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DEB'S OBSESSION PART 2 (Pubertina #8)

by Shut Up! Cartoons โ€ข 758,581 views

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PSSH it's not like I haven't stole my best friends tampons/books/etc before x,D everyone does it!!?
I mean I love Debs and all but...ย 
Is it weird that I can't stop watching these?
No.. I should probably be in bed by now, but these things are so weird.. Maybe I'll go back to whatching the Yogscast...
Shit my names rebecca...
I'm in the wierd part of the Internet again aren't i
Yup... That's smos has for ya!
Omg my name is Chloe!!!!!!!!
Well, I guess I'm on that wierd part of YouTube again....
Pubertina said she was eleven why is she ina nine year old's class .-.
At 3:32 it says "Charter school"
When debs gets mad she turns tan, sad, pale
Who wants to start their period, also everyone in my family whos a girl, started erlay round 9-12 and im nearly 13 and I havnt started yet! Im glad I dont want it!!?
"OH MY GOD!Is this what PMS feels like? Oh my god , do I have PMS? I GOTTA GET THE HATE OUT!!" Debs Sherman-2012
Plz Subscribe to my channel,Alex Huerta.:)
My friend is nine I am to my friend I'd an early bloomer she got her period two weeks ago she actually bled right through her panties and got a big stain on her school skirt (we need uniforms)
SO YOU ARE REAL!ย  Why didn't the dodgeball hit you?
Levis Kraise ur calling something er traded when u can't spell your self
I hate auto crockt it is evil
So wait... a nine year old is using tampons?
No I think she took it from Pubertina's bag.ย 
My names Debra wholly whiz I'm so weird in the show to xD luv these vids :P
I said shiz I hate autocorrect >:I
Im 13 and u didnt didnt get mine yet :(
Me at 0:41: Hey my name's Rebecca Oh stop it you :3
I'm 12 and I haven't started "bleeding" yet.
My friend is in fifth grade and had her period.... So you guys are right about this.
I only have one problem with this, 9 yr olds should not use tampons
no she means she had done it before, so she is use to it
Doris didn't even have that many stickers lol.
How does a nine year old already have there period?
dont my mom keepd telling me i will for 4 years its never happened and why would you want one i heard it hurts
Do girls really just casually say things like that?
my Principe is named Mr.Sherman...
1:40 LOL doris Face :PP 5 days ago Zeldarocks Pubertinas a Jerk
I'm 12 and I haven't got it yet
pubertina is a bad friend in this episodes...she just put her friend on and cruel! ...but... debs is a bit scrary
This show is so
u can literaly go shoveit * drops phone*
Serious please stop telling people when
best thing ever but the song sucks
I feel so ashamed when I read the comments... All the other viewers are around 11 or so x)
Depends on if the person they are talking to is their friend or not.
I haven't gotten "it" so yay!
When I first saw this episode, I didn't notice the part where Debs was crying in the slide, so my weird brain made me think that the part where she's crying (starting around 2:09) took place in the tampon. It made the rest of the dialogue so much funnier.
I started mine 8 days after I turned 13......
She is not twelve she's nine that seid
"I was a PhD candidate, um, and now I'm teaching nine year-olds. can, literally, go shove it." Hahaha! I'm dyin'. XD
It's funny how Pubertina's nickname is Pubes...
I got my period at 9 and now I'm 11
10 and wearing tampons...ok but still WTF
Even my health teacher said puberty is harder for girls than boys. He's a dude, in case you think I'm being sexist or something.
What... Did... I just... Watch??!
meh i don't know about that but you guys do go through some things
I am 13 too and i have not gotten mine
My name is Rebecca...... lol
How i didn't hit puberty yet but i know its hell for girls
If this was a book series I'd totally read it
I've gotta get the hate out lol at 1:37.
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