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The Top 5 and the Worst 5 Legendary Pokemon in my opinion

by pheonixslayer100 • 373,281 views

My favorite legendary pokemon... and the ones i dont even like to talk about.... plz dont take it the wrong way.... its just my opinion :D plz rate and comment if you like :D *NOTE* I AM A...

frist of all arceus is the god pokemon it could desrtoy the world. 2 articuno dosent have chicken feet 3 luiga shaymin andofcoruse arceus can talk 4 who would subsribe to some jerk like you this video has over 2536 unlikes 5 pluto peguin is right he put arceus at the end because he doseant have arceus for him self i hope youed leard your leason kid 
You have terrible grammar.
F*ck u didnt even bother to do it statwise i love all the legendaries in this list
its been over 5 years and people still comment on this junk video of mine? lol You know that the best and worst are of artistic value, not competitive value... if you use ubers in competitive play, well thats your prerogative.  I have a request for ones who are interested! I have a facebook page that has my own creatures and I need more people to take a look and hopefully become fans. Since this is probably my biggest video or close to it, I would like some people to check it out please!!! :D
Arcues is a fat cheater that mother fucker
Ofcourse he is. He needs type advantage and 4 or 5 sig moves to beat other pokemon.
this guy obviously don't know his Pokemon arceus is the best and shamin learns seed flare which is the best grass move one time i took out my friends arceus with it and we were both level 100 and his arceus had thunder,flame thrower,blizzard, and ice beam also i bet he just put arceus as worst because hes jealous that he don't have one himself.
Omg! No you didnt just call shaymin ugly Ill beat your ass look in a mirror you freakin peice of shit go rot in a hole with your level 1 trubbish You fucking shit faced cock suking freak!!!!!!!!!!
Shaymin is bae shaymin is beutiful unlike you c: Bitch
i fucking hate you T_T  just because shaymin.
Im not going to complain. I agree with the list (just a bit) but you guys keep on complaining about Sheymin and Arceus. GOD ITS JUST AN OPINION
to be honest, i disagree with most of both lists. Rayquaza is too common, and has gotten dull. Latios and Latias would have the same spot at #2 best, and Lugia would've been a little far off the list. Reshiram, hands down BEST. Darkrai would also have a good chance on best list. For worst, it definitely would have been the Forces of Nature trio, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.
Meh mine has to be Best: 1. MewTwo 2.Rayquaza 3.Entei 4.Zapdos 5.Lugia  Worst: 1.Groudon 2.Moltres 3.Mew 4. Latias and 5. Manaphy the most pathetic pokémon to ever be made.. 
+Fenbi da Fennekin lol well i never expected all of this, but I did catch mew and it stayed in my pc when i tried it in battles, and its equality with the stats sounds good but they are low. And i think arceus vs a 100 rayquaza would be interesting haha
I must say I love how you put mewtwo first. Shows someone has the intellect.
Rayquaza lies on the floor the arceus come down from heaven and takes Rayquaza to hell for killing chestnaut
YAY KYOGRE IS BETTER IN HER OPINION!!! transforms into Kyogre and celebrates
transforms into Lugia and celebrates
Most forget, this is Opinionated, not publicly overall, just the person's opinion. in fairness, i do disagree with this list, but i aint going to complain just because he ranked Shaymin or Arceus as bad.
this guy dude arceus made all the pokemon and shamin is awesome
Arceus is SO OP! How is he the worst???
Cuz mewtwo out performs it and mewtwo alone without priority, type advantage can whoop any pokemons arse.
my top 1 worst uploader is you!!
At least she didnt put mewtwo
You are so dum arceus is awesome and by the way palkia is my 1st
whatever lets end this conversation
Hating a Pokemon doesn't mean you don't know Pokemon, it's opinion and by the way, Arceus ain't the best. It's Mewtwo. Mega evols not included. Normal Mewtwo can do it himself.
couldn't agree more with favorite legendary of all time.
He hates rayquaza!?!?! *spams dislike button
ok lets end this conversation OK THANKS
Why arceus is it because he's one of the most OP Pokemon
MEWTWO could kill every single one in the top 5 pokemon in one hit.
The Pokemon Is not the worst the drawing is the Worst
My favorite is Victini. My least favorite is Regice.
Why don't u nerds stfu up in the comments and get a life I liked <3
hes dumb maybe of his ability but lugia is kewl
Ok wtf the best pokemon are the worst and the worst are the best
well i cant find a reason to flag you so you set your self on fire arcticuno
i dont know a lot but arcus is is one the best pokemon inhistory of pokemon!
We know that this video is a personal opinion vid ... its just that some opinions dont want to be heard. Not a hater ... I just have common sense
lol making a video with 'your opinion' is like dooming yourself and arceus sure ain't a cheater and even if he was he would still be strong
Whats friggen wrong with cresselia anyway?
My foot they don't Giratina is amazing. Regigigas too.
How does Shaymin suck? It can pwn, and you can do decently with Cresselia.
girl everyone likes all those pokemons and you dislike it wow you just Dont play pokemon and thats it play another game cuz for you its not great for you to play pokemon
I understand that arceus is boss and I like arceus but I don't think hes the worst legendary so i'm not trying to be mean but its her opinion not yours just sayin
1: How are Registeel, Uxie, Cresselia and Arceus bad? Someone obviously doesn't like defensive pokemon. 2: Noobiest pokemon is Arceus? Dude he's meant to be the god of the pokemon world. He's meant to have EPIC stats! You don't want the god of the pokemon world to get owned by some random pokemon do you? Moron! You sir know nothing about pokemon.
Arceus, Registeel and Uxie are not the worst! You made Arceus the worst because its overpowered? That's like saying every legendary is the worst!
mew sucks?? he is the only one that can learn all you sir are an idiot lol
Arceus didn't steal Mew's role, he shaped the universe, not the Pokemon, he made it so that Pokemon could live there.
Arceus in my opinion is crap BUT he is the god of pokemon :(
Arceus is to my opinion is one of the pokemon next to lugia
Arceus is the best you just ahte him because he's good
This video is bad... And you should feel bad!
SCREW ALL THESE LEGENDARIES! GO LILIGANT! The best f****** stats and move pool pokemon has seen
how is mewtwo not the best legendary EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arceus is a hack though. it stinks.
you better change it to the best legendaries
Read the description then tell me what you think.
This is all good except for arceus but I see why people can hate him personally I don't care about the rest like rayquaza being #5 or shaymin being very hated by you and I agree shay in is stupid and crap
Arcues is an awesome pokemon what is ur deal n maybe u should add Zapdos, just sayian
Arceus is the King of Cheaters but has the best Stats.
Rayquaza isn't my favourite Pokémon, Ho-oh is. Don't make assumptions, remember, this is only their opinion.
He's meant to be the god of the pokemon world... He's not meant to be easy to battle!
yu deserve the hate you get arceus uxie cresselia and shaymin are awesome
Ummmm.... In the description you say Mew came before Arceus, because he has his DNA. This is not entirely true, because it is possible Mew doesn't have Arceus and other legendries from later generations as they had not been discovered yet. This is definitely true with rayquaza as its pokedex entry says it had not been discovered yet because it lives so high up.
Dude your Fucking Dumb Heres MY Opinion: #1:Dialga #2:Arceus #3:Kyurem #4:Zekrom #5:Mew #6:Mewtwo #7:Palkia #8:Uxie #9:Lugia And Number 10:I dont know Thats MY Opinion Of Best
This is the noobiest video ever arceus is the best your opinion sucks
Hell yeah! Lugia is by far the best in my opinion
YES! Finally someone who gets it! As the god of pokemon he's supposed to have epic stats and he's meant to be hard to battle!
really? Regigigas isnt on the list? he's virtually unplayable
great job man for the worst i totally agree hes just a n00by dummie show off
arceus kicks butt he could kick yo @s
Arceus is better then all the legendarys you got some bad metal problems
cade o dialga pakia giratina arceus darkrai suicune lucario arceus entei raikou mewtow mew o kyogre grondom zorua zoroack regigigas regirock regis regiltel
Actually your reason for arches being he worst is unworthy of him for #1 on the hate list because he made Mew and mew made all the non legendaries. Arches made all the legendaries to play a role in the pokemon world. But i understand but please do you research. And the fact that you said you are a girl is sexist because you think that girls are to weak to accept hate. :) sorry for the hate in these comments but people don't read the discreption
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