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Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) Delivers the Republican Address to the Nation

by John Boehner • 63,579 views

Tonight, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivered the Republican address following the President's State of the Union message from the House Budget Committee hearing room, where...

Hey nitwit, we don't want you playing with Ovomit Nocare, you folks ran on REPEAL, how quickly you turn once you lied your way into office!
Paul ryan you fucking bitch go suck some more Boehner Dick.
@quizerry Hi. I understand your point. That sounds unfair, but our resources we acquire with trade, agriculture, and the services are predominately purchased with money. If successful businesspeople are hoarding the money for themselves, just because they were/are able to obtain it, now our government becomes a plutocracy, based on financial capital reign and power. Remember, Jesus said, "for the rich man to be saved, is easier than putting a camel through the eye of a needle." Good luck.
@kirdotorg So basically you're of the flawed opinion that it's impossible to make the rich pay taxes? You're just a quitter. And the fact that you can't actually prove anyone else wrong really helps your point. Most of the rich wouldnt be where they are now if they hadn't had the services government provides to help them get going. I agree that wasteful spending is a big problem but cutting off the government's cash supply is the wimpy solution.
@surreal5335 Bush signed the intent to leave Iraq right before he left office. Sorry, but once again, Obama is just continuing a Bush policy. (Another one would be the Patriot Act. I thought Dems were supposed to hate that. And bailing out banks. Why do they keep voting for those things? Hmm.) Obama didn't get funding from lobbyists. hahaha. Yeah, no lobbyists, just things like a mil from Goldman Sachs. And a lot of his money they refuse to say where it came from.
@johnyhefner The same hatred they have for the "right-wing" Arizona shooter and everyone who may have influenced him. But, oops, then it turns out if, if anything, he's a left-wing nutjob, not a right-wing nutjob. So now we have to censor "target" symbols and things because a bunch of emotional, no-logic, deceitful people are morons.
@megafuzzyboy Wrong, unemployment rate under Bush only got up to 7.6% as oppose to Obama's 9 - 10%...... try again.
This guy is just using the same false interpretations and scare tactics as the rest of his fucking party. If we hadn't had the stimulus, many more jobs would have been lost and we would be in a depression. Instead, we managed not to totally collapse. The fact that Republicans can say with a straight face that it didn't do anything is just an exploitation of the ignoramuses who watch fox news. Republicans don't realize that if government never steped in to fix problems, we'd be just like Pakista
Amen. Spending needs to be cut and if the Republicans didn't block the public option the country would have gone even deeper down the drain.
The Republican Party... We have our priorities right! 1. The party 2. The wealthy 3. The right wing media 4. The church 5. Whatever scares the shit out of people not like us!
~6:00, I like how he said that it's governments role to provide a safety net for those who cannot provide for themselves, oops, I mean "help" provide a safety a net. Now let's get rid of unemployment insurance!
@WesSeid Clinton did not outsource America, the corporations did. Obama has pulled out of the war, lest year he sent home some 100,000 troops, or did you ignore all the news about that. Obama is the first president to get funding from citizens not lobbysists like most other presidents. The biggest thing Obama pushed through was the 100billion healthcare plan, so we can get it cheaper... 787billion? your being spoon fed lies.
@HealingHerbalRemedy The "free" "high-speed" (50mph?) train would have cost my state about 8 million a year, for a minimum of 20 years. It would mainly benefit two cities, which aren't that far. One of which the state would be better off it wasn't there at all. Instead of taking 800 million dollars from The People to buy a "free" train they don't really need or want, my idea is to give The People their 800 million dollars back so they can spend it on what They want. I know, pretty crazy idea.
@WesSeid It really is sad that the only idea you have for bettering the economy is through killing people. Once the war is over, will there be continous revenue to create more jobs? Nope, it stops there. War is a short term gain, you need to think long term. Try thinking building mass transit everywhere, then the transit fares would make lots of revenue, and more jobs to maintain the system.
Ron Paul 2012, not crooked Neo-Con Paul Ryan.
Best speech by a Republican I've seen in a long time.
@surreal5335 I know, right!!! If we outlaw murders, only criminals will commit murders!!! I say there is no reason to have ANY law since criminals dont obey laws anyways. DOWN WITH ALL LAWS...
@gixxerfan33 LOL stop trying to sound smart, do us both a favor and just delete your youtube k? thanks:)
@surreal5335 Yeah, that's right, I only think about war.... (that's sarcasm there.) I'll tell you what I actually do think about, though. I think about that anyone who says stupid assumptions like you just did is a moron.
@surreal5335 Well, people tell me WW2 got the U.S. out of The Great Depression.... I didn't say my idea to better the economy is to kill people. I said it's a surprise Dems don't like those things more since they're all about Big Government and spending a lot. You don't need wars to have a big military budget. You'd think they'd use some of that money to protect the borders though... "Oh no! We're so scared of terrorists! ...but we don't care about protecting our own borders." yah.
Paul Ryan's eyebrows have a habit of getting stuck on insincere the way CAPS LOCK gets stuck on text.
Paul Ryan voted against giving 9-11 first responders dying of cancer any financial aid for their medical bills because he said that would be like welfare. Yet Paul Ryan voted in favor of Corporate Bailouts when the banks were struggling. That's all the reason I need to know where this man's loyalties lie.
he is great with his talking points, and great at giving no specifics ..his team wasts to reduce home-coming vets aid. they want to go back to 2006 and have the same regulation free fiasco in place that made the financial sky fall in late 2008 under bush. remember mccain canceled his obama debate so he could pop back to washington and fix it? LOL silly repubs!
@memoflik The Nazi party was formed before Lenin's death FYI, it was formed in 1919 OH.... ohoh smart guy...
@surreal5335 Guns not being where? The L.A. riots? It's generally a good thing when law-abiding citizens at least have a chance to properly defend themselves. Guns are the great equalizer. A 100-pound woman with a gun is basically on equal footing with a 250-pound man. And not all dangers are on two legs. My aunt keeps a shotgun near her front door because bears come into her yard. If a bear or coyote attacks, what would people have her do, call 911 (if she can get a signal) and wait and hope?
What a condescending douche this guy is, just like Obama.
@zac3994 Well, people of all income brackets pay too much in taxes anyway. I'm for tax cuts for everyone. Force the government to make due with less, and maybe it'd stop sucking so much. If either party really want to show they care about the little people, they'd stop wasting so much money. "A billion here, a billion there, and before you know it, it starts adding up to real money."
@surreal5335 Maybe if you had asked me about ideas for bettering the economy, I would have given some, despite comments having to be kept short. But you didn't do that. Instead, you just ASSumed and/or simply didn't want to hear such things. I question why Dems don't like military spending despite them liking much-worse spending, and you flag me as loving war. 'course, you also told me Obama didn't pass a 787-billion-dollar stimulus bill, so it's quite obvious your thought process is flawed.
OMFG< These conservatives are so pathetic and dishonest. It was conservatives who screwed the economy in the first place, it happened on your watch and blaming the democrats for the stimulus is very dishonest because stimulus was Republican policy, Bush had already started the stimulus and republican henry Paulson was the architect of the policy which continued when Obama came in. Same old conservative rhetoric and lies.
wtat do you get when eddie munster mates with eddie munster's female cousin? this fake, boring dick cheese.
why didnt these guys do what they said they would do if they were to take over congress ,what happned there ,cause to me it was like the president was on his own ,cause these ass did nothing when they first took over congress ,they were considered a joke to people cause the claimed they knew nothing at the time of trying to help Obama fix the economy ,they just sat back and let the economy get worse ,until they got bold enough to tell us all they were behind all of it just to see Obama fail!
@andrewupintheair Yeah, it's pretty funny when people say Bush and Republicans hate poor people, yet under them the poor pay less income taxes than they did under Clinton and less taxes than they would under Obama and a Dem Congress if they had their way.
@pimpnhard101 You are profoundly racist or ignorant or both. E pluribus unum!
@atheistforchange Yeah, Bush was Pres, and he had a Dem Congress since the 2006 elections. When did the sky fall again? Nearly two years later, you say? The reason lots of Republicans turned on Bush is because he and the Democrats became good buds. ...yet Democrats trash him for it. Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Steagal. He also left Bush a bursting dot-com bubble. Clinton did some good stuff, and some bad stuff, but the beginning and end of his presidency was perfect timing.
holy shit!..a real live walking zombie redneck!..RUN!..with neatly glued manicured and obviously dyed hair and ofcourse extremely heavy makeup to hide the evil tea baggin redneck under it.......if it looks like a zombie and walks like a zombie,its a
Aqua budda in the house!!!!!!!
@y2zgt He's quite serious... its the way i feel when i see obama go on about football games.. rather than our job markets...
@Bigwheels161616 Paul Ryan voted for the 2008 TARP, $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending, 2008 Economic stimulus HR 5140, $15B Bailout of US car industry. This is the man delivering the fiscal conservatives response. Nice try GOP
@zac3994 sadly no matter how high you raise taxes on the rich, the rich will get out of it. They have resources and knowledge about money to avoid paying much.
@turtleonlog Republicans have plenty of ideas on it. Go look.
@WesSeid Well we do need to enforce fair play with insurance companies, and we dont have any money especially after the $100 billion war Bush started, Will America ever see any money back for that? Not a dime, just lots of burned up money and blood everywhere.
I guess I never saw them televised until pelosi, also the media gave the DFL rebuttals as much airtime as they did the pres. address in the bush era which was definitely unprecedented. my bad.
@MrBorisbadanoff he has two first names. do not trust him.
@chafenhimer I'll blame the Republicans for plenty right along with you. Plenty of people on both sides despise Bush and how much Reps spent in the early 2000s. But it's like no one on the left will hold the since-2006 Congress and Obama accountable for anything. Remember when the left didn't like war? Remember when the left (and right) hated the Patriot Act? But then Dems took control and just continued the Bush policies, but the left voters still blame Bush.
democrats, and liberals suck and Republicans and conservatives are clearly the better choice because we do not steal money, call the IRS on you, or force shitty health care that is not free on you even though there is a thing called medicare that is actually free. So all democrats can suck it and hopefully realize that they have no business in politics. BTW Bush will always be better than obama and other democrat presidents.
@AdamBomb669 Yep, I wouldn't vote for a racist teabagger. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be much if any of those.
@WesSeid Heh, that depends how you look at it. Enron was EARNING/STEALING dollars too.
@surreal5335 They sure did. Too bad they were outnumbered by the left who voted for it to tow the party line. I guess they had to pass it in order to find out what's in it. Right, Miss Pelosi? Or maybe they just did a verbal vote which passed it via deceit like Charlie Rangel did with the 1986 machine gun ban, which video has now surfaced, showing Yet Again why he should be in jail or at the very least fired. But, no, he's "censured." Ooooo... I hope I get "censured" when I break the law.
@WesSeid Its clear to me that you are more concerned with the economy than human life. As for the rest of the world fearing us, they actually hate us. This is why 9/11 happened, it was retaliation not a first strike. We have attacked them for decades. We need tanks, air craft carriers, long range missles? I have never needed them. I need to know that going to the hospital wont make me bankrupt, be denied coverage when I need it, that my premium wont be as much as my monthly rent, not weapons.
I think the US should immediately adopt the old Turkish Lira. This way one loaf of bread will be around 1-2 billion Lira and not 2-3 billion US Dollars in 10 years. Phew, just saved the world!!!
Still more careful political rhetoric. No one on a national stage has the guts to say what needs to happen. They fear for their own political life more than they fear America's eminent economic collapse. Aggressively adjusting entitlements for those over 65 is our only hope of survival. The explosive growth of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, requires that the protective umbrella of "mandatory spending" be set aside as long overdue adjustments are implemented.
I got more from this great speech than the one the occupier in the white house gave.
@golden454 yeah, ha! good one! i see it! a little like pinocchio, too!
@TitParty No. Pretty sure Bernie Maddof STOLE money.
@pimpnhard101 Lenin died in 1924, Nazi prominence on the world stage didnt occur unil after 1925. Smart guy.
@TitParty If there was no punishment for any wrong done, then a lot more people woud be commiting these wrongs. When my military post allowed 18yr olds to drink, DUIs were through the roof, most caused by 18 yr olds. They prohibited 18 yr olds from drinking on post, suddenly the rate of DUIs dropped drastically. Laws work with the majority of people because they fear getting caught. There will always be that smaller group that dont care.
@surreal5335 "Suppose someone — say, the president of United States — proposed the following: We are drowning in debt. More than $14 trillion right now. I’ve got a great idea for deficit reduction. It will yield a savings of $230 billion over the next 10 years: We increase spending by $540 billion while we increase taxes by $770 billion. He’d be laughed out of town. And yet, this is precisely what the Democrats are claiming as a virtue of Obamacare." 500b cut from Medicare and MORE TAXES
Look at his eyes. Tell me he's not stoned.
Stop crying get out there and spread the word Obama needs to go.
@oobah2 I'm not much of a Bush fan, but let's remember what he started with. He entered office just as the dot-com balloon was popping, and then he had 9/11. Clinton also did his part (yep, with a Republican Congress) of signing the repeal of Glass-Steagal. Plus, he liked to give house loans to people who couldn't afford them. Clinton's terms was great timing. Enters on the bettering economy from Bush1, gets the commercialization of the internet, and then leaves just as it all is blowing up.
Hey Amigo! It's called capitalism. When something sucks the market (not the gov) determines what stays in business and what does not. The biggest problem we have is Government interference with the free market. Why should others subsidize failed businesses? All the banks, GM, Chrysler and others should have filed for bankruptcy protection and healthy competitors would have purchased them for pennies on the dollar. Sorry bud but last time I checked we still live in the USA.
BOTH parties are paid for by the banks. Now we are being given over to China.
@WesSeid I am hearing two things, "I am not a war nut" and "big military spending is good for the economy". Stop avoiding the topic by calling me moron, and give me something new. Its been three posts and still no new ideas. Mine is mass transit, ticket fares for long term revenue, long term jobs needed, reduce our dependancy on oil, reduce pollution, make the roads safer, reduce landfill from cars. Besides building weapons, what is your idea(s)?
@surreal5335 Is McCain President? Is McCain the epitome of a good conservative? No and no, so who cares. Next you'll start comparing Obama to Sarah Palin during the elections even though she wasn't the one running for President anyway. Hey, tell me again about that 787-BILLION-DOLLAR "stimulus" bill that no one read and you say doesn't exist. Obama sucks. Deal with it. The rest of the country sure has to. And before you say it, yeah, Bush pretty much sucked too.
@surreal5335 I'm not smoking anything. But I am reading the details of Obamacare. You should try it sometime. How do you think it's only supposed to (yah, right) cost 100 billion over 10 years? Because they raise taxes and cut Medicare to pay for it. Plus they have some accounting gimmicks in there that will likely never happen and are just lies and deceit, (but what else is new?). You think Ocare only costs 100b AND think 10 years of war only cost 100b? I'll have what You're smoking.
good speech, better than obamas
@ErikSvenAnderson you do know medicare is socialized medicine, right?
@VictoryRepublican Once again, another person who has no idea of the definition of Socialism. America IS a Capitalistic and Socialistic empire. Medicare, and Student Loans are both forms of Socialism. Sorry that's just how it works. I would suggest reading on Socialism before you say something.
@fabclicks you agree with increasing unemployment? firing a lot of people like a giant layoff is not going magically make the private sector boom. The private sector will continue to have the same amount of jobs just a lot more people trying to get them. When people cant get a job, they loose their house or turn to crime.
@bumpnslam Republicans voted for the 787-billion-dollar stimulus bill that no one read?
@gixxerfan33 More than any politician in your lifetime? You mean just as much as Reagan, Clinton, and Bush?
@MamaJacqueroo The "Bush bailouts" were passed by a Democratic-majority-since-2006 Congress. And so was the last renewal of the Patriot Act. And so was the "stimulus" bill that no one read. I think a good bit of the Bush/Obama blame should be put squarely on that Congress. As for war, Bush signed the phase-out of Iraq before he left office, and Obama has increased the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.
The party of no, the party of no hope, of no innovation, of no talking bad about the rich, the party of I won't work with anybody. Soon to be the party of No MORE
@wes seid: replying to your comment- well F "republicans vs. democrats" if we're talking taxes it isnt about that. it's about upper class vs. lower class. Why do u think the income tax didnt pass? because people who would pass it are majorly upper class! they dont want to loose all the money they're sitting on despite how many people it could feed! America needs to stop fighting amongst herself its getting us nowhere let obama do his job while it is his job to do and focus on our other enemies
@surreal5335 Hmmm, never thought of it that way, I will admit.
@teddykjunior Why should it matter what color Obama is? Democrat and Republican establishments are evil entities lead by scum. Please don't limit your perceptions to "the other side." That is a media trick to limit your thinking. They wish you to think that the only spectrum of acceptable opinion falls between two (Rep. & Dem.) viewpoints, both of which are very similar. American politics is professional wrestling. And remember that an Ivy leave education doesn't mean that you are smart.
The Establishment posing as the Tea Party. END THE FED liars!
why do republicans think keeping the rich richer will keep the economy relevant? we played that fiddle when bush first got elected and hello, it aint worked too good. cut the bs out look at all the bailouts that the banks and big businesses got and republicans voted for it hand and foot. but when it came to voting on the tax cuts for the middle and lower class only, they didnt budge until the top wage earner got in to.
@DillonDee1 Let me put a trillion dollars on a credit card for a future generation to pay back, and I could create some jobs too. And let's remember, there was more than one "stimulus" bill. Even Bush and the Democratic Congress passed one that people tend to forget about. Although, since that one went directly to taxpayers in the form of a check, I more or less consider that one just a tax refund.
@WesSeid "Obamacare" has not even been enacted yet, how could be cutting funds? Along with that, 500billion!? What are you smoking? The entire obamacare budget for the next ten years accumulates to 100billion. The war for the last ten years cost 100billion, yet medicare was given a budget of over 500billion!? You've got your facts wrong.
@promohomme: Sorry lady, but the dems took power in 2007. The last 2 years of Bush's administration the dems controlled congress. The current financial crisis, horrible almost-bankrupt economy and lack of jobs is their fault!! But continue to live in your dream world - just please don't ever vote again! Thanks!
@surreal5335 I'm surprised more Democrats don't think war and the military is great since they're all about "stimulus" money. That's a lot of "stimulus" money being paid to military contractors and military personnel. Lots of jobs being created. Other than that, I agree, yet we've had a Dem Congress for 4 years and Obama for 2, and now the U.S. is even deeper into Afghanistan and the military budget kept growing, so they aren't exactly blameless.
Why are democrats so ignorant and completely clue less? Seriously where do you get your information? 10/10 you dumb-ass democrats will say the news, and who controls the news. Yep that's right more dumb-ass democrats that want you to believe there lies. You are all asses that believe lies over truth...... all dumb-asses that are brain dead.... Have a nice life with no money, and no freedom. Republicans are the best choice.
this crook is as bad as them all. GOP double standard as usual...
@surreal5335 Of course, the main thing in this conversation about the stimulus bill is that You Didn't Think It Even Exists. I'd wonder where you get your facts and info from since even the MSM can't hide that one, but that'd probably be a rhetorical question since if you didn't know the 787-billion-dollar "stimulus" bill exists then it's likely you don't have facts or info about much else. can be seen by your not knowing how Ocare is to be "paid for" and that O didn't get a mil from GS.
@surreal5335 And that's why the rich pay around 85% of all income taxes. But, I agree, they Can get out of taxes much easier than other people, and that is by moving themselves and/or their business elsewhere where taxes are lower. Heck, look at John Kerry docking his boat in a different state to avoid taxes, or the current news of Alec Baldwin being investigated on his actual place of residence.
@vincemealfull Yep, people like Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi are much better. hahaha The one I don't get is Sarah Palin. I mean, she's ok, and has a better resume than Barack Obama had before becoming President, but when people start talking about her running for President.... eh, no.
@TitParty Note you said the wealthy EARN the most. For some reason, a lot of people think rich people don't actually work. Although, that might be true for most of Congress.
@oobah2 I do like how you said "the Bush-led Congress." Makes me think you want to avoid mentioning that Democrats controlled Congress since the 2006 elections. And that they worked pretty well with Bush. And that the Republican minority started fighting him because they finally started to grow a pair. There's a reason a whole lot of Republicans shunned Bush in his later years.
@atheistforchange Clinton was also big on giving people loans for houses they couldn't afford. Bush was pretty big on that too, although he did try to put the brakes on Fannie/Freddie. What I'd like people to look at more though is The Fed's actions. Both Greenspan and Bernanke had the pedal to the floor, and Bernanke cheerleaded till the end. So either Bernanke was lying how good everything was, or he was too dumb to see the crash coming. Either way, he shouldn't have a job.
@DJx713 Something like that, but it should be Ron Paul, not Paul Ryan.
Please stop talking to us like children. What do you think we should cut? How much? And what are the projected savings over time?
@bumpnslam: Tea Party members are ignorant? CONSERVATIVE STATES: Strongest Economies .. Lowest Unemployment Rates .. Lowest Welfare Rates per capita .. Top-Ranked Public Schools .. all with the Lowest Taxes. How are those high-tax Liberal shit-hole areas doing .. like Chicago & Detroit? I have links to the above from CNN, Newsweek, CNBC etc. Here's one for starters.. Of the top 16 Welfare states, 15 are Democrat bright blue: cnbc . com / id / 31910310 / The_Biggest_US_Welfare_States
@chafenhimer Well that would be partially correct if "politician" just referred to the President. As it so happens, politicians refers to a much larger group.
W/all due respect....where are "specifics" on where budget "CUTS" are going to come from? Sen. DeMints plan calls for attrition of federal employees??? Come on get real! We need specifics!
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