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GAME HAS JUMPSCARES ;_; - Condemned: Criminal Origins - Walkthrough - Part 2

by PewDiePie • 947,947 views

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The first game always outclassed the second... So much more fun.
HERE'S PEWDIE!!! XD reply to this comment if you get the joke
Look at his shirt...ILLUMUNATI CONFIRMED!!!
I miss the good ol days where pewde was not weird as fuck
"Here's Pewdie...." I got you pewds! I love the shining
2:45 poods "woah" gets scared by his own shadow XD
I watched this when it came out but now 3 years later I watch it all over again ahhhh the times when he was funny
2 fucking years  wow ive been subbbed a long time
2:43 Scared of your own shadow? :,)
And pipé is born!!
"Here's Pewdie!" It's totally a reference from the Shining XD. 
geart vids keep up buddy
Pewds: I want my gun back, I'm cereal Me: looks down at the cereal I'm eating and raise my eyebrows at it
Stop screaming you fucking piece of shit
it feel more fun watching the old pewds
That awesome also cool scary search every door u see if u want and maybe u can find something
Pewdiepies accent with the pipe is hilarous
"what are you doing with Mr. Chair? >:c - oooh you're going down!" XD
You and your screaming is scarier than game xD i have volume very low xD
Lol "Heres Pewdie" Genius pewds. 
Все прыжок пугает
I love how when pewdiepie gets one hit and then all of the sudden he's tough shit.
Except that this game doesn't have Jumpscares: It has HORROR. D00M 3 has Jumpscares, Dead space, Slender & most horror games tha do that have Jumpshocks. There are only 4 Jumpscares in Condemned that are 2wice as scarry because they are well spaced apart
When he said, "Here's PEWDIE!" I thought he was going to say, "Here's JOHNNY!" Then it said like if you understood that reference well, you just got a like
the enemys in this game are derpy and retarded lol
Pewds have an adventure time bracelet? AWESOME :3 (its jake the dog, 7:57)
I just watched Star Wars episode III before this! UNLIMITED POWEEEEEER!! XD
"Heeeeeerrrrrreeee's PEWDIE!" Dat Reference =3
Petty loud but it was really funny
wait so is stephano a girl?
oh, he was talking to Pipet, who I think is the smaller pipe he was holding. The bigger pipe is Pipe(h) which is related to Stephano and.......wait.......why am I having this conversation about inanimate pipes and their family ties. O.o Only on a pewdiepie video -_-
+Chikiru Uchiha lol yep but thats part of what makes it awesome lol
Dat jumpscare ;_; I was drinking water and I spit all over my screen and the water fell on me. xD
this is where PIPEH is from :D
when is the jumpscare?
Heres.... Pewdie!!!! lol
when is the jumpscare?
HA! shining refrence... im suprised you knew that... brofist
can you try not swearing in ur vids plz my little nephew watches and hes 5
this game is actually really awsome
I see I've reached the extremely obnoxious part of youtube.
You're the one who clicked it. 
pewdiepie do not throw with an axe
Where is Pewdiepie from?
I like all his other LPs, but something about this one is awful. Not sure if it's the complete lack of pauses and incessant rambling, or how he sounds drunk in this series, or how the audio levels are so uneven, or what, but this is his worst playthrough.
Why are there eyes all over the walls there creepy?
Am I the only guy whe yells at the screen when he misses a bird or a metal piece?
The suspect kinda looks like Bigby from "The Wolf Among Us" XD
Lol,Pipé actually means "sucked"(in..that way) xD, sooo disturbing, brofist from france C:
the shining reference
I love the sweater man
7:24 million dollar baby reference!!!!! :P
moh Pewds is so cute when he speaks french haha
What's the beggining song
I want my gun back, I am serial.
..., heres pewdiepie!!!!!**
you can tell a person is a viking when they start blaming the Dutch for Duct Tape. 
lol reference from the Shining
HERE'S PEWDIEPIE!!! Love it!!!
Another great one Pewds. :)
Greetings from Bulgaria
Once upon a time I have the same name as the pipe... ~^•^~
I hated it 'cause leads died!
This one was scarier than the last one
The Shining... Awesome reference!
Ok three things. One Pewds you're having way to much fun with that Taser Two Its hard to believe that a guy is sane when he doesn't shoot you and then throws you out a window Three.... Wait.... never mind.. I forgot three...
4:58 :) the shining refrence...
FBI muddafakers!!!!! B)
I admit it's strange your character died but I'm still curious about wats going on
here is bewdieeeeeeeee .axenees
Brofist from plainland qld australia
Imagine playing condemned with oculas....  THATS WHEN WHIT HITS THE FAN!
i'm more afraid when you say barrels than when the game have jumpscares (french enlgish lol)
Im rewatching this because i Miss Pipe ! hahaha
suckiest video I've seen today
OH thx  any way you've read it.
I have read it. Then laughed because how stupid your comment was. :0  Reading it means nothing.
Haha got the Shining reference Pewds ;D So i liked the video stay awesome
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