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James Justice Shuts Down the College Dunk Contest

by ESPN • 1,646,824 views

5'9" James Justice from Martin Methodist College wins the NCAA Dunk contest with this incredible between the legs slam. Number 1 play on SportsCenter's Top 10. The judges, Bobby Hurley, John...

Isn't Martin Methodist an NAIA school?
I'm Canadian.....just lost a little respect for Australians...though luckily I know from experience they're not all like you.
у них в колледжах hd, ну это уже пиздец конечно...привет Российское ТВ!!!
It doesn't even look real. So awesome.
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Not trying to be a dick, or be mean, but.. Youtube is an American website. Which you are now on. >.>
Um.. waz the dunk contest on the moon ?
Just because the nba had a bad dunk contest this year doesn't mean that the ncaa is more entertaining then the nba -.- Everything that was in this contest has already been DONE by the past nba players. NBA dunk contest brings far more creativity and skills. Just not this year. Lol
If he did that we landed on the moon.
tratheolipe hoth grepth de fatheb, am I right?
5 foot 9?? Holy crap this guy sure can get some air and quick hands too!!!
1, no you fuckin cant at all. 2. youre 5'9 and you can ALMOST dunk. This dude throws that shit between his legs. What the fuck are you trying to say? that you're 10x shittier and the same size.
dude he is the best player ever besides micheal jordan i need to know what team he plays for
Psshhh..I can do that.... Lol :b sick dunk
Meanwhile the United States is being turned into a socialized state. Jus sayin
Apparently he's done that before !!!
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Check out jacob tucker, pure vanilla and 5'10''
I know... like could you ever see a 5'9" white dude doing this
I'm 5'7" and I can touch the rim but I can't dunk. This guy is 2" taller than me and he's flying daaaaaamn...
Nate Robinson is 5'9". He won the dunk contest in 2006, 2009 and 2010.
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BEAST Mode!!!! Too bad hes not Shaq or he wouldve brought down the hoop
Unimpressed. Vince Carter did same dunk OVER T-Mac!
finally. someone did the dunk contest justice.
Kenny Gabriel is awesome and a nice guy. That was nice of him to do that. James deserved the belt anyway tho.
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@Random... I'll second that - a part of the fun of youtube used to be reading people's comments, now 4/5 of posts are spam, either bots or people asking for views on their channels... You almost forget about what matters: That was a crazy dunk right there!
YOU do some research you idiot. Bell was a scotsman who emigrated to Canada. Just because he patented the invention in Massachusetts doesn't mean it is an American invention. And electricity was first officially discovered where? Tesla is the one who revelotionized it, but William Gilbert (uk) is the one who 'discovered' the concept.You can't even type.I am not informing how my country is better than yours,because all the named inventors are from different countries. Please grow some braincells!
Dude has got hops for being 5 foot 9...
we knew he had ... balls to do this.
Jedi mind tricks diven by fire .
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Everyone pause at 11. You can also press 1 or 5.
I go to school with him it is not fake or bullshit.
Dafuq are you guys saying? Like the top comments o.O
It was Meucci who invented the telephone, years (16 years I think) before Bell did but he could not afford a patent. Bell had access to his works and took some of his ideas to create his telephone. The House of Representatives agreed and ruled that Bell was not the creator of the telephone. Not allowed to post the link here but look up "Bell did not invent the telephone, US rules" that'll give you the info. As a complete aside, Tesla was amazing, shame men like Edison stood in his way.
That dunk was fake. All done with special effects.
ESPN really needs to control the spam that plagues their pages here.
just INSANE.. how is this even possible !! ^^ im 5'9 been working on my hops for 5 fucking years. i can barely dunk. then this cat. just FLIES mofo is CRAZY!
@jslefty5 ...because of a dunk? Are you serious? So whoever can do a fancy dunk is a great basketball player?
whats the point of spam removal option AND riddles???? ANSWER ME YOUTUBE!!!
That shits on all dunks in NBA dunk contest in last 4 years!
i can almost dunk and im 5'9 but im white and 14 sooooo
Holy cow, like 90% of the comments are spam. The kid is ridiculous. Good for him, he'll be with the globe trotters soon enough. (he doesn't have the body for the NBA, the days of Spud Webb and Mugsy are long gone)
First of all, what a dunk. Unbelievable stuff. Second, as far as the whole argument about the telephone and electricity I have a few points. Electricity was studied for thousands of years but often thought to be a magnetic property mixed with a type of friction. It was William Gilbert who distinguished magnetism from electricity and gave it the term electricity but he was not the "discoverer" of it. As for the telephone, Bell didn't invent it. Antonio Meucci did. More in a reply.
Clearly I did do my research if my statement on Bell was true. It is a truly opinionated statement to say that just because the telephone was invented in America it's not American. You are correct, my lack of research is apparent when it comes to electricity. Yours is also as you stated in your first comment that it was a Serbian discovery. And have you ever heard of a typo? I left a word out, big deal. Your not perfect either electricity was not an invention.
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