamble.
Not me. I like cute guys who have great personalities. If they're dicks, I'm outttt. They could be the most attractive guy too, hahahah.
Neither of them changed their clothes from last night.
the cheating dude is Davey Muise from Vanna. just realized that.
is it just me or was the girl he was with in the first place WAY cuter?
what the fuck it candace cage! a pornstar! ahhahaha LMAO!!!
When matty sings "i see more than a pretty face" the first time he is staring at her ass
Expected screamo, got this shit. ... still like it. Nice one guys!
They looked like they were going to be heavy as fuck! Then they started playing :P
It's not even about him. I just don't understand how she'd be considered a babe, haha.
Still worked out for Davey he got married
For everyone saying davey is in this, Everyone in vanna is in this video
Davey Muise is the perfect guy to have play that part haha. he just looks like an asshole
That "actor" doesn't even look the way she does normally in this music video.
i just listened to this song like 10 times. and know what?.. im not done.
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