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Glee - Defying Gravity

by nysse46 • 12,069,535 views

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele of Glee singing Defying Gravity. I DO NOT own the music, this has been uploaded strictly for promotional purposes and I strongly recommend that you buy it on iTunes.

they did really great I cant believe im saying this but they beat idian menzel at her own song
No no no. Original all the way. Glee literally killed a musical theatre song
+Erin Wright And you didn't like my comment. Everything you're saying about me can be said about you.
If you read back into the argument you'll see that at first I was trying to be polite but you just bit my head off. Let's just leave it now, you clearly want to argue all day.
Man, Season 1 was the best.
Who disliked this song! I love it!
Kurt was better than Rachel :( Kurt really killed it >//<
woah, cory.. may you rest in peace. Looking at the cover puts me into shock to realise your no longer with us:/
Why? She had to go man.
man, season 1 was so good
ikr i still watch it its still super awesome but season 1 was just ugh ;_; makes me wanna watch it again and stuff just to remember stuff
In "Glee" Kurt is told he cannot sing this song because "It's a girl's song." But the lyrics mention nothing about gender, so how exactly is it a girl's song?
He can't sing the male one
Amagaaaad this is better than the original and I want to learn how to harmonize so badly
"'s the Wizard who should be afraid..of me."
I will always remember Rachel hitting that last note! <333
Estar de parabéns quer quem botou isso mas tem quer botar a foto do pefil se n niguem vai te conhecer vc mas estar de parabéns.....
Rachel and Kurt sound amazing together!
Season 1 is amazing xx I love glee but it's sad watching season 5 tbh because of Cory monteith (Finn) xx
Lea Michelle. mmmm, then she shows up in Sons of Anarchy!
+trustfire Yes! I was already going to start watching the show and I know I'm going to get into it and seeing Lea on it will be the cherry on top. Thank you!
I loved seasons 1 2 and 3!! The ones with all the originals! I still love all the new seasons! But the first three season are the best!
Amo Glee pero definitivamente nada como el Glee del 2009, era perfecto. 
I love this song and I love wicked and glee and Omigosh so much love.
I'm not a glee fan, but I love this song
So my music teacher is expecting me to sing this version of defying gravity by myself for my solo performance. How can I do that? I'm not two people ._.
You'll rock it! Make sure you upload for us to see.
Oh wow. Too perfect. God. So amazing. Shivers. Wow.
Adoro la voz de Kurt!! <3 Gracias por subirlo!!
I love this song😻😻😸
im so sad this is the last season of glee!!!! it cant end! \
Reminds me of the days when I used to watch Glee on my ipod touch... this will always be the best song
I'm legit only here because Jack was gunna sing this in my book. But then Mrs. Cast just HAD to go AND KILL HIM OFF TOO. GEEZ.
I am talking about Wicked! 
Susannah Morris Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Kurt is a amazing Elphaba
This is beautiful😌!
You can say a lot of shit about Glee (trust me, you can), but there's one thing you can't say and that's that they don't have good singers. This one proves it.
Attempting to sing this, but failing miserably...
Chris and Lea are definitely the best singers on that show.
marley and jake would be good
Love this song find a better song
i think i'll try defying gravity
I think it's a shame to use autotune in a TV show that promotes the voices of the characters. Because i saw us in Live, and they realy can sing witheout autotune. They are realy talented ! 
Almost all of the cast have sung on Broadway so they can really sing! I saw them in concert and they sounded amazing!
this was studio recorded and autotuned by a team of engineers... and sounds crap compared to someone singing it acoustically live and loud enough to fill a theatre
Then watch them sing live. I promise you lea michele can do this live. Be sure to listen to the last note @bored2hell
Por qué Glee hace mierda todo?
Sé que no soy mejor que ellos, ni tú mucho menos, no seas niña rata y mejor vete a tu casa a dormir, a ver si para eso sirves.
that is want i like to here i love glee songs put into more then one songs
I've been replaying this song for 3hrs non-stop.... or I think 5hrs?? I don't even know but it's not a joke.. I'm in love with this version so much, their voices are so beautiful and the song it's also wonderful, it's almost 2am... I guess I'll have to stop listening to this just to go to sleep... but trust me I'll be back here tomorrow in the morning listening to this non-stop once again, it's been a long time since I got addicted to a song this much.... and when I say long it's LONG! Chirs and Lea are just... awesome!!
I've been called gay cause i like this show and that i don't mind gays or lesbians as long as they don't mind their business or mess with me
I love glee!!!!!!!!!!!!💚💜💙💛
Ah the memories ♥
Chills every time I watch this
They can destroy sappy musicals as well.
They are doing it again !!!!! :') i am ever happy
So I. Like it now and they are you are you are not the new one more than the new York and and then we have any of the new York and I can you are the way to the way to see you can you can you are the way to their own and I am so I am so to see you are youu
What are you saying
Gosh I love Chris Colfers voice(: and Lea is always fabulous(: I love this song, theirs is such a beautiful cover!(:
Yeah there singing is mostly auto tune lol they can kind of sing
I saw the play Wicked for my 8th grade trip and they sang this song and I got the chills because it was sooo good now Glee singing it brings back good memories :-)
Love singing Chris Colfer's part. Awesome harmony. 
Hey, I love your video! Also I have sent you a inbox about a potential business opportunity. 
This song has its moments and this is one of them!
I sing this song for choir
obsesionada con esta cancion desde hace 3 años y no me canso!!
season 1... this song... too good folks .. :) thanks
i love this song  M O R O C C O
They did it again yesterday on Glee, ahhh the memories
Chris Colfer's voice is what I picture angels sounding like - so clean and crisp - so beautiful. My favorite by far of the cast even though I love them all -
This song is so good
Completely perfection.
Chris sounds like mitch out of pentatonix :) lovely voice
this is amazing. glee cast are amazing. how could people said they failed and cant sing? are they deaf or somenthing?
No they cannot sing they are all carpetmunchers
Glee jest najlepsze na całym świecie KOCHAM GLEE i myślę że wszyscy tak myślą to jest po prostu superowskie!!:)
omg I love this song sooooooooooooooooo much!
Might be singing this for my school play..
this is the best song ever!
Emily Taylor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Nida Nabilah Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Yeah, this is the second! I really love this song. I've tried to cover this song once. But I'm too shy to share it. Maybe I'll try to share my voice someday on soundcloud. Here's Defying Gravity!
This song is sooo bad this is a piece of shit
Says the one who listens to metallica?
omg when they sing together....just...jgfbdnghbdfk
I love Lea and Glee.  Voices like Lea help inspire my music.  Please give me a listen, thank you......
I love glee, but this is a horrible cover. These producers are making Lea and Chris's voices sound electronic and fake. If they sang this live, it would sound better, and would capture the real message of the song. But in the end, Idina is far superior❤️
OMG!! This song is my solo for my school play! Play is called Defying Gravity! of course...
I get the feel of autotune at Chris's voice. hurmmmm
I reallly love this song What an awesome song that I ever heard!
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