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by tdwpplaya • 372,937 views


I'm not a gamer, so i don't understand the obsession many people have with a new game release.
It's stupid, I did it once and realized after that that I can just wait... This coming from a gamer... I worked at GameStop and let me tell you most people that came at midnight are obsessed with games to an unhealthy level.
wow, one dude even showed up in a fucking ghillie suit?!  haha fucking Call of Duty faggots!
Listen on 2:37 to a man on the background. He says CHOO CHOO! hahahaha is it +Millenniumforce ?
Look at all the little squeakers and tryhards waiting for that crap of a game
That guy is at every midnight release I've been to 
Ahh I remember those days when I didn't play Call Of Duty, but I don't remember the train horns. lol
Band stopping the best!!!!
so slick on a crown vic!  put it on a Ford Tauraus next.
They should build a shopping cart with an air compressor, and have someone dressed up as a homeless person push it around and blow the horn randomly at people. 
1:52 with the dude yelling he's gonna murder your family, LMAO!
1:54 aha typical rage quitters 
I just recently fixed a K5LA and made a mount for my truck. I'm doing this when the next CoD releases. 
"That guy is at every midnight release I've been to!" 10/10 lost my shit
Why stand in line for hours for some video game ? Just come back the next day and buy one in 2 minutes
I cry with a band nice bro
the best part was when the band stopped playing lol!
Who is that bee mascot anyway in the end?
The part where you blow the born when those guys are singing! Fucking priceless!!! 😂😂😂
Any else found the guy yelling, I'm gonna murder your family, his voice sounds familiar from somewere
he sounds like gilbert gottfried lol 
Thats sooo funny hahahahaha I love these videos
@Alex Pink, they are Buell Air horns 4-trumpet industrial horns, also known as Hornblaster Shockers
@Anthongy Canzoni, I have it on my Honda Civic. Everything under the hood, nothing in the trunk or the cabin
"I'M GONNA MURDER YOUR FAMILY" Damn he was mad. I guess you scared him a couple times in Mesa. 
those nerds were looking around like "That's not a video game"
I bet 99.9% of them said "Faggot" in their head...
Stopping a band in the middle of a song... priceless
I can't stop laughing at the band part
If only these people knew how sucky of a game MW3 was gonna be.
i cant believe they did it to a band playing LOL. 1. where the hell is there a band at night on a fuckin sidewalk with NOBODY around to listen to them rofl
hey do it again when MW4 is coming out :D
They came out of their dungeons for one night.... only to get honked at by a train horn.
This neighbourhood looks like white ghetto.
You should have gone there with a machine gun instead.
the guy who got mad apparently has the COD sickness lol
i gonna murder your family xDDDDD
Half the people in the video look like they wanna poundcake you...
Omg u should get a shotgun sounding horn lmao
Where can I download the Train Horn LOLLL
little does HE know that serial killers usually have homosexual tendencies!
U can tell that guy raging plays xbox xD
I'm guessing that these kids now know what to expect during a midnight launch.
well... considering the title... i think they're airplane horns
WWTTFFO_o!!! Orange is the hat of my uncle
what does it changes? I was just answersing (as nerd) to nerd that doesn't know he's nerd... Is it clean atleast?
ah damn i love how the band just stops playing hahahahahaha
Will never understand people. ITS JUST A LOUD NOISE, learn how to laugh u miserable pieces of shit. I really fucking hate people passionately. That one guy who stares u down, get the fuck out of here, fuck this prick, thinks hes the shit, i hope he gets raped and dies, fucking asshole.
ha couldnt stop laughing about that band clip
Me: They can't be CoD players, they're too peaceful. * I GONNA MURDER YOUR FAMILY!!!! Me: Thats more like it.
they don't come with it, sly. You put it in yourself.
lolololololololololololololol lmao
1:12 funniest shit in the world.... i love how they all just slowly stop playing and look HAHAHA
here on youtube will work, type in "halfcupsodapop" and you'll find a lot of live stuff. We haven't performed in a while because our lead singer moved away, but we expect him back in the coming months and to start up again! anything you see by "Jake Heidrick" is also related, he's our singer. Enjoy!
They just look at you what's the big deal
Grow up you PIG its just a Fuckin Joke! Your going to get your stupid Ass thrown in the Asshole stretcher if the cops find you!
HOLY SHIT AT 0:23 seconds the 2 guys standing there look like Matt and Pat from 2 best friends play(video game title)
U need to get yourself a set of real train horns and just make them all shit their pants
that guys been at every midnight release ive been to
Why the fuck did Gilbert Godfrey say he was gonna murder your family?
surprise they did get beaten up...
is your car an old police interceptor???
fat driver dont deserve air horn fun. you drive a gay car too
You should have done it when GTA V was out.
Now, wait until he does that and a group of gamers just got done with and airsoft war. XD
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