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Official Magic Mike Trailer - Starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey

by Channing Tatum • 2,173,717 views - In theaters on June 29th, 'MAGIC MIKE' is a dramatic comedy set in the world of male exotic dancers, "Magic Mike" is directed by Academy Award® winner Steven...

whats the song in this trailer
trop sexy channing j'adore
Can't wait for this Movie June 29th who's going with me?
I only watched this to see shirtless men. YUMMY.
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LOL at all the guys complaining about this movie. Girls love watching hot stripper guys. We don't complain when you watch nude women in films (well some of us do, but that's a different story). And not all male strippers are gay. Envy much?
lol why aren't we allowed to call women "pervs" that comment stuff like "ladygasm" "I only watched this to see shirtless men. YUMMY." "lady boner." etc etc but women are allowed to call a man a perv if he looks at a woman for 1 second too long.
only here for alex pettyfer  ^.^mmmhhmm 
I watched this film in the theaters but what blew my mind more then the film was that the audience was filled with so many teeny bopper girls. I am talking like 14, 15, 16 and up looking girls. How the heck did they get into this film? I am thinking allot of them payed for a different film but went to this one instead. This is not the type of film they should be viewing. There was a real x rated scene where a dude was pumping his penis with a penis pump. Throughout the film I was constantly hearing lots of omg!, gasping, giggiling girly chitter chatter coming from the audience. It's like they were over heating from all the bare skinned male scenes especially when channing tatum appears on screen. If only their parents knew what their kids get up to when they have freedom. I don't what it was rated in the theaters but I am pretty sure it was a strictly 18+ film. Who knows though some of the 14+ out now a days are filled with explicit swearing and nudity.  
would have like to see more of magic mike
I was hoping to find Fluffy humping the dj booth... so sad.. did not find.. lol
haha I was hoping to see that too! xD
Mayumi E kuma Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Magic Mike  Matt Bomer、Alex Pettyfer が出てるので、見てきました。他の見に来ていた女の子が、これ日本にあったらな。。。と言ってました。 
Cody Horn should have won the Razzie.
McConaughey: well i figure if i was gonna get nominated for an oscar, I'd just take my shirt off
if you seeing this movie for matt bomer he only has a few lines and he is talking about a guy touching his wife
channing tatums gone downhill 21 jump street is a lot better than this shit
@Iamtoons Calm down Jeez lol Need Water?
I've heard a lot of people try and make the "double standards" argument, but think about how widespread porn for straight males is, and how long it has been around. Think about how long female sexuality was(and still is) suppressed, compared to male sexuality. But suddenly the tables are turned, and it's a double standard? People think they're being smart by making this argument, but really they're just whining now that the shoe is finally on the other foot.
1:29 is that Gabriel Iglesisas with an I?
You could steal moves ;) if you know what I mean...
He has to suck his own dick for $20's. lol
Was it good or not? I dont want any dickhead who hasnt seen the movie tell me.
god he looks so good i glasses!!
Ya my aunt watches it every day she's a porn head
Only dumbass watch this trash.............
i like how you dance in this film its amazing lol
Love Channing's & Matthew's voices and accents a
Torrentz give you free movies <3
Matthew McConaughey messed it up for me.
I only watched this because of DailyGrace
Pull down your pants and scream "WHO'S GOING TO TAKE CARE OF JOHNNY NOW HUH?? WHOOOO?!?!??!?!?!"
i feel akward to check these kind of movie"bunch of girl" cheering for that male stripper
I want to know all underwear in the movie maybe to buy
I wonder what he has to do for a twenty
U ppl shut up! Goes how pathetic to see u fight bout some stupid stripper movie
oh these comments are just immature, if this were about female strippers then no one would call it gay!
If you're comfortable with your sexuality, you should have no problem watching this film or making any judgement calls.
Yet you still reply. Way to disprove your own point, dumbass. Please headbutt a knife.
LOL you are too stupid. I live in Las Vegas and have several friends who are male dancers...they gets TONS of pussy and tell me there is NOT EVEN ONE gay dancer in the 3 largest male revues. But keep telling yourself that they're all gay... maybe it'll make it better as they fuck your girlfriend hahaha
This movie was made for fags, lets keep it real smh
It hasn't worked for me :( looks like I'll have to hit the cinema
"too bad in the real world most male strippers are gay" is that bad??
Matthew McConaughey has the hottest body I've ever seen, unbelievable. I didn't like his character in the movie, but when he took his clothes off at the end I forgot about that part, LOL.
It's called a "movie"... If they were ugly they would spoil the background...
American version of "Desi Boyz" (A Bollywood movie)
they shouldn't put "Magic Mike" as a title, I almost watched this with some of my friends, and i thought it was something to do with magic and cool stuff. but it turned out, it was a movie about strippers. ._.
I thought they were going to be more in dept with the movie but it really average.. I mean it was a turn on to see a bunch of guys dancing but that was about it just a bunch of dancing...
If you don't like you shouldn't watch. But I guess you do like, don't you?? ;)
mike look like my future bf and ik i will have a bf in the future but idk if thts mike i wish mike! Im soo drunk
The fact that channing Tatum and Alex pettyfer are in this movie stripping I don't even care if it's rubbish !!
imagine being an extra in that movie...........
DAMN IT I THOUGHT IT WAS YAOI!!! fuuuuu!!!! i will have to look some where else then D:
I don't think it is! If a person is comfortable with their sexuality then there's no problem, to be honest!
To bad in the real world most male strippers are gay. A screaming hot chick does not turn them on. The face these women make when they get disappointed when they find out, priceless!
All the gay comments make me lol. guys if you have been to a locker room 1 time in your life chances are you have seen more ass than whats in this movie. 2 think about it women more open to this area of topic. I mean would that not make talking easier for some of you men and women.
This movie sums it all up? Not the billions of porn sites that are usually more visited by Men? Here comes a movie that can make girls drool literally and every guy has turned green!
alex pettyfer and channing tatum in the same movie YES! why the hell didn't i watch this ages ago
I purchased the movie today. I love Channing Tatum. He is smoldering, smoldering, smoldering ....... and then some. I will purchase a ticket to any movie he is in or buy his DVD. I love his work. He is gorgeous and too fine for words.
Alex Pettyfer gave up the role of Jace and I see him in a trailer for this movie >__<
Indeed you're right. But you just missed the point...
watched the movie last night wasnt as good as i expected the movie has a yellow color too it that just gave me a head ache
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