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Rare Nintendo 64 CD System Review - Gamester81

by Gamester81 • 277,922 views

I review a rare CD system attachment for the Nintendo 64 system. More at: Facebook: Twitter:

I've always wanted one of these when they were out. I hunted for it all over NYC Chinatown.. Eventually I got my hands on the Z64 add-on, which was similar but you stored the games on Zip100 discs(which were way more expensive than CD-Rs). The Zip discs also had a 100mb limit which was 1/6th the storage capacity of the cheaper CD-Rs. 
Not really a CD, it's exactly like the Famicom Disk Drive, hence N64DD name.
No. They are CDs. Watch the video.
it looks like it's the power supply that's faulty! you can try yanking it out and take a look at the board, then go on Radioshack or maplin to get replacement parts... I think it's the capacitors more than anything else...
I bet he was planning on using it a ton, he really should do that, maybe spend $25 to play it once
I'd like to know what was that expansion port underneath NES for, if it has any expansion packs or systems or whatever. Any ideas? :\
it isn't used for anything some people somehow plugged some famicom extensions in but thats a lot of work
Planned add-ons that never came out.
"The unit was very cheaply made and shipped with a 9VDC power supply. The 9V input is connected directly to the 12V input of the internal CDROM drive. A voltage regulator is used to obtain a 5V input voltage supply for the mainboard. This converts the unused energy to excess heat, often leading to premature failure. Due to the overheating issues some users have modified their units with small cpu processor fans to keep their units cool. Others that used aftermarket power supply units rated for 12V, 1A did not have issues." That's straight from the Wiki and I'd bet what happened, if so easy fix as long as components down from it didn't take damage. Probably easy fix though.
the  game genie for this is basically the same as the gamecube action replay
I think the thing in the back middle is a USB port. Also he was saying "256 megabytes", but it's actually megabits. 
The CD64 was the cheapskate budget option.  People who had one in the late 90's were viewed as noobs, and they were lucky if a given crack supported it when released, or at all.  Decent device in retrospect, but no Z.
I wouldn't call a CD64 rare.  It was easy to acquire and was still available after Bung quit making them.  It was cheap.  I can buy them once in a while for under 100 bucks.  It's probably junk.  Just get a flash cart.  Oh wait! you already have one :P 
If you have not gotten it fixed yet.... I'd be willing to look at it and depending upon what has been damaged.. fix it. I'd have to do a bit of research, and there are often some specialty chips on these types of systems that are quite hard to replace, but I probably can fix it if you want. I'm retired so... minus the cost of shipping and any really expensive parts (which is rare most parts are really only pennies) I'd be happy to look at it and either fix it or tell you why I could not. Up to you.
i kinda skippped through so correct me if I am wrong but is this a licensed product of nintendo because if it isn't then this isn't really that cool to me.
+Steven Tyler Why are you arguing with little boys on here lmfao creepy dude.
There was also an official RAM expansion for the N64, from 4mb to 8mb. Quite a few games had the option to load better textures with the expansion fitted.
+Ultra Derp Even if you could, what would that accomplish?  It's not like the games are designed to use it.
Yup. All the expansion RAM does is automatically tell the games to load up slightly better textures.
i agree with most of the previous post looks like the voltage regulator may need to be upgraded... maybe add a heatsink or a fan???
Should be fixable. Just need a soldering iron and it appears to be 18-22 gauge wire. I obviously can't say what parts need replaced without seeing the guts.
lol , he actually 4got about us
If you want you can still check out the ol' cd64 website using the Wayback Machine :) gotte love that frontpage '97 swag!
Fun Fact:The ps1 was meant to be an add on for the n64!
If they made Nintendo 64 DD we'd be able to play Zelda 64, Banjo Kazooie Stop n Swop which would be freaking amazing!
No way I can imagine this guy is a gamer. Kind of cool though.
Get a black CD-ROM drive in that bad boy
damn when that thing popped up at 2.07 i had to laugh just because of my hate towards pc cdroms, get it fixed m8 and put a newer black drive in...
My n64 doesn't have that on the bottom
+DieHardjagged I have the pikachu n64. It doesn't have the dd port
+Chitown Gaming The more you learn... guess they knew back then , that the 64dd will never come out in Europe/US
This actually reminds me of the super ufo that the same company made for the Super Nintendo I used to have one, and you loaded roms via floppy disks 3 1/2 inch to be exact, have you ever come across one of those?
Does anyone know where you can get the CDs for this? My cousin has one but it doesnt have the power supply or the CDs
Man I gave my sisters kids in the early 2000's a working Atari 2600, with a crapload of great games, the real sports, the better quality later games, and ET (worst game ever).  I am sure somewhere in her house is this system in a box, but trying to get her to acknowledge or care is like pulling teeth, I must ransack her home.
you probably can't save with this thing??
so if you own the CD Drive, you can just download your games on to the drive and never have to use your cartridges again?
this guy has monkey hands
Here is how you stop overheating (in case you still don't know). Disassemble the unit, take off the heatsink, remove the old thermal paste, apply new paste (arctic cooling mx-2 is cheap and good, also non-conductive, so it can't short out anything), assemble everything back together.
+Lunas Eclipse There are heatsinks in the N64. Nothing too extreme but does have components that do nothing but dissipate heat and would those not be heatsinks. 
+Aberran Fox just watched a teardown those are heat spreaders and yeah i suppose it does have heat sinks the majority of my replies on this subject have been concerning the cd module rather than the n64 though and the voltage regulator that blew out in the one the op has is a very common issue with that particular add on and there is 2 way to prevent it power the cd rom off a normal psu or use my suggestions and use the small empty space in the back of the unit to put a 12v pico psu then wire it to the 9v input with another regulator to drop the 12v to 9v and run the cd rom directly off the psu.  
I would either stick it in the bin or get an electronics expert to look that over before you use it again, thats not overheating its shorting out. Overheating wouldn't cause the plastic to actually burn and discolour like that, for some reason it has short circuited. Its up to you of course but its your house and (possibly) your life.
Lol they just ripped Game Shark codes for their add on. Press GS button for 99 Coins probably wouldn't even work for that add on.
I wonder what the loading times would be like when playing off a CD.
If I got one of these I have a 52 and 48 speed CD-Rom Drives just doing nothing. I think they would make the loads pretty quick. Still a 4x CD-ROM is going be fast for such small rom images. And that that is a faster drive than CD consoles had at the same time.
I believe it just loads the image onto the CD64's internal RAM, so once the game is actually loaded it just reads it from RAM instead of the CD.  This is the reason why games larger than 32megabits cannot be played (not enough RAM).
I suspect you got a unit meant for a developer not for home use.. typical thing sent out prior to console launch,
either that or the dirty pirates or made it simply didn't care.
So my uncle got this, he bought it back in the day, and I'm buying it from him, so a big question is does games that used the expansion pack (like Majoras mask, donkey kong 64 and perfect dark) work? Do i need to buy the expansion pack if i want to play the games that needed it on the cd64?
It would make sense that it does
+Thehunterpwn Ok, i'll just buy an aftermarket one, thanks :)
i wonder if since the disk drive wouldnt recognize the game and it boots up and every thing and it right next to the power cable that plugs into the cd drive if it is just the cd drive maybe u could replace it 
No offense but ur voice is just.....I'm just gonna mute this AHH much better
i have one of these with a cd with games. not sure how to burn them correctly though.
i think you have to use a rewritable disk since the N64 writes saves on the cartridge. unless the CD64 has a system to dump saves into a flash memory, like emulators do.
+MarioKart7z ah....  I will have to try a cdrw or dvdrw some time. 
why are all the add-ons larger than the console itself?
I only thought there was the 64 dd
So it's a glorified retro n64 version of  mod chip/flash carts lol. $250 is waaaaay too much for that. No wonder I never heard of it.
I own 2 n64 systems that I had when i was a child, and defiantly my favorite console!
That device would let me play cancelled games natively on an N64 controller & CRT TV. o3o  I will track one of these things down once a Dinosaur Planet ROM is leaked.
+gamemaster14neo Theres no need to use a v64 for that. If you only want to play ROMs you're going well with a Everdrive 64 or different N64 flashcard. I think thats a better solution than a reproduction cartridge or a v64.
v64 works fine as far as I can tell, sure the newer things might be better but my dr v64 works as it was designed to.
I never knew much about this add on, I think a local pawn shop has one and if so I am grabbing it!
The ram on the unit is 256 Megabits (8 Megabits = 1 Megabyte) which means its 32 Megabytes. Some games are 512 Megabits like Resident Evil 2 and Conker they wouldnt work on these units but most are 256 or under. Just wondering, what exactly is broke? Just an overheating problem? The Doctor v64 has a much more boring menu (white text on black screen) but interesting side not, some developers used the v64 instead of the official dev kit since it was alot cheaper. Check out my channel to see the crazy Doctor V64 commercial.
the port on the back you we're not sure of was the multi-video out used in the NES SNES N64 and Gamecube.
how can you get one?
I think its concept is the same as some SNES addons called Pro Fighter or FX-32 or Turbo Fighter or Doctor V whatever. These are the devices which are very popular in my country (Thailand) as well as other Asian countries which have lax piracy laws back then, because their only sole purpose is for playing pirated SNES games on floppy disk. However I think that the reason why N64CD is very rare is that in many Asian countries, N64 is not as popular as the SNES and because of the overwhelming success of PSX (and to some extent SS), hackers back then cared more about playing pirated game on those popular CD-based system than N64. Back in the day, no pirated games = no one cares.
make a portable n64 super 64
"I LOVE THIS GAME!" -lol doesn't even know how to start flying with the wing cap and falls to your death RITE
I was thinking the same! He's just some hairy dude who collects games and stuff but doesn't really play games for more than a minute at a time lol
Its Megabit. not megabytes. damn. you are a gamer, yet you don't know the difference between mbit and mbyte? Since its only 256mbit, you can't play Resident evil 2 then, since iRE2 is a 512mbit cart.
This is what I call a clusterfuck. That should have been the name of that console. The clusterfuck... 
it uses ide so you could take a hard drive load roms there
It looks like that disc drive was taken out of some windows 98 pc
Oh, it's called Nintendo 64 disk drive. If I were to sell that, first thing I would do is ask the company who made the system online capable (Rand net) that if  the company (Nintendo) would announce it via commercial and done.
That was before I watched it.
You can go to the wayback internet archive and see what the cd64 website looked like in 1998.
Best videos, best and unique hardwares , best apresentation, man rules !
I do not have this system however the burn spot is probably an electrolytic capacitor that blew up.  They leave a mess and since they usually are used in the power filtering they usually fail as a short.  The cheap Chinese stuff may just be cheap capacitors that were close to the voltage and they eventually fail from overvoltage or drying out.  Since it is powered off of 12V it is probably a capacitor in the +5V voltage power supply or some other power supply circuit related to powering the CDROM drive.   If it is a capacitor it could be fixed quite easily.
n64 is "retro" now? damn...
Guy who owned a gamestore here and he had one  years ago
You are so spend toooooo much time on the information
Best videos, best and unique hardwares , best apresentation, man rules !
since it still works over all --  that means the part that over heated is the power supply for the cd drive or the power for the logic board that controlls the cd drive. take it apart... put it next to a computer, and plug the cd drove into the power connector from a pc, so that you can see if it will work using external power. etc.
Thats cool, i would change the yellow cdrom to a black one maybe
Man, if these ever came out in NA. I would've bought one. 
that cd system would add a lot of loss for the piraterie copy games. cardiges don't have copy problems.
The DD used ZIP drive technology not CD
Gamester starting to get pissed at 5:10. whoa.
I like learning all the info and details , thumbs up, I find details about systems and games very interesting
Nintendo 64 controllers suck.
+Rick Grimes I do recall that was a big problem with the controller. I thought he ment he couldn't play with it like too difficult to handle. On quality built I have to agree it wasnt that good as the plastic felt a bit cheap and as you say things rotting inside.
+AlbostyleG At one point when we held it upside down a lot of plastic dust felt out like i was Tony Montana ffs LoL But besides that it was a revolutonairy design, i miss that dare stuff in the nowadays Nintendo.
Virtual boy look like the ds? The ds is the only reason why after the Wii why nintendos doors are still open, ds is real suksessful
I just bought a nintendo 8 and snes with 100 games for nes  and 125 games for snes i pad 180 bucks from sme older people said there kids grew out of it so thats why they sell it.. all the zeldas the one zeldas batterey is fuked .o h well i got is cleaned and is i plastis in storage till i get time to play
Open in You'll be able to see the original site.
I own about 10 of them I pick them up all the time for around $5
Might as well get a Everdrive 64 cart these days that using one of these!!!
i had this and a doctor 64 which took zip disk
your hands make this look smoll!
I didn't even know the n64 had add ons lol
CD64 - N64 La nintendo 64 recubio un accesorio NO OFICIAL, el cual te permitia cargar juegos mediante CD, claro esta que eran piratillas, tambien era un producto caro valia casi lo mismo que la consola, y no era muy facil de conseguir. hoy en dia es una rareza como tantas otras.
Nunca tuve una N64 pero el paraiso piraton que abre ese accesorio... amigo... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Ademas si lo he entendido bien... ¿permitia "vaciar" un cartucho y rellenarlo con el juego que quisieras? ¡MOLA! I WANT IT BECAUSE REASONS.
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It looks like a voltage regulator that fried under that burnt spot on the system. It wouldn't be that hard to replace.
Because looking at it close helps us see a little bit.
no, sony and Nintendo = Battle... Final: Nintendo Wins
no the playstation is made by sony. remember nintendo stopped working with sony "before" they finished making the cd addon.
looks like one of the resistors or capacitors burned out. could have caused irreparable damage to the system, but you'll never know until you tear it down and test each circuit
It doesn't have an expansion port on the bottom..
does this work with the pikachu N64?
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