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Dang.... I feel like playing Medal of Honor now
I noticed this too. The first few days were cake but now everything is changing swiftly.
Who cares, it's a neat weapon. Let the man roll with what he wants, quit complaining.
@DustysPhotoshop The only amount of sniper I played so far was one game and that was to get the play as a sniper achievement. In my opinion I think snipers should just get taken out of FPS's. They ruin the game now.
@wesclev83 do you have perks and can you change them if you do
@no1davey its ok but thanks to quick scoping on cod ppl spam the sniper now and they dont no how to really use them
@24isaac1094 campfire not a bad idea mind if I use that?? Lmao!!!
Don't call medal of honor tactical.. that's like calling bad company 2 tactical, feeding the stereotype that they take so much "strategy" and "tactics", which is not entirely true.
Earlier today in the domination game typ I went 44-2 and used all the offensive support actions. The last offensive support action a like a super predator missile type the that makes a HUGE explosion. Then after all the support it says something like 'points 2x' or something like that. Kids where msging me telling me I was lucky but whatever.
@Death4want I like campers. Easy kills. If you're killed once by a camper, you can kill them easily, and then keep an eye on their spot for more easy kills.
Started this game off managing a 3KD. Now I'm barely keeping up a 1.9KD. I'd like to get it above 2.0 but this game is ridiculously hard to stay alive in.
i personally dont find standing in one spot the whole game fun in anyway so i will not be buying this game.
@AnclTsagaree Well you're wrong, I counter campers all the time, using a little something called a dropshot round a corner or a spas-12 to the face , but regardless my statement stands true, nobody likes a douche who finds it fun to camp in the corner, they may as well go hang themselves.
F2000 sucks on this game why are you using it
i just rush with my shotty and open tip ammo... but sometimes im that campy sniper who spawn killz the shit out out of people
NOO! can the taliban use the f2000????
this really only has 3 guns per class? that's pretty... homo....but when you think about it, once you find out what the best gun in an fps is .... you'll usually end up using that gun all the time anyway.
@wings of redeption u had 2 deaths
Hey can someone help me, when i play this game it cuts off the corners of the game HUD. i cant see the killfeed perfectly like in mw2, can someone help please?
@WingsofRedemption do you accept friend requests on xbox if the person is good
@jocke811 it's the veteran edition. I have no idea what the difference is even though I have it. I just figured it was better so I use it
@flyingpiggie999 hell yeah even a fanboy of any other commentator has to admit Wings has THE BEST strategy on youtube
@iceteaz It's okay. People hate losing and dying. I hate it, you hate it. We all hate it. It's understandable.
@BballLyf Got this game today and it's really worth the money trust me, it's a mix of Battlefield Bc2 and Mw2. You get points for playing the objective aswell.
@flyingpiggie999 top 3 strategy commentators: wor tmartn onslaught
@AnclTsagaree ppl say blast shield is the counter to dc, but thats bs, dc rips right through it. Also, having to use an equipment to counter a perk is sort of bullshit
this game looks great but im still into halo annd black ops is coming out soon and almost no one will be plaing moh anymore
I May not like How Wings May Rant A Bit From Time To Time, but when it comes to Skill and Tips, Hes a Legend.
I would rather watch your videos than play any games I own. You're the bee's knees, Wings. You should commentate on Oblivion :D
So glad wings is doing these videos I need help with moh big time! Pretty much have accepted camping is the only way to do well so am going to roll with it. Looking forward to the next episode.
@hy3unit wow u actually made that comment on this channel?? are u on drugs? let me school u on something. Wings likes to win, likes to kill and hates getting killed. so what does he do? kills people and doesn't die. how does he do this? playing smart adjusting to the enemy and using experience to avoid mistakes. his play style is to win no need to redo anything dumb ass!
One question I played the old moh and didn't really like it cos the controls were weird and I don't like ww2 themes anyway, so in this moh is the controls sorta the same as cod??? P.S I switched from cod to moh cos linkin park singin for the trailer caught my attention and the game looks better
@JesterxMailman81 its actually a (c) and its a desert camo variant my man
@stesta90 yeah i mean i used to have over an 1800 elo (rating) in this game called League of Legends and was top 200 for the world for quite a while. but recently ive dropped to around 1670 which is still amazing compared to most people, but not up to my own standards.
Camping is very much so a tactic, not necissarily a looked up on one but as he has said previously, "A mediocre camper can beat ANY MLG rusher"
i thought i'd be watching some non-camp play as the title suggests, i was wrong. this is not fun to watch, i dont see how it could be fun to play either, i might go 20/10 but have alot more fun playing. i call ppl who snipe and/or camp ppl without skill.
i wish they put the strafe slide into multiplayer, that shit is hella fun.
i like to run and gun so this game looks pretty boring to me
@no1davey Lmao, you probably won't get any thumbs up, because me you and wings are probably the only people who use assault and spec ops. :P
@joseph4043 i would say the way you fire is definately bfbc2. its all about tapping the trigger. but as for moving around. you gotta be one crazy ninja
@Torro321 neither does trolling on a vid on youtube dumbass
wat does the (v) mean on the end of the gun names is it a variation?
@TheRNP93 Better than the Ak imo. I mainly use the PKM(V) though. Btw, the F2000 is like his favorite weapon. When used right it's beastly.
Wings, should I buy battlefiend bad company 2 or medal of honor? I'm a harcore cod player(rusher) so I probably won't be good at either. Which is more idiot 10/10 gun skill 0/10 strategy friendly?
wings, your really cool and all but, this is just hardcore camping. i cant stand any kind of camping so how about you RE-redo your play style
More of MOH, until the Granddaddy of FPS games comes out. 11-09-10 baby!!!! Can't wait...
is the combat scope better than the red dot sight?
@blitzin007 Ehh there will be camping untill the kiddies learn they have to actually "TRY" to get them, but it seems better than warfail 2 lol
@AnclTsagaree By the way, I'm pretty sure MLC knifers and OMADC 'tubers are the ones that ruined MW2, not "campers". YES!!! Completely agree!
@1sherwinator1 how good is that? I haven't played either
@AnclTsagaree Why bitch? Because I hate pathetic douches who find it fun to sit in a corner all game, just to get a measly killstreak or some shizz. I want to have a fun game where I can run around, with other people running around also trying to kill me, I don't mind "defensive" players which is a good strategy, I just hate full blown campers, once again my statement stands true; they should all go hang themselves and not ruin BO like they did MW2
F2000 > M16? i resubbed to your channel because your videos are getting REALLY helpfull now
nice game wings and btw gun stats here:
Looks like tons of fun :) Gonna get this game soon :D
1:08 to 5:53 you sat behind a Humvee thats 4:45 in the same spot. OH-EM-GEE
Wings the reason this is happening is because you're playing with higher skill players.
@grapekoolaid1000 so true grape. r u xbox or ps3? i am looking for fellow assaulters on xbox
@TolerantofMyselfxxx Does that imply you are soliciting sex from some guy on youtube who makes FPS videos?
Right on, Wings. Right on. My boy Hades sent me your way, said I'd like your videos and it's good to see someone with common sense. I won't claim to be the most amazing player but I am a player with common sense and it carries you through. A lot of people don't have common sense, though. If you ever see the CQC rolling through and want to play with people, drop any of us a line (we're not really a clan or guild, more like a loose association).
is this game any fun? i was thinking of getting it and wanted to know if its worth it.
This game looks pretty fun, but black ops is coming out so soon...
@EaterOfTheSoulsdude Its not in the view of kills, its in the view of how pathetic they are.
Wings, i have followed your videos for a long time and i think you are one of the best commentators out there... but these videos aren't very fun to watch. Just letting you know
Not a big fan on camping (my add kicks in), but after my K/D falling from over a 2.0 to barely hanging onto a 1.0 I have started to be more cautious while playing this game. I still move but will move little by little. Move to a spot, sit tight and check it out a little bit, move up a little, and repeat. Good vid wings. I look forward to more tips.
@WingsOfRedemption Thanks for posting up more MoH i am really enjoying your videos more and more.
@DiabeetusLollz implying implying implying implying implying
So true: it is like being constantly on the front line. People are complaining about spawn trapping but I find it a great challenge trying to flush out trappers. In a way, the aim of team assault is for each team to push slowly torward towards enemy territory, camping effectively along the way for a bit, rinse, repeat. Great game. thoroughly enoying it thus far.
i like this game i just looks like the font is two small on the screen and like everything is minimized can anyone help? '?
@iceteaz CoD is one of the only games where you don't need to camp, not saying you should camp 100% of the time but CoD has set a unrealistic standard. its easy to rush in MW2 not so in BC2 or MoH.
@flyingpiggie999 Except for an official strategist for say, the military of the United States. Otherwise, Wings is a pro.
Hopped back on Modern Warfare 2 after playing Halo Reach for a long time. Tried a sniper and went 7-9 the kids were talking shit so I put on a SCAR-H on Afghan and went 53-1. Theres gotta be a problem with that game
@lolwutdafk dnt need sniping tips for this game, just sit back and shoot
do you always get a 40mm grenade launcher on every assault rifle
jeez killstreaks don't add in black ops, here come the campers
@DiabeetusLollz ok would you like the f2000 m16 or ak47 there is only like 3 guns pre class
@AnclTsagaree im fully aware know one gives a shit about what mlg considers skillful gameplay they considered blanaced game playthis gmae isnt bad but i woiuldnt waste 60 buxcks on it mainly waht im trying to say by stateing my opioin's
Today in the domination like game type, I went 44-2 and used all the offensive support actions. It was AMAZING!
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