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Pants on the Ground: EPIC REMIX (feat. Eminem and Jesus)

by jacksfilms • 616,768 views

All Copyrights go to American Idol 2010 and Fox Download the song for FREE here: Lyrics: (Chorus) Pants on the ground Pants on the ground Lookin' like a foo'...

Auto-tune Jesus might be the best thing on the internet.
+Ece Zeynep Unutur Might cause a ripple through time.
Yeah and I don't think the human kind is ready for that kind of a change. It might be a little too hard on some people.
My first Jackfilms video.
jack is a really good rapper
It's RAPER. What an IDIOT.
Eminem and Jesus. What a deadly combination
Whoops I thought this was Jacksfilms not EminemVEVO
Anyone remember when this was a thing?
I miss jacks older stuff. Like auto tune Jesus, the doppelgangers, chad reviewing stuff........ Chad..... I mean jack is still good, but I miss the classics
+The Doctor omg this was just so perfect :'D
Don't forget Wimpy Boy Band.
my shorts are on the ground though...
Shorts are just short pants
This wins the internet :P
i feel like they're trying to tell Justin Bieber something....
How the hell did I manage to miss out on this up to this point XD
I love how the green screen shifts at 0:49.
You its not really outdoors?
+Hector Cortez i mean it does look like it's outside but the way the background moves there it kinda looks like it would be a green screen not that it even matters
This is my favorite song on the internet
K jesus looks like danny sexbang
Auto tuned Jesus makes my life!!!
you got eminem so good in this one!
Sound kind of sad.
gud raping Jack... I mean "Eminem"
O.o Tryhard for YGS much?
Eminem and Jesus :D
This song should have AT LEAST another minute of singing, Jack ;)
thumbs up if you play this song in a new tab while you go do somethin else
Is he suppose to be god or something
He actually did wear pants here's the proof: /watch?v=MrS3uHVlzew
better then brittany spears (lol:-))
i saw them live the antichrist was there :D
Put this on iTunes. I'd buy it.
Jesus needs to work on his pitch a little more
@Abby Ayela I see it too!!! Go team starkid!
"How can you be so pantsless?" Like you have any room to talk, Jesus. -_-
It's auto tune Jesus! Geez I remember this video from 2010
I can remember when I first heard pants on the ground. I was singing it for the next couple months. :P
@callofdutyisawesome1 omg, you should win some kind of award. You are a freaking genius! I mean, Idon't think anyone would have even noticed that if it werent for you!
first and best pants on the ground remix i've heard so far
Jack, you're a pretty good raper. Oh, shoot, my grammar sucks.
@NicholasX9 Jesus can autotune his voice without machines.
@509GameFreak509 you mean Jesus and some-long-haird-smoe-dressed-in-a-robe-and-a-sash?
Where's Jesus' beard? & why's Eminem so chill?
This was more awesomesauce then funny :)
That just does not make sense :( there is no such thing as "power ranger boxers" I have never see that!!!
Whats the original eminem song?!?
Pants aren't even worth it anymore.
he finishes sentences to high, thats the only reason why ...
Jesus doesn't apply, he wears a robe Haterz Gonna Hate
Why haven't I seen this before?!
how did you get jesus in your video?
I am back because of the live stream. haha.
Your Eminem sounds more like a white Snoop Dogg.
Everyone knows Jesus wears shades and his voice is naturally autotuned.
How the heck did my comment get deleted from to many nagetive votes? it freakin looks like shane dawson!
jesus looks like a fool without pants on the ground
Death the kid will kill everyone with a sideways hat
Haha I remember this on American Idol
I always knew Jesus would return to us...and rap about pants...
He pulled down his pants because he didn't wanna be like Hitler.
isnt eminem and jesus the same person?
Asked The Question for how auto tuine jesus came :D
SO WEIRD! I had the ringtone for this like forever ago! I had no idea Jack made it. :O
...... i did not know Jesus spoke in autotune... O.o
only autotune Jesus could rock light pink kanye glasses
yes, because you are likely masterbating at the time of listening to this song
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