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Instructional Parkour Freerunning beginners guide

by ashnikes • 352,417 views

9 basic moves for parkour / freerunning brought to you by the instructors at Parkour orlando aka zoic nation which meets at 8pm every Sat night at Lake Mary All Stars gym off ronald regan blvd in...

Thats my kind of paradise..
We're is the location and kids are allow yes or not
Read the fucking description motherfucker
+kickidii "Motherfucker"? Seriously. That wasn´t really neccesary was it? 
Is this still going on is what I'd like to know
1:31  His face looks like Josh Hutcherson
I really must build one of those obstacles to vault off of, they seem versatile :3
I wish they had this where I live. :( hopefully I can do some parkour though.
Is this only in Orlando? If not, where else can I learn parkour like this? Because I really want to learn it. 
Bcs you know, gravity
There should be one in south Texas...there's nothing here:(
the instructor with blue has is from voic nation 
is thad faith from mirrors edge!!? 7:15
06:35 Guy in background trying to do trick xD
Faith (Mirrors Edge) Training at 7:13 
There should be one in south Texas...there's nothing here:(
Lol at 7:02 you can here a guy go "oh god"
Why don't they have this in nyc Dx
I know. I live in Bronx, NY and I really want to learn parkour so much!
Why don't they have this in my garage?
gasp I think I saw Faith, lol jk Cool video, I really want to start classes soon
Im teaching my self parkour :D
can u more explain the roll
That looks like a blast, but im 30 and kind of a stocky guy, not sure if i could manage to do this nowdays i use to take karate pretty often and my knees aren't real bad yet, but i do have a few problems from that.
Look up 'The Silver Fox Parkour' on YouTube, that guy is about 40 I guess, not sure.
what's a good age to start this? I'm 16 now and don't really have the time to get started, but I'm worried that if I leave it too late ill find it too difficult
You can start Parkour whenever you want. There is no real age limit (well there is but it doesn't apply to you :P) I am 18 turning 19, quite unfit and really want to get out there and get fit. I am training in a gym and once I feel my stamina and cardio is up to speed I am going to take up parkour at a local club where I live. So it doesn't really matter what age you are. Just go for it! Good luck to you as well! 
What is the name of this at 0:40 please i want to learn that
Sorry, I meant that the thing he does just before he pushes himself up. When he shifts his grip from holding the ledge to laying his hands flat. It's just so weird.
Welp, time to go to florida and practice
good video but If it for beginners shouldn't it focus on with thing at a time other then chucking several things at them?
Really, no. Just don't over exert yourself, and respect your limits. Don't jump over things that are taller than you can handle, just because it's what most people vault over.
I can only do the vaults... the others... it's hard like hell!
I have a feeling this is in America
parkour is a fun thing to do its a great thing to do and to get into dont let people get the best of you saying parkour is shit and all that crap a great thing to do is get one of your friends and train with them and you will feel good if you have a friend with you please subscribe to me it would help me out a lot and message me asking for what you want to learn :)
Thanks for the roll I can't do the other stuff without an instructor but I know how to do some vaults and I love jumping off things so the correct roll will help
What are the type of trousers that the Hippie guy wore called? Greatful to anyone who answers
Add me on youtube : I will teach you everything I know. I couldn't do all at the age of 9, I'm 13 and fit as a fly.
When you have made your second kick and you're literally over the wall, you can hop right over or continue to run and keep your speed and momentum if of course you're climbing up onto a roof, by using this technique you're also moving all the time, I hate it when people stop and hang when doing a wall climb it just makes it so much harder to climb up the wall =/.
In Hungary, they still think we are either have some issues in our brain, or we are thugs...
was that faye from mirros edge lol at 7:16
We have found another one of the assassin's dens.
Im 9 am i too young for parkour free running but not realy hardcore
Haha,Don't worry i Know,I'm just saying it's hilarious how he say's it.Good video.
Check out my beginner parkour video compilation. It is pretty good and surely viewable in 1080p. Thank you so much! Like if you like my videos!
lazy vault aka the couch vault XD. that's how i get on my couch most of the time lol
Not ABOVE your head but above your head wtf?
That awkward moment when something looks easy... but it isn't D:
7:03 i tryied that on bench and hurt my backs lol
Lol i dont think the wall spin is for beginners
hey im trying to do a frontflip..i know how to do it but i dont have the balls to flip on the jump! :( and advice for commitment ?? thx man means so much ;0
Ya its LaflairParkour You will find it if you search it about all of his videos are mainly for tutorials on how to do parkour moves hes where i started learning from xD
Parkour is rally a fun, energetic activity to do. It has became people's life.
If you want some very good tutorials, check out my videos! Like this comment if you like my vids!
zoic that don't look so hard i mean that's good but easy
@awesomelarina well there's one here in Orlando and one in Cali
dont fucking tell people on the internet where you live
U need to be fast And without Fear that's parkour If someone is ... don't belong here
why cant thisbe in england :|
Parkour, Ratatat playing in the background, and safe practice areas. Daaamn, wish I lived there :c
If you are 2 meter long, can you freerun than?
I can't do it while standing because I have to use both legs and I can't do that because, you know..gravity...
I'm not so sure it was a good idea to let that guy do a tutorial for publicity.. 5:11 ;
The wall spin is just too hard for me.
Yeah, it is too slow, and not enough explosive. I can't do them much better myself, but when he is instructing he should be able to do them properly...
Who saw the commercial of Stan Lee doing parkour ? :p
I like the part when he says "we are going to do lazy vaults" and the person in the background falls on the mat.
if only they had more places out in texas to go to :/
You think Texas is sparse in parkour, try findin' it up here in Alaska. X'<
when i move to florida this march ill be HERE rememeber the name CROSS
That climb is bad, I would never made a climb like that, first off.. you're a teacher and it looks like youreally do struggle to pull yourself up, when I make my wall climbs I never pick a wall that I know I can't over jump, what I mean by this is when I kick myself up i'd like my head to go a little higher than the top of the wall so I am able to see over the wall, doing so I'm also aware of what's on the other side then I reach out and pull up, since you're higher than the wall its much easier
the guy at the beginning reminds me of garth from waynes world
tic tac is a 90* jump off angle btw
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