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10 Creepy things said by John Malkovich

by Matt Deedman • 450,438 views

Saturday Night Lives 10 Creepiest things said by John Malkovich, Rate and tell all friends if you get a few kicks out of this!

The phrases could've been so much funnier but pretty cool nevertheless, what's creepiest is how he can keep a 100% straight face the whole time (seriously does he ever laugh) :D  just one question remains.. what the hell has julia roberts got to do with this? 
ROFL "Johnny likes bunnies" is 2X as creepy and hilarious if you get the reference XD
Do I get to tend the rabbits?
He owns a hotel in Eastbourne, on the South Coast of England, called "The Big Sleep".
That one laugh by Julia Roberts was creepier than all ten of those creepy quotes by John Malkovich.
xD the compact disc one had me rolling.
number 10 really did sound creepy
true, he is one creepy dude xD and Julia looks so cute!
I think number 10 was the best. The others were just deliberately funny.
...go watch the scene again and tell me what pitt says when malkovich drives away. 
okay nevermind its after she rear ends him
I love you, Ted Danson. 
No.5 was the funniest but it didn't make me laugh or smile. It's either me or this video.
Haha my fav creepy actor ♡
This seems like ridicule.
I lost my shit at NOUGAT!! XD
The dude at the very end was fucking cringeworthy. He was tryin to get some of dat trim off her!
Haha, that's Charles Grodin's whole shtick. Kind of like a character he does. If you can hunt down any classic appearances from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson you'll see his whole deal is awkwardness and cringeworthy. That's the joke.
And I get to tend the rabbits!
His facial expressions with #4.../dead /dead /dead
Whoever that scumbag was in the end was way more creepy than John Malkovich 
+Traxxasred Please seek a sense of humour.
+Traxxasred Amen, I used to love him in College, but WOW he went off the deep end and his humor right with him, 
I don't think this is Saturday Night Live...and I agree: the dude at the end takes the cake.
Creepy foreshadowing, "Senator Hilary Clinton"
He should've quoted Marshall Applewhite, leader of the Heaven's Gate cult. That would've been creepier
Malkovich Gps now that would be interesting lol
The Six Pack Dad Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
10 Creepy things said by John Malkovich
I think 1:22 would be creepy regardless if it was said by him or not. Said by anyone other than a kid is creepy as Hell lol
hahahahahahaha.  I was waiting for the creepy one, but laughed the whole way through
i think " i put my jammies on all by myself mommy" is the best/creepiest
Lol Julia Roberts is drunk!
"Just let me pet the rabbits, George!"
Top 5 were funny. Only John Malkovich could make bunnies sound scary lol
What the fuck was this? Why were... Julia Roberts and Charles "I was famous in the 80's" Grodin hosting an empty studio? If you'd have held a gun to my head and said name the most inane pairing of two Hollywood actors ever, I'd have never thought of putting these two together.  This had a strange... Midwest, Public Acess feel to it.
Alok Tiwari Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Malkovich Malkovich.
This is the first video that comes up every time I search for YouTube username. Good video.
I'm glad Julia Roberts finally went away. That woman has the most annoying laugh of all time worse than the nanny even.
Julia Roberts sucks. I can understand why Eric hates her.
He's only creepy because he's a Randor
Ohhww the carls sagan in the end, my eyes are bleeding with heartly joy!! damn why would somelike that go on with the shitty thing like dying!! I LOVE HIM and im not a butty boi!!
That was Charles Grodin at the end
I think the bunnies line might've been s reference to his role as Lennie in Of Mice & Men. Either way, hilarious! The 99 thumbs down is all Ted Danson, wishing this would be pulled for being too off the wall for Youtube ; P
I hate Julia Roberts so much.
Who the fuck is this malcowitch or what...
Simon Gershunskiy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Today's Memory Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Bryan Houston‘s Today’s memory John Malkovich’s birthday December 9, 1953
look at my jammies, mommy!/ted danson!
I always, always believe I can write much better than this.
Am I the only one who finds this man terrifyingly sexy?
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Does anybody else hate Julia Roberts for no particular reason?
Can't stand Julia Roberts. Americas Sweetheart my ass. She isn't attractive at all.
If you don't find John Malkovich funny you should go get a sense of humor...or at least actually watch him in a movie. Smh
Watch this and be happy /watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WOg3ZE3hNQc#t=60s
That wasn't nearly as creepy as seeing John Malkovich w/ boobs.
82 people know the difference between Saturday Night Live and the Late Show....
I love this the only thing that would make this better if it didn't keep cutting back to David Letterman after ever line.
Welcome to Malkovich's Gaming Guilty Pleasures!
and snow white.. every other maiden in the kingdom is fairer :|
Why does everybody hate Julia Roberts? HAVE YOU SEEN NOTTING HILL?? She is such a sweatie and a brilliantly fine actress!
maybe I just am numb to any of his creepy sounding because I've spent too much time on the internet already.
And i get to tend the rabbits
What's with the Julia Roberts ending?
LOL. John shoud play a serial killer...wait I wonder if he ever has...
Am I alone in that I find Malkovich's voice a turn-on? Surely I can't be... or am I...
I don't get what the hell you two are talking about. Damnit, someone fill me in lol
I always wondered why Julia Roberts was considered attractive. Turns out time had a lot to do with it.
where are the other drugs going?????
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