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What Luna Did For 1000 Years

by chronicfc2 • 279,269 views

Reuploaded from "InTenSecondsFlat"'s channel, do to a closing of the account D: From time of upload this had 165,571 well deserved views. Basically this is just a happy song with a happy...

All I have to say is Luna Is best princess and this made me smile thumbs up!
Luna is best princess!!!!!! :3
This makes me question about life.....
.............................. Am i high?
this would definitely be better with a joint
Luna clearly likes to troll NASA
seriously we need luna rides at general stores
Celestia : luna did you eat my cookies Luna : erth no ( lying ) Celestia : that's it BACK TO THE Moooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn Luna : noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!
She would say yes because these things would happen again XD
your banished by your own show some respect or remorse or something OTHER than this
Though I really doubt Luna liked it on the moon for 1000 real life she would have been bored out of her mind
This is terrible. And her voice.....??????
the person that made this vid. didn't make the song...
the song is by a guy called Tiny Tim
Tiny tim song living in the sunlight, is perfect for luna cause like Celestia she does not allow her to have fun and good thing she was banished to the moon so now she could now whatever she wants oh and if see more by tiny tim above the comments search the song and you'll see the lyrics
that was the funniest 2 minits and 32 second wast of my time ever im on the computer all day wat am i talking about.
this proves that there is anything on the moon i need to survive: happy music, a talking alcoholic robot, luna, oreos and a robot dolphin toy.
Yes. We'll need lots of double-stuf oreos
This is what I'm like when I'm serious happy
I KNEW she did this!
Wow that's pretty slick dude, and kinda crazy...😳I'll still give it a thumbs up though
Actually luna was sent to the moon still in her Nightmare Moon form..
Maybe old luna came back because she was relaxed on the moon Because it typicly shows luna very happy listen to the song
I'm glad luna had fun up there, she never told me!
2:32. Nasa must have freacked out. Lol best alicorn eva.
all my questions.........  have been answered
................................................ A-a-am I high????
Poor astronaut, poor dolphin, poor Luna, happy me.
I hate the song. It so annoying and the video is dumb and repetitive.
Anyone notice this song was in the first episode of spongebob????????
ok can luna be taken to me ;-; she ooks so cute in there
Funny and anoying. Just me? Pffft
What I did on the moon for 1000 years was sat bored with my queen chrisalis
How did I know this song would be on here.......?
Dunno. Probably 'just a hunch'. MLP refrance (Pinkie Sence)!
Oh my God... what did I just watch?
Celestia NOOOOOOO ok i dont have to live there i can hop on da moon for 1,000 years🐴🐎🐎🐎🐎🐋
:U  No wonder Luna took so long to get back, she spent so much time at that theme park & watching astronauts trip
Awe Luna is so adorable <3
I agree and this video is soo funny
exactly what happened.
yah! I agree with theawesomepartybrony. she not princess Luna, she is a LUNAtic
So cute! 10 out of 10! Resons: !. It has best princess in it. 2. Happy music. 3. Refreances!
Luna's so cute when she's bouncing around, and not even affected by the lack of gravity as if she were on earth
So basically she rode dolphins,ran around the moon (I should say hop),and watched astronaut fails.
The weird part of youtube has never been so pony-tastic
Actually, now that you think about it, ALOT of stuff happens on the moon, also lol when the astronaut kept falling.
She was skipping the whole time
You know, she acctualy looks pretty happy....
I thought this was a different video but I'm glad I accidentally found this haha! 
is she eating klondie bar
this is either the most random video ever,or this actually happened
What the f*** is this video
I would go and help her... But it looks like she's having fun...
XD hahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah
I really doubt that she did this for 1000 yrs if it was why would she escape and be so angry
...And then Queen Beryl attacked the moon at the last second and that made Luna mad enough to plot her revenge :D 
1:11 hah so funny MOOOOON PIIIIIEEE!!!
this song was a creepypasta get weed of this video the song is BAD
LUNA IS A LUNATIA and she cute
Shes a LUNAtic (insert pun here)
Princess Luna Loves to troll NASA to keep them from stealing her Mechanical Dolphin.. Loblolly
13579 1113151719 2123252729
well this is akward lol
Luna used time fast past
I wish you made a reference to sonic adventure 2
before i started,............. i got an add
Was Luna seriously eating a moon cake... because if she was that was a hilarious joke!
Would`nt Luna be attacked by aliens?
This makes ME want to go to the moon XD
XD XD I would do that for 1000 years
Why not wait -princess clestia bans trixie to the moon for 1000 years
MLPmusic Videos Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Damnit NASA why you have to hide Luna from us
I told you you would like it!
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