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Comedian Boo Off Stage

by cameronsidea • 2,345,847 views

Comedian Fail. For more funny videos and news articles join 100% Pure Entertainment

Second guy is a fucking asshole  One of the lowest things to do First guy wanted to better himself and took a step toward succeeding. He still kept at it. Realizing these asshole weren't worth his time, he left. Wasn't funny, wasn't comedy material but everyone starts out bad before you get good. Unless you're a prodigy or something. Then second guy comes in, lowers himself to the lowest possible level. And all the lowlife in the audience laugh. Because the second guy wanted to succeed at a failure, he succeeded. Because it's easier to be a disgusting asshole then decent. Fuck people like that. First guy was putting himself in the line of fire - that can make you grow. But making an as s out of yourself like the second guy is just absolutely repulsive.
yeah that guy was a douche lol he should buy the club a new microphone. mother fucker dropped that shit like 4 times aha
+trickznmix not all comedians have to stoop that low to get a couple of laughs
I'm sitting here watching this and I can't help but feel bad for the first guy. He seems like a good dude, and he didn't deserve that. All I have to say to him is, don't quit your day job homie
+Kip You should go to a comedy club. Contrary to the what the weeb up there wants, they're actually fun places.
The first guy wasn't good, and he knew when to get out. He didn't seem nervous or stutter during his act. It could have been much worse. The second guy just took advantage of the first guy, which was a very small thing to do. 
the funniest thing he said was he did these jokes last night in they worked LOL
Lol, was gonna literally type the same exact thing
+forman208 You mean like every single comedian ever? Do you think they just go on stage and improv it on the spot? Maybe if you're 30 years deep and have the talent of Dave Attell you can pull off 15 minutes off the chuff.
This niggas punch line was training bra? But on the real doe if Kevin hart said the same jokes everyone one would fall out.
Kevin would have delivered better though.
+Damonte Reed On national TV on a huge, produced set. Sheep people would watch it and think this is apparently what "hot" and "in" right now and cackle along non the wiser.
for a second I thought it said Canadian boo off stage.  Then I realized that's impossible.
I swear to god I also thought it said canadian boo off staged, I just realized this when I read your comment LOL
It's thanksgiving. I'm thankful I'm not this dude.
I'm not a comedian, but I think you have to recognize your own punch lines.   In the first minute and a half, he brings up God, getting older, working out, growing breasts, checking for lumps and a teenage daughter who brings him a bra.  All of this without giving the audience a chance to respond.   This tells you he might've thought his own jokes were shitty.
Second guy. Stop acting all that, the only reason you got any laughs is because you made fun of the first guy and the audience was full of assholes. I bet your original act with shit. Bitch please.
Gets booed: Yall aint right, Yall Nigga want to make a nigga change of career. Such a stable career you got there buddy!
Ironically that was the funniest thing he said.
Wow, this comment section is REALLY racist. Use a synonym for "nigger" once in a while. I can tell you the problem with the first guy, no sweat. His punchlines weren't obvious. You don't openly relate to everyone in the audience. Having little bits of silence over "know what I mean" would've helped a bit. AUDIENCES DON'T PERSONALLY CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FICTITIOUS IF YOU'RE ABSURD!!!!!!
Ah, I feel sorry for the first guy. At least he tried and his jokes weren't even that bad, I've heard worse. The second guy was just a complete dick. He wasn't even funny! All he could do was make jokes out of the first guy's failed attempt and continuously put him down. He just kept repeating the same old jokes for like 5 mins straight. He just took the other guy as an advantage. I bet the second guy's jokes were just as bad as the first guy's otherwise he wouldn't be making the same repetitive jokes out of other guy. Just goes to show that he didn't have any good jokes to say either. Lame ass!
+Farron X ah ok, didn't realise that lol. thanks for telling. Either way, he was still rude
+Frank Tesoriero it's what comedians do anyways or people who are the host who as well are comedians they all are supposed to rip one another and not get butt hurt...especially the crowd who are the main target for jokes if you get butt hurt over it you in the wrong business. ..
It's also his fault why did he get on stage if he doesn't have any joke to say i'm sorry but he embarassed himslef
Im white and i hate white white people specialy the racist whites commenting on this video
you hate your parents also ? you pathetic race traitor, and if you hate whites, what do you like ?, besides hating whites is racist, and you are the worse kind, because you hate the very skin you live in. you are beneath contempt
Loving that black cock yet? 
The second guy is trash. Real fuckin' low guy.
What a cheap way to enter and be a funny asshole, the second guy is a real cheap ass joker
God, I feel so bad for him! And what the heck is wrong with the second guy?! He is just a jerk!
the audience may have been tired but the first guy did nothing to energize them. He was telling jokes with no changeup - just all monotones.  That's why comedy is hard.  Some people are hilarious but can't tell a joke at all.
If I am not wrong the second big nigger is host not another comedian.
I'm white as fuck and I approve this message, My black friend right next to me laughed and for some odd reason wasn't seemingly "offended" by the word "Nigger" he was happy and joyful so can we put the PAIN away, Ma black friends love the n word :D
+Cameron Woods you know what ?   i and many others are getting tired of people like you , who keeps crying about racism. like the whole world should focus on this issue. there are better things to think about besides worrying about crybaby liberals like yourself bringing it down to racism. stop crying and blaming others for your own problems, and stop being so conceited thinking that the whole world revolves around you and this worn out issue about racist. you big stupid
Every top comedian has had nights like this when they are starting out
There is no "second guy" people. That's the mc just trying to fill in time till they get another comedian out. The comedian failed to provide entertainment for a certain length of time. He failed to do so, so he bailed early, deserving the embarrassment bestowed on himself. That's the nature of standup comedy
people in their late 30s early 40s love them some "blu toof"
It felt so awkward watching this ....
I was cringing from the first guy .
+KillergirlATL yeah that's what I meant lol ... how embarrassing just imagine what this guy must of felt while actually doing this .... 
1st guy wasn't actually that bad, it's just the crowd is shit. 2nd guy though is a total prick and not funny at all, jokes at the 1st guy were miserable
He moved to Africa after this
 I was not surprised when the second comedian came on stage mocking the first guy, one of his own race for that matter. He had no good stuff of his own so he had to focus the audience's attention the the first performer's bad act to make himself look good. Bad.
The first guy had something going... but he lost it
I don't know who was worst, the 1st or the 2nd guy.. That second guy has mo class... He is a jerk..
I see a lot of comments blaming the audience for being terrible, but I don't see it that way at all. The guy did just about everything he could to piss them off. * He bungled up the delivery and the punchlines of his first couple jokes. * He kept thinking that asking the crowd "how many of y'all got ____" would get them back. He played that card five times in two minutes and everybody knew he was just doing it to get some sort of cheap cheer. That's why the guy was calling him out on it at the end. ("Clap if you got half an eyebrow.") * When that didn't work, he talked to them like kids. ("I know it's late... I've been waiting too.") * When THAT didn't work, he blamed the audience for him being bad. ("I AM funny. I did these jokes last night and they worked.") The guy did absolutely nothing to win the crowd over. The guy might be funny, but he was TERRIBLE on this night.
Watching this was like being invited to the prison Mandingo party.  ouch.
+Michael Lesesne felows plz stop bickering. There is enough of my penis for the both of youzzz
That second dude is a fucking asshole. Trying to cater to those hood bitches in the back, all rowdy n shit
Doesn't have a funny personality
Only thing the second guy could do is make fun of the first guy. Like that takes skill. What a ass hole with no comedic skills!
What a fat fuck at the end. Talk about your opportunist. I wish the first guy came back on stage, and knocked the fat fuck out! Now that would've been funny.
like this if you have broke friends
This guy get 2million views I'm a comic I been on his shoes before check my shit out u see
The second guy is worst than the first ..
The first guy was funny
The second guy that was watching backstage that didn't have any material that night....this was his only way out. 
The second guy was a lowlife. Stand-ups help each other out and defend one another from crowds, even if the act goes down bad. This chicken just went with the crowd to save his ass. Easy and cheap.
I love watching comedy! and fell like most jokes is based on how your deliver them vs. the quality of them! 
All comics have had a bad night. ALL! But what kind of host goes up afterwards and uses it for his own material? Unless the comic who bombed was disrespectful to the audience, then yea rip em up. This dude was actually trying his hardest to be respectful, then respectfully tapped out. Trashy to diss him like that. 
Second guy could of took that and ran, but he wasn't really funny either
"Y'all ain't gonna make me walk off stage" 10 seconds later he walks off the stage
The second peice of fat chunk wasnt any better. He tried to base his whole joke on the other guy and he failed at that.
the second one sucked even more
this dude is eating his balls
"Notice the low self-esteem"?.  Nigga please. Your self-esteem is lower because you had to pile on and goof the first comedian in order to make yourself look good. . . Jive-ass nigga!!
shoulda said im so broke homeless man offered me change
"I was saying Boo-urns"
The second guy throwin the 300$ mic down 10 times
He needs to reevaluate his reasons for doing this, if it's something he's genuinely into and he feels he has the capacity and talent to acquire more skill in doing so then that's great but if he's trying to find a source of income after having lost his job this is NOT the career for him or anyone really. When stand up comedy becomes a job you need to stop doing it. There's nothing wrong with being booed or having a bed set, everyone has had that happen to them, but his reaction was awkward and he felt that it was the crowd rather than his own inability to be funny that caused him to be unsuccessful.  Different crowds react different ways to different jokes and if what you're doing is not working you need to switch it up, your job is to be entertaining to those in the audience, not to do what you feel is "objectively" funny. Best of luck to him  
Damnnn man this nigger is trash !! IDK Why i just hate african americans soooooo much,The way the talk & there slang ugh drives me damn crazy.You can tell this nigger is just trying too be nice & cool but he truly is a ignorant nigger like the rest of them.
Some of his jokes were aight but delivery was just whack af
does anyone feel awkward as hell watching this; it's so
I have been thinking of trying stand-up comedy for fun. I think I could write a funny routine, but I am terrified of being heckled. I am super slow thinking of comebacks and I know I would be easily demolished by the simplest interruption.
He is funny, but in ways he probably don't even know himself.
Second dude should've came said "y'all give it up for him man fuck that give it up!".. Then go in joke about how it's hard in this business and how one member of the audience did this and that to him (something finny) when he was starting out. And take it from there. That 2nd dude was clearly an ass hole.
Ewwww all you racist dumb fucks with nothing better to do than trash another race need a serious reality check...
Second dude was actually worst then the first dude lol he had a fail to follow up on and he still sucked ...
"Comedian Fail" How bout "Title Fail" learn English fuck. That's like saying "Bystander Punch by stranger"
Why'd ya click it since you're so bothered...
Both of them were terrible !!!!!
This guy is all babble I'm falling asleep watching this
His concept was fine, it's just that his delivery was awful.
Last I heard he's still feeling breasts...but the ones in KFC where he puts the Colonel's herbs and spices on 'em.
wow nigger bitches are so disrespectful jesus
The first guy is an idiot and should do other things.
Were gonna work this out, you feel me, you broke?
If Kat Williams or Kevin Heart or Dane Cook said this EXACT same jokes people would die laughing fr.
Damn that had to hurt. It made him want to change careers that's like hearing that your biggest dreams just don't even matter.
2nd guy much funnier.  1st guy had no confidence.
This is brutal to watch!
 I was hoping the first guy would come out and punch the fat prick.
Know what I'm sayin? Know what I'm sayin? Every other word is "know what I'm sayin?" OK we get it.
this is cringeworthy yikes
The first guy isn't horrible. I actually kind of chuckled. But he stumbles when he says "stop booing". Never ever do that.
second guy was a bitch.... 
Even the second guy wasn't funny.
Actually for an #UPTOWN crowd, they really nice to the guy during his #BOMBED performance. Now the second brother was a complete scumbag for piling on top of a fellow brother who didn't have his best night. Especially just too make his abiility to capture and cultivate the audience that much more easier.
both these niggers suck….fifthy fuckers
You'd probably have a different outlook on life if your mother had spanked you as a child, instead of letting you jam your fingers into the wall sockets for fun.
god nothing that I hate more than being embarrassed for someone else..cringe
Imma trooper imma trooper
Wow. This was quite bad.
"They gon edit this part of the show" no they ain't.
The second guy is a DICK but I like him XD
They aren't even doing stand up, they're just ranting.
You said it all Charlie. Thanks for your evolutionary wisdom. Hopefully all of the bad comics will evolve into bar tenders and taxi drivers.
Knowing what you know about evolution rates amongst certain communities, let's say, that shouldn't surprise you, Chuck.
Second guy wasn't any better
workin out stories arent funny
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