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WTFRussia (FPSRussia Parody)

by jacksfilms • 1,138,107 views


ahh the good old days. when videos where good.
yeah same happened to smosh
1:11 It was airborne for a whole second, FPSRussia could've easily grabbed it back. More like FPS-on-Windows-95-Russia.
If you look closely it's fake
It's not fake, you carnie! He died 5 times after this! Like if you cry everytim.
1:56 time it just right you can see her part of her buttcheeks :D
ooooh look at that! Caught a glimpse of Kay's buttcheek!
He did the FPS Russia impersonation perfectly. Its a white guy pretending to be a Russian. Good job Jack.
FPS Russia isnt russian 
Loved the Watcha Say parody song when Olga shot Jack.
I hope you're joking...
When people don't know the name of a song..
I went through half the video with my audio on 0. I thought it was part of the video. I still laughed. I am dead inside.
He sound exactly like FPSRussia
That's because they're both white guys doing russian accents.
+Artorias Of Teh Abys I'm no expert on Russia, but I'm pretty sure Russian people are white.
Wait, Olga is Russian? I've been retarded so long then...
Olga just got over 2000 subs cuz of tbe upskirt xD
Your new GF is better
Nah, Kirsten was much cuter and hotter :-)
Jack is less of a dick to Erin. Like, he doesn't insult her at the end of every video. So that's nice.
The first video I ever saw on this channel.
its f p s russia falling down
2:05 --> And this is how a guy owns a sexy babe.
all i have to say, olga kay running away, made my day ok
don't you love me anymore? NOPE
ther is only one room for a russian on youtube crazy russian hacker 
"It fires $200 custom tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute." -The Heavy. 0:20 "It fires over 9,000 rounds per minute." -Jack. TF2 reference confirmed.
No, its a reference to the INCREDIBLY popular meme- OVER 9000.
His old gf was way more pretty.
The O.C. reference! Ah, miss that show. 
Thanks Auto-tune Jesus! ;D
Christ, I actually cringed during this video xD 
This actually made me really sad :(
That random link to a video
Does this parody Dear Sister at 1:21?
+RadioCATive Why did you delete my comment
+Vixel Did I? I'm sorry, I must've done it by accident. :(
are we the only ones who noticed it?
Crag Course Parody
FPSRussia isn't actually russian.
0:22 HOLY SHIT IT'S OVER 9000!
What about CrazyRussianHacker?
Batman chest hair!? You sir just got a new subscriber. Hilarious
if FPRussia see this well.. i know whats the next episode its going to be about weel i will miss you jack *wink
Does this parody Dear Sister at 1:21
awkward and cringeworthy
Jack, you nailed it!!!
Who's the girl at the end?
Kristen, she is Jacks ex-girlfriend. I believe it ended sometime in 2012. Erin and Jack started going out in 2013.
That my dear is why you don't run in heels with a short skirt.
Crazy russian hacker anyone?
there is another russian man...the name is crazyrussianhacker
Jack, sorry I'm being a creep posting a comment on an old video but the song you parodied in this video is so popular right now
At the end BATMAN! 😱
That tree kinda looked like an erection
"They don't hit that hard, and ooh look at that"
I wouldn't make fun out of someone as heavily armed as FPSRussia
LoL. 0:41 The girls right boob. Nice easter egg :)
well you can see her ass when she is running away
Someone has a crush on Olga...
9000 rounds per minute holy shit, I'd love to see that!
Found the secret video! :O
WARNING  The guns on this video are heavy dangers. Please not to try at the home. Thank.
When she's shaking in embarrassment, the bag's face looks even more menacing xD
He got the accent so well
Decimates her mouth regions. Giggity.
Have... Nice... ... Day...(death)
the video where the comments for the first YGS were taken from.
It fires 400 dollar custom-tuned cartridges at 4000 rounds per minute. It costs 400.000 dollars to fire this weapon for 12 seconds.
Shrek is love parody
why so many dislikes?
The random parody of Hide and Seek xD
+Alpha Centauri Lol who'd ya take me for ;p... But really, I was a fan of Imogen Heap for years before Watcha Say came out so I can relate. 
Did anyone else see the hidden annotation
So lonely island copied you
What's the original sad song that they played at the end?
+jo34j You're both wrong, unless "The Shooting" has other names other than "Dear Sister" and "Ooh What You Say".
The song "Ooh What You Say"  or "Hide and Seek" or whatever it's called by Imogen Heap just got put to "Dear Sister"/ "The Shooting". I don't know how "Whatcha Say" relates to Imogen Heap's song, but it sounds similar.
Iv got the same headphones!
Who's that girl and what happened to her? (I mean in the end) D:
I will find who she ded and kill .
I just realized that this is a degrassi parody. When they played that song and jimmy went down in slow mo, I just about lost it.
+Sean Thomas In degrassi, his characters name is Jimmy. He will always be jimmy to me than drake.
Great. Now I gotta watch The Shooting AKA Dear sister
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