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Creepy Girl In Hotel Hallway Prank

by Leo Fan • 16,008,447 views

When People walk by and see her they scream and get scared

The cleaning lady was just like "what yu Lookin at?"
+Mauricio Garcia I was thinking the cleaning lady was thinking "I knew this hotel was haunted".
To me it was like, " I see, you have come for me.... IT IS TIME"
The Maid scares me more than the girl lol
Maid: We meet again. My mortal enemy...
The cleaning maid was the real ghost ahahah XD
The last woman screamed so loud at the end, the girl JUMPED lmaooo poor thing! I'm crying
the hunter got hunted :P
Ohmygod haha the maid's just like 'this little shit better not break shit' xD
That last woman was so stupid...yeh run towards what is scaring you...good thing the little girl had security waiting in case of big dumb bitches like her who run to drama ... -She probably wasn't that scared but wanted an excuse to hurt the child by knocking her down
That cleaning lady was like " fuck you lookin at"
ninja kick that bitch
Is no one gonna comment on the fact that the last chick charged her and was about to kick her? hahahahaha
"last woman" woman:omg a ghost...i know what to do! screams in fair and runs towards the girl
Da Fu? Ha Matthew santoro :)
Aww the little girl got scared
The maid is like " no no no you no scare I clean I clean"
Cleaning lady : "We meet again."
That maids seen scarier bed sheets!
OH FOR PHUK SAKES! It's just a little girl! People watch too many horror flicks. I laughed so hard....
"last woman" woman:omg a ghost...i know what to do! screams in fair and runs towards the girl
the maid lady see it all lol
usually i don't like creepy little girl pranks but this one was good
Is this girl suppose to be a character from some famous movie or something? Otherwise the people being that scared of just a small girl in a hallway doesn't make much sense
wonder what the last lady was going to do - look like she was going to go right for her lol
Smilecatch, Lda Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
What a crazy prank! How would you react to something like this?! #crazyprank #creepygirl …::::… Que partida louca! Como reagiam a uma coisa destas?! #partidalouca
I would probably be like "What the...why are you just standing there? And why are you swinging your doll like that?" But, knowing pranks, they probably made sure she'd scream in case people endured it long enough, in which case I would run like hey.
Keeping a cool head would indeed be the best approach!
These ppl watch too many horror movies... I mean, cmoon, she wasnt even holding a knive. It would be more spooky if the lights were off and manually turned on when a victom aproaches
lol the maid was like "so we meet again"
Fear is our rawest emotion, We know depressions, love, even happyness. But fear is something we cant control. And its good that way.
the maid is  more scary 
00:30 to skip the intro gibberish
It had to be the fat bitch to run towards the girl screaming like a banshee.
I wonder how hard it is for that girl to not laugh her ass off at these reactions...
Why did that last woman charge at the little girl if she was so terrified? She's dingy.
the maid was like "gettin real tired of yo shit"
isnt that the hottel witch russel johnson from ownage pranks live in
the cleaning maid was the best... :D like: "great, yet another lost brat... don't you dare come in my way and bend my ear..." :D
What about where i've been today: At the hotel, The Four Seasons. Anyone know it? It's really good and I recommend it if you ever stay here.
It was good but the little girl should have done a little more like start walking slowly towards them or something, that would have been creepier.. :)
Haha that was too funny
the maid was like :long time no see
Older people scared of a child with a doll.  Scream back.  Grow up.
Are the people screaming in fear actors?
hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaah!!!!!!!! nice prank LoL!
I love all the reactions
The maid be like. Oh so its u again
Hahaha Maid why you no have soul
1:59 why did the girl run up to her if she was scared..?
the girl was jolted by the lady scream....lmao  
Getting you laughs from other peoples fears. How stupid and idiotic.
XciteGo Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
On the lighter side of ‪#‎hotels‬...
the maid: "I've been waiting for you"
Lol the girl screams while running towards the girl. Logic XD
The woman was going to attack her but the people stopped her
Because a little girl is so scary
2:03 The fact that the girl screaming startled the little girl cracked me up  
The Janitor didn't get scare because there is other ghost, but she look at her because she never saw a ghost like that - Joke
why i laugh so hard when see this, people seen too much horror movie
That maid had obviously seen the real thing!
Why are they speaking spanish if they look white
+immi's snow globe Human = Race Ethnicity is the word.
reminds me of the ring and the Shining at same time 
maid:oh shit not you again..
even Ecuadorian speak spanish
Look like the maid was a ghost I agree XD
I wish I spoke Spanish... not really I just wish it was in english 
Not funny orrrrrr scary cant make me scared
the maid?!....." aah we meet again...."
good job the little girls hair is hiding her face bet shes laughing  lol dont blame her
that moment when the comment section is funnier than the vid XD
The girl at 2:00 is a shining and perfect example of a child inside an adults body.  Her mind is still infantile, so severely so that she went into full fight or flight survival reaction at the sight of an organism 1/8 her size, and chose instead of flight to FIGHT, charging at the little girl.  It's just incredible to me that you can grow up to me 25 years old and still actually believe that a person standing 10 feet from you is a fucking ghost.  It's honestly fucking amazing.  
This is some scary sheit
the maid in family guy 1:34 "No, no, no, no,"
El gritar inconcientemente es el reflejo de nuestra naturaleza como todos los animales para defendernos ante una agresión y en el último caso le funcionó.
I would slap the girl in her face hahaha xD
The maid's like "So we meet again"
+Allan Ochoa  I guess that means if it was a scary movie, she'd be one of the first to go xD
+Allan Ochoa She was going to attack the girl.
lol la que esta fea es eya omg esa parte m iso morir
That's not even funny just mean
1:34 "Not this shit again.."
Es de inspiration japonesa pero vale en cualquer rincon del mundo:)))
That guy looks like an older Gavin free
are they that stupid they see a girl and standing and get that scared, no wonder they say americans the toughest 
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