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Reason's Bob Poole on How to Fix America's Airports

by ReasonTV • 5,866 views

Why don't airports and airlines inovate? Bob Poole has been working on finding out why for about 20 years. He gave a presentation at Reason Weekend explaining not only why but how we can fix...

Thatcher destroyed the U.K. Don't move essential services to private,profit hungry corporations. Price fixing gas, electricity etc is the norm here, our coal industry has died, airports are overloaded and telecoms is way behind the rest of Europe. The solution is to sort out the government structure for these services, the waste levels are huge in everything they have a hand in at the moment.
Long story short, stop the government from fucking everything up.
You know you suck at beng a Government when the "People" (as a Whole) are doing much better, and haven't racked up TRILLIONS in debt.
OH MY GOD. Love Reason TV, but turn over the Airports to Goldman Sachs?? Really?
Agreed. Glad to see you are still active on Youtube!
Actually the Nazis were liberal collectivists. They wanted a strong central government that controlled the economy, they supported nationalized health care, and government control of every aspect of peoples lives including diet. They were class warriors pitting racial groups against each other. If you want to draw comparisons between the Nazis and modern ideologies, liberalism is the correct analog.
exactly. Why do we need a forty minute presentation? We can solve every human problem in a single sentence: Get rid of the state.
Hopefully this gets off the ground finally. Privatization of airport security should follow along with the much needed dismantling of the idiotic tsa.
Frankfurt is my favorite airport of all.
Profit hungry? You mean determined to produce goods and services that people actually want to buy?
The biggest monopolies are government monopolies: postal service, airports, money production, security, justice. The crisis of overproduction. No such thing. Poverty. Without exception, there is less poverty in countries with freer economies: Estonia vs Latvia, S Korea vs. N Korea, Hong Kong vs. China, Botswana vs. the rest of Africa, W Germany vs. East Germany. Environmental. the most polluted, abused areas are all GOVERNMENT owned. Fascism = National SOCIALISM.
Beltway libertarians love to pretend that corporatism is capitalism.
Can we at least get rid of Sea-Tac Airport? it really irritates me having to listen to all that air traffic noise >:O
It is a shame that the term "privatization" has been redefine from Poole's original definition (having the market provide a good based solely on consumer demand) to being used as a label for any public/private partnership - including cronyism.
Theses videos always make so much sense. How is that possible?
Are you really so misinformed that you believe that capitalism is synonymous with oligarchy? Capitalism is simply the idea that people will trade amongst one another with the goal of achieving more through specialization of skills than they would otherwise achieve through doing everything on their own. It is pretty simple. Also, democracy is mob rule and it does not guarantee your rights or anyone else's. A republic recognizes your inalienable rights and protects them.
no one is arguing to have no government, and so far in history corporation and private entities have been able to provide all of the "non-violent" goods (food, clothes, medicine) much better than any gov. An "egalitarian society" is a utopian-dream, which does not work well with human nature. eliminates purpose and progress. If everyone are provided with their needs who needs to work? Then who makes the goods? Why would u bother making anything?
LOL at 30:01. He must be talking about MKE
I want people like you to die. I say this without remorse or regret and with total sincerity. To me, you are as horrible a person as a slave owner. You believe your have a right to others' time, talent, and wealth and you want to use government to get it. Well, I say go fuck yourself and die.
And that capitalism is the free market, check this reason article out: reason dot com/archives/2012/02/03/corporatism-is-not-the-free-market
I don't get your comment. You do know that Nazis were liberal, right?
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