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Forgotten races of the Halo series

by Edward Loomis • 197,229 views

These are some of the alien races that were excluded from the Halo series due to various reasons. Some of them are mentioned in the bonus disk that comes with the special edition of Halo 2. The...

If you ask me, these creatures would have made Halo series darker.
the stalker... is a #starcraft 2 zerling?
i never seen a creature like that in halo.
@ELITENAGAX25 yeah but it was excluded from previous games which means when this was created it hadn't actually made any appearances in the series.
A flood juggernaut technicaly does exist. It was just not given a spawn point.
All of these are flood forms that got scrapped and concepts for already existing enemies...
@R3009V the second on was a drinol idk if i speeled it right but it was going to be in halo 2
They aren't fake. They were ideas from Bungie artists that were scrapped
The engineer was re-instated in halo ODST
since halo happened on different planets i think bungie should have used more creative nature and animals like maybe watch a hunter and that thing at 0:22 duke it out
@Skipston55 special purpose sniper was replaced by the marksman jackals, the keelbug was nothing more than a species a created to unclutter the battlefield by deleting useless data like dead bodies for Halo CE. The stalker i think was removed because it was too formidable. The large odd looking giant was replaced by the hunters for the final version of Halo Ce. The alien trooper was speculated to be a variant of the hunter species i don't exactly know why that one was deleted.
@GamingIdiot42Neo Yes your right they are in campain
@Offo60 well the infected hunters are different, they are in halo wars. The flood juggernauts do look tough though. How I deal with flood is an energy sword.
Someone needs to send these to 343 and add them in the next Halo or somthing i wanna see more new Species than just an old foe that we have been fighting for 10 years now. The brute was an awsome one but got old when it was primarily the only thing u fought in ODST and halo besides the Flood. More Races would make it more exciting, idk about all of you but i think it would make a fine addition to the halo community and firefight if possible.
@prmendell1 In the reach campaign?!No there were heaps of them you just need to look around
Technically the Prometheans are humans from before our times. Humanity was as large as the Forerunners and were running from the Flood. When the Forerunners saw worlds falling to them they though they wanted war after killing off humanity the Librarian repopulate them on one of the Halo rings. The Didact, running low on Knights, used the humans to make more of the Knights. When the Flood arrived and the rings were fired is around the time we declare the start of humanity (caveman times).
the engineer actually isnt naturally born their artificial, their name huragok means artificial genius or intelligence in latin
one is a flood form the last one
That is coming on halo 4 i guess
GamingIdiot42Neo yeah there also in reach firefight on corvette
Goddamn, I am so happy the flood Juggernaut never game to be.
look at the date on the video and you will see that this is before odst and reach came out
Yeah but his video was made in 2008, before ODST and Reach came out.
es cierto lo que esta despues del ingeniero porque no lo creo
That song is so out of character for the game, but it's soo catchy!
Look at the Trailer. There will be some new species
at 0:52 what is it called? Does anyone know.
Engineer is in reach and ODST
My three favorite Covenant species are the Jackals, Drones, and Elites.
Engineers In Corvette Fire Fight In Reach
the 1st one is the engineer, it evolved to have armour
Isn't the engineer in other halo games like ODST?
I agree but you should know that most of the animals shown there are where meant to be wildlife not enemies. they where in the in-dev version of halo fore mac, before Microsoft took over Budgie. They where cut from halo 1 due to time time constrains. how ever i think there will be new enemies in halo 4. we will be battling the covenant, but 343 wants to add "a new threat" as well. most believe that the forerunners and possibly precoursers will be back in halo 4.
@Superfire49 and in halo reach it appeared in one level
the first forgotten alien loked like it was supposed to be a engineer
The first ones are the engineers from ODST...just sayin
adada al gunos no son flods si kieres in bes tiga el ingeniero no es frod y eso lo ke parese rino cironte eso es una especia del covenat olvidada ke no isieron
The Engineer appeared in Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach they also appear in many of the books liek Contact Harvest and Ghost of Onyx. Although officially added in these games and books Bungie had different plans for them in Halo Combat Evolved but were removed from the game due to Microsfot buying Halo's rights making it a launch title for the Xbox not a RTS for the MAC like it was planned. Many other weapons and enemies from Halo 2 and 3 weere also going to be in Halo: CE.
my god all these should of been in halo covennent outbreak imminent Retreat attack etc etc...
yeah, this spicies are really forotten
@TheExtreme2000 Hunters are worm colonies in an armor
at least they brought back one of the forgotten: the engineers
Some arent even races their just forms of flood
it is; it was added into halo wars because they needed somthing special for the covenant so the UNSC wouldn't be OP.
they're probably not forgotten... maybe they are dead instead of missing, because from the looks they'll kill you.
@lDanteXO1l the engineers dont die out at the end of ODST. ODST is paralell to the events in halo3 but in different place then we wone the war, and at the end of ODST they capture an engineer.
the engineer is in reach on long noight of solace when your in the corvete hanger and every on has sheilds thats because of the engineer but jorge takes it out
The engineer was in ODST and REACH! :D
If the flood juggernaut was gunna be like a flood version of a hunter...everyone would be screwed
I'm pretty sure they were supposed to be in Halo CE but Bungie decided to get rid of them. Later, they must have decided to bring the engineers back in Halo 3 ODST and Reach.
Hey guys I gotta ask why haven't we seen the drones at all in the latest games? They were pretty cool picking people up and dropping them from high in the air...
@VaygrX because they only put two into the game, it resulted in wasted game space basically, where you could just fight foes you where used to. that was their reason basically, its on the wiki
@LordDemosair No, the ODST engineers had a much higher poly count. These are the ones that load into 343 guilty spark when doing the mendoza glitch or using a mod kit.
the engineers are back in ODST and Reach
Dang, the Flood juggernaut would have been epic to fight :( WHY BUNGIE? WHY?!!!
Dude, Halo 4 is introducing the Forerunners and Precursors. You're in for a treat even if you aren't a big enough fan to know what they are.
The first one was a huragok, and the last one was a flood juggernaut. All the oters are fake.
Im glad they're adding new Species, its about time we face somthing new rather than the same old enemy.
@doggeturbo5000 jesus christ... this comment is over 5 months old, I'm pretty sure by now I would have fucking got it by now by the shit load of other comments just like yours that have bombarded me for the past 5 fucking months! You guys can stop bothering me about it, take a hint from everyone else's comments and leave me alone. I wasn't familiar with the Halo lore and stuff like that, but by people cramming shit like that down my throat, I get it... stop bothering me about it!
@prmendell1 we know, its called the flood juggernaut.
Can anyone tell me what that is at 0:22?
@drewdrewdrew123 and duke nukem
i think halo would be alot better if they throw in these designs. maybe they should throw them in halo 4 as a surprise or something.
first one(huragok[engineer]) and last one(flood juggernaut) are in the games, the files are still there, but they have to be spawned(modders do this)
It would be cool to see several engineers flying around the interior area of the silent cartographer mission.
@GamingIdiot42Neo so i suppose halo reach was made before this video came out? Engineers were suppose to be in halo 1 also but weren't there.
@VaygrX There would be only two in the entire game!
@Superfire49 I wonder if they will be in the Anniversary.
Um the juggernauts arent there own race there part of one the flood nice try though
yep thats what it is, I was playing around with HMT and found its code and replaced the grunts with it XD
@hondurenokid1995 flawed legacy, its a halo 2 soundtrack
i think he made this video before that though lol
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