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My daughter is my top priority. No man or woman could ever get me to get rid of her. You don't like my kid, guess what you can leave the same way you came in. Bye Felicia!!!!
Mauri!Mauri!Mauri! .......... Oh wait a second wrong show.
I feel so sorry for that child.
Absolutely.  I don't understand how this fool of a man can have any love for a woman who wants his own child dead.  I just cannot comprehend that.  If I dated a man who said that about ANY member of my family, I'd dump his ass in a heartbeat.
This bitch is tripping. She doesn't need counselling. She needs to be looked up in a high security prison beaten senselessly for conspiracy to under and endangering a child. What a fucking shit headed cow.
+TheSlightlyHomosexualFeminist No.  You're just an annoying troll and I know better to keep talking to you.  Get a life fag.
"I know better than to keep talking to you" Spoken as you continue to talk to me. 
This woman is a psychotic, evil bitch, and that man is a pathetic nut-less fool.  Ugh, that poor child.  This harpy sits there and says one violent fantasy after another about wanting to physical hurt and even kill his 6-year-old, and he sends his kid away to please her?  How disgusting.
"She loves all kinds of food, but cant stand the sight of my cooking" LMFAO SHE MADE RICE AND HALF A BREAD
He didnt loved his wife and his daughter if he that easily went on divorce and found a new women even though wife is still alive but in coma. What a jerk
Bronwyn McGuckin Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
I need to know what happened to Ambreah. This story has stayed with me for years. It's been 8 years and I never forgot this episode. Does anyone know what happened? Is Ambreah ok? Did Ed kick Barbara to the gutter where she belongs?
I'm so curious to know what happened as well, let me know if you find anything out!!
Ok seriously? This shouldn't have even been brought on to live television. If my wife/girlfriend ever made me choose between my children and her, she'd be out of my house before she takes her next breath. 
I find it disgusting that the father chose this awful woman over his own daughter! that poor little girl needs to be put in foster care with parents that will actually love her! She would be better off without her selfish father and evil step mother...I wish I could hug that girl, I can only imagine how it must feel to loose your mother so tragically like that and not have dad support you when you need it the most
Yes where she will get possibly sexually abused or neglected in foster care.
Not all children in foster care get abused or neglected, there are good foster families that exist that would be more then happy to give child the love they need
If I had a daughter, I would choose hrr over anyone. That bitch thinks she can just come up in there and run shit. No wonder the daughter hates her.
"she pukes at the site of my cooking" well LEARN TO COOK!
If I was in this situation and my wife tells me that you need to choose between me and my child, BYE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep!  And if he gets this lunatic pregnant, it's going to get 100 times worse.  I don't see how counseling is going to help when step mom says she wants the kid dead.  She needs to be in a mental institution.
Children can be disrespectful childish nosey ungrateful spoiled they can be monsters but you have no right to kill her especially a 4 year old you are really intimidated by a 4year old if she kills her or beats her it's just murder and she will face the full extent of the law
This absolutely broke my heart. She's a disgusting piece of shit and he isn't any better. Poor little girl.
i will send u money every month to leave this white trash piece of shit so called women its a child u low life  u make me sick  to the man in this piece im sure im not only one that would pay u to destroy this white trash bitch 
Punch her in the face. Please Phil.. PLEASE!
The wife I the monster and the father is incredibly selfish. That little girl needs intensive counseling to help her coupe with everything has happened.
This little girl technically lost her mother in a horrific accident that the daughter was also in, What sort of person is this 'man' to allow a disgusting woman beat his child and actually think he needs to choose, A real man would choose his children not a evil, sadistic woman.... Neither of them deserve this little girl, she needs to go somewhere where she will be truly loved
this dad is a pos. The poor girl's mom died and you throw her in with this evil bitch irectly after? how can you send your own daughter away to please your new wife? this women is completely insane and i hope she never has any biological children of her own
hated a kid  wtf if u are a true man u will leave this troll im sorry i cant believe this shit made on tv when she is admitting to criminal acts
What kind of jerk divorces a woman in a coma? The step monster is evil, what kind of woman fantasizes about killing a 4 year old child? She needs to be arrested and thrown in jail for abuse. Of course the little girl wants her fathers attention, he is the only parent she has left. Selfish cows!!!
So let me get this straight, the husbands betrays his wife and has an affair. The wife, in heartbreak says negative things about the other woman, the daughter hears (but doesn't really understand). Then the wife gets hit by a drunk driver, the husband divorces his wife, marries his mistress... who hates the little girl because she's not her own child and acts out? The little girl not only suffered trauma from the car accident, but also must feel terrible about losing her mother, especially at such a young age. It's one thing for this man to fail as a husband but another to fail as a father. I CANNOT believe he chose the woman instead of his own vulnerable child. This little girl is acting normally, much like ANY OF US would... if someone replaced a loved one so suddenly, and that person hit you and was someone who made your lost loved one feel sad... I'm sure you wouldn't just be happy go merry.   I'd love the little girl to have her father, but to be honest, he's thinking with his dick... I believe she'd fare a lot better in a home with people who are loving and caring and sensitive of the fact she just lost her mother. My heart goes out to this little girl. As far as the second wife is concerned, maybe she feels guilty every time she sees the little girl because she's reminded of the affair she had. She's whipping a little girl who makes her feel crumby about herself.  Ugh, this whole situation is messed up. My first concern is for the little girl, I hope she found/finds a real home with people who will be patient and loyal to her development. 
Wow, if this is how she really feels and this is how she really is then she should not be allowed to be around anyone's child or kids!!!!!! Seriously, I hope CPS or the police stepped in to remove that child from that home with her father and stepmother. She's flat out admitted to abusing the child, was serious about wanting to harm/hurt/kill his child. That's child endangerment. The kid is not the problem, it's the father and his wife. How is this woman a mother when she treats her stepchild like crap and actually is pleased she forced him to remove his child out of their home to live with neighbors/friends? I hope that kid was not forced to be near either of those parents again after this show or divorced that crazy woman.
2 examples of why this world is so F ed up.
The poor girl! Her father goes and DIVORCES his ex-wife right after a car accident that left her in a critical condition, then goes and marries the person he was having an affair with? Then, he goes and sticks right up to her side when that fat ugly bitch said that his daughter was like the devil, I'm gonna kill that girl, etc, etc?  That girl is much better off without those assholes. 
Nah, the daughter said new wifey was like the devil (not that it really matters either way.) 
very right much sad emily agree
1. He had an affair before his now exwife ended up a veagtable, 2. That cold hearted bitch gives him an ultimatium... 3. He listens to her ????? This guy is a complete waste of space. You don't chose you wife (ex mistress) over your child. He should have walked with his daughter. This child was told by her mother(which was totally wrong on the mothers part) that this woman was evil and a devil...This little girl is angry ,because she lost her mother,her dad married the other woman, she gets hit and then thrown out..He needs his ass beat..
I can't believe anyone could be this arrogant and rude. That child is 6 years old, lost her mother, and has to deal with this hateful bitch. Get the fuck out. You will not murder a 6 year old. She only listens to you guys "making love" because she doesn't know what's going on. What a complete bitch. I also agree with you about the father. He is such a douchebag.
Exspeically with it being said on TV, so if something happens to that child may God bless her(the little girl). He is an idiot if he takes his bitch ass wife's side..
How dare a child be upset to have lost her mum and have that snivelling little man as a father??? Really?? Fat cow get a job as a speed hump!
Leave the fucking step mum WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Can't say that I blame that child.
The father is also a monster. He took the side of the step mother. I hope the step mother kills herself like she said she would. I hope the father gets into a car accident and becomes brain dead as that is what he is. I hope the real mother comes out of the coma and gets her daughter back. Why isn't the police and protective services charging the step mother. Child abuse and threatening murder.
How is that "Too far"? No, actually @PrincessStarChild is right, both of these cows deserve to die. What a waste of space and air!
He didn't say he sent her away forever , he said he sent to his friends house until it gets all sorted out
actually watch the ending of this video. the step mom doesn't want to hurt the child but she says she could kill her if she gets on her last nerve again. and she's afraid of that. she doesn't really wanna kill her or herself she offered to move out. I don't agree with the fact that she tried to get his daughter out of the house. the mom brainwashed the daughter I blame her, not the child nor the step mom. it's the dad and biological mom's fault.
No matter how bad my kid gets she is only six, if my fiance said that about my kid I would leave. I would want to beat the shit out of him but that would not be legal so I would take my daughter and leave. A child's behavior can change. One can give proper guidance and help this poor child. BUT NOOOOOOOO angry bitch step mom has to threaten a six-year-old
Dunno why everyone is blaming the woman here. It's the father's fault for 1. Having an affair and abandoning his family to be with another woman, 2. Kicking his daughter out after her mother died, 3. Seems like he's never reinforced any positivity about the woman vs his ex wife. Poor child. I feel bad for the lady to an extent. Yes, shes' out of hand, but she also had someone else's child forced into her life and ruin her relationship. Yes, the father needs to step up and they need to work together to eventually have a neutral to happy relationship with the girl and woman. The mother really made it hard for them to cope by making such a big deal about it. Children should never know the extent of the parents problems and should be able to grow up in a happy environment. Personally I commend the woman for stepping up and coming out that she's able to flip and hurt the girl. At least she has the strength to admit such an extreme weakness. It's the father that has the biggest issues. On another note: classic old dr. phil. Yeesh. lol
That audio for this episode. Lmao. PS. I THINK it's not the daughters fault. She's a reflection of the parents. That's all. It's just bad parenting..  She didn't do anything. I believe it's all the mothers fault for bad parenting? The beginning sounds like child abuse, to me.
+Debi Schepers EXACTLY RIGHT! She's just a curious lil thing.
Of course it's not the daughter's fault!  She is 6 years old, lost her mother, was in an accident herself, and knows full well that her stepmom hates her.  This poor kid is traumatized and is being abused.  And the bitch has to nerve to say the kid is destroying the family..umm she's the one who screwed a married man and wants to get rid of his kid!  He's also a complete POS for letting this go on.
Says the bitch with 4 chins
A grown man listening to a woman tell him she will kill your child and the baby gets sent away.. Heartless...
Lady, if you have that much hate in your 'heart' than you DON'T have a heart AT ALL. She. Is. A. Child!
They are both monsters!
Ha my names Ambria all of us Ambria's have a little insane in us well at least I think so.
To the father of this child.  Run quick away from that woman as quick as you can.  Your daughter needs so much love and understanding.  Your daughter needs protection from this woman.  Go! Go! Go! from this selfish insensitive woman immediately.   I believe it is that woman's conscience that causes her to hate that little abandoned child who has suffered the most traumatised experience for a child to suffer.
you are such a stupid person. She is being honest! She married this guy when the daughter was not around,  she was with her mother and wasnt supposed to live with them. Now she is in this situation where the child is  being a monster to her, no matter how much patience you have, everybody has a limit. There is no excuse for that girl to behave like that. That woman did nothing to her. They are both suffering and you should undestand the situation instead of lashing out at the woman just because that is the easy way to do it.
+phabbiola You're a fucking idiot.  This woman is threatening to hurt and KILL a small child.  Remember, this small child was in a horrible accident, lost her mom, and her step mom, the one her dad was CHEATING with, clearly has never cared for her.  This bitch knew good and damn well this man had a kid because she was fucking him while he was still married to the kid's mom!  This kid is traumatized.  The dad is just as big a piece of shit for ditching his wife while in the hospital.  No mature, intelligent, decent adult human being would ever treat a kid like this. This is straight up abuse, and if you think it's ok, you need to seek serious help.
For better......till death do us p.. .. ... er -uh...'honey yr kind of an invalid....I'm gonna divorce...SOOW weeeee!
Wow there is some sick people out there...I lost faith in humanity long ago, but this makes it so the faith wouldnt return.
I agree with Nichole :/ deffently child abuse
Please can someone tell me in which part of this video the women said that she has an 11 year daughter of her own? Cause someone replied to my comment that I judged her without watching the video properly.
This wide faced bitch just got on national TV and admitted to beating your child. By the end of the show, the coroner would have been there to pick up a fresh one. Hell goes with no all day on this one! Somebody tear this whorebag's jaw off the hinge!!!
i blame the father and the child 
he should be a man and stand up to this nasty b***h and pick his daughter, when you have a kid they come 1st no matter what!
The way this woman talks shows how immature she is and its because she doesn t have children of her own. She should be ashamed to use the words she used to describe the child s behaviour and what she wants to do to that child. 
She does have children. An 11 year old. Seems like you're judging without having listened.
7:20 this women had to have been born and raised in hell, she is such a devil. I hate her disgusting guts.
This Woman! How is she even real? DISGUSTING!
Look who came back mother from **
She's just a kid -.- Your the one that raised her to be that way!
what a pos dad and kids come first that chick would have to go..
Is it just me or does it seriously come across like dr phil is on HER side? I want to hit this woman multiple times and yet shes actually being given props for saying things like that on tv !?! What in dear lord is this the world in 2014 oh my god lack of faith in humanity!?!?!
he is referring to the biological mother who is in a coma not the step mother
Women are not the only ones that allow animals in their home.  Men do it too.
How dare you, your a monster. The child lost her mother, that alone is an emotion issue for her. I would tell the new step mother to get the hell out! She's a six year old child. She stated she would choke her to death, that alone should get her a life sentence!
Geez. Im not a fan of bratty kids either, but instead of reacting to a 6 year old, like a 6 year old, man up! Be the parent!
Sounds like the mother was right -- she is the devil. What a selfish, soulless bitch.
What Dr. Phil didn't address and should have is that this woman is a complete freaking psycho.  Talk about a sociopath!  I feel terrible for her children.  Her crocodile tears were so fake.  I wanted to punch that "thing" in the face.  Bitch.
This guy is a complete tool. His new wife or whatever she is, needs a slap in the face. How dare they vilify a 6 year old with their selfish shit. Pathetic!
Who hates a six year old child? She has mental problems. Where is the mother's parents because Ed is a bad father. His wife is hit by a drunk driver and he follows for divorce? Who does that.  What a piece of shit. 
Oh I she only got like errr 2 times ( hits chest with hand) that justifies it people like this are the scum of the earth just Fuck
poor lil girl :( That Fat ass is such a Bitch
the child has been through a traumatic experience, losing her mother. the wicked step-mother should be out the door if he was truly a man and a loving parent, no choice, child first. she deserves one parent that loves and is alive to care for her. come on dad!!
So... How about we just give this little girl to a foster family where the worlds worst parents aren't involved?
What sorry human beings these people are.  That poor child. She'd probably be better off if a couple who really wants children adopts her.
What do you expect? You are responsible for the state the mother is in right now.  How many people are you going to kill before you stop.  This man .OMG. why put your daughter in this position?  Do you want to "kill" her too?  Why hate the mother and hate your blood too?  Be a man and send this woman away before she kills you too.
1. husband is an ass for getting a divorce while the wife is in a coma 2. regardless of their behavior, how can someone "hate" such a young child ?
Doctor Phil really is a great man. He does his best in protecting others and helping them.
Yeah. My kids can be assholes at times. I know kids are capable of being evil little shits. Just because a kid is 6 doesn't mean the kids can't be a spoiled little shitbird.
She needs her children taken away from her she is a bad and evil women poor child
I can't stand this woman she's really starting to piss me off....the more I watch this the more I wanna knock her out!
that woman is evil she needs therapy
NO . should that gir Not be on prison for threatening a child's life , well where I live that is what they would do
That little brat kid, but that man should still stand by her dad
I feel bad for the lady since i know how it is to deal with a step child you hate, shes just being honest and should not be criticized for it. I just told my husband i will not watch her or do anything for her, ill deal with our children only, He later chose to give up full custody and things have never been better. 
Conan's "Punxsutawney Dr. Phil" brought me here!
I'd be like gobble your ass on out the door turkey neck! Kick Rocks bitch or go ahead and off yourself.
They don't know what that child is going through.. Mum brain damaged.. she can't see her.. straight away, her father divorces her mother and finds another women.
Child abuse! Someone call DFYS! 
this dad doesn't deserve children.....this is not even a hard choice...skank lady would be gone no thought about it. Skank needs to be neutered..that poor little girl will never heal..due to her shitty horn dog of a dad. The child's behavior is clearly justified to anyone whos not retarded...
Both of them are playing the victim. The REAL victim is that little girl whose mother is hospitalized and who's being abused by her step mother. 
Fuck you are an ugly looking dog.
Are you kidding me?
and these sociopathic creatures are still alive?????God help us.....
The child is NEVER going to recover from this...the one thing that a child should be able to count on is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from her parent & her father has not met that responsibility. How do they not get that his 6 year old daughter thinks (right or wrong) that she is going to be disloyal to her hospitalized mother if she accepts/is kind to the woman who her mother described as a bad woman that broke up her happy family.
That father is the biggest scumbag.
Phil seems to be missing a few things. This child is being spanked and whooped until bruising but at the same time the child showed no emotion, no tears, no anger, no threats, no nothing. That isn't even remotely normal.  Yes the child doesn't like the step mother, the child isn't happy, she needs therapy but listening in on grown people, showing no emotion. It sounds like she has some kind of mental condition and this woman is right when saying the child may become dangerous when older if this isn't resolved.  I don't agree with what the woman says but she is being brave, honest and she obviously wants to resolve this. There is a lot going on in the minds of these people and it needs to be sorted.
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