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Spec Ops Sniper Fi #1 by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 197,071 views

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that was def gold medal championship game play WB
@xTYILIEIR all of my accounts go message them and look at their videos they are not my accounts, my accounts are in my sub box, im sorry if you think i have 104+ accounts to bump it up and im not using the march of dimes to get views im trying to raise money, you do a better job, i get paid from youtube and im going to donate the money from the video i made and a few more to the MoD with proof sorry you cant stand the fact that you arent trying to help a cause you sicken me
You twat skanky hoebag ass sniffing carpet munching dick snorting cunt gulping cum juggling gypsy touching demon dicking fuck nugget!
@high5one2ten yo i wasnt talkin 2 u so stfu u lil bitch
@juansmoob Haha i think he was talking about the grenade. He said he got a triple but didnt get any kills at all
@SushiofDoom18803 did i ask u anything at all? did I ever post a comment reply? I like you, we should have anal sex O_O LOLOLOLOL UEXCITEDBRO?!?!?!?!
@WhiteBoy7thst does it have to be solo?
@SCHIZOPHRENlC hes not complaining hes trying to donate money to charity, to find the cure to cancer
awesome? whiteboy you suck at spec ops... i do this in less than 2 minutes and i don't even camp up there or use predators.
Also you didnt get a triple with that thrown back grenade, you didnt get any kills. Hate to burst your bubble. haha
UUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BIG BOOM!
@KrookedGamers I've lost people close to me in deadly canyon car crashes and heroin/alcohol addiction, I ain't complainin'!
Thumbs up if u heard a gypsy with a modded FAL in dat mission
dude you can run all over the map and i beat iws time no sweet so lorn the game
lol The call it a UAV and UAV stands for unarmed vehicle
Lol you CAN go to other places, and you suck lol :)
Im not great at spec ops but that time isnt that great
all of you mad haters had better wait for when nobody says holy shit any more and they start sayin holy whiteboy7thst bare naked tits
can someone put a link to the pit one... I cant find it :/
That throwback got you 0 kills..
hey guys duz anyone know how whiteboy records his vids plz reply :)
Loll! h said it was spanish its Portugese. >.<
i wish you would do these live...
You didn't get any kills with the grenade throw back
Hey Whiteboy I can show you how to get a 6 and a half minute time on Homeland Security its really easy and this isn't a joke. For all of you who don't believe add my PSN GT RPG-Artist
@KrookedGamers You're a good man. Or a very good liar. I hope it's the first one.
sorry to inform u but you didnt get a triple when you threw the grenade back :( u didnt get any kills at all :(
that level was in mw2... right? or something like it
lol hey didnt even kill anyone with that grenade he said he got a triple with XD
I BEAT IT WOOH!! Uploading right now :D Dazzle Quality
what are all the guns in this mission???????
Well most ppl use a little thing called a drizzle which records ur game play and then puts it on the computer for u but some ppl for newer games like black ops or reach just go to theater mode I hope that helps a little
@Truelycontroversial already recorded, i will upload it maybe. pc players usually kick asses in speedruns.
he should try armor pircing!!!
Completing Sniper Fi alone on veteran is actually not hard at all, it's one of the easiest Spec Ops. :)
@erpuzzetta01 Its actualy stands for both trust me I googled it :)
i laughed through the rest of the video after 2:56 i fucking love you whiteboy XD
its no spanish its brazilian wich mean its portuguese :)
if you want to do this fast, get on the roof
can you do the challenge it with 2 people
Stopvadvertising your channels fucking gypsies
7:27 wasnt a triple. you didnt get any kill with it LOL
@gillesb95 Lol I know im just kidding man, this kids beast, although i'm decent. I don't back out all the time like Whiteboy when I die once. I understand he probably backs out so he can get a gameplay and make money, thats why his win loss ratio is down. But yea, i did complete it a lot faster then him.
I could do evasion with no kills and no alerts
i got no scope for final kill and 3 stars in veteran
@xTYILIEIR lol bro i got video proof of it so fuck off and lets see the recipt EVERY month with proof, bitches gunna bitch, haters gunna hate, just motivation
Is this like the hardened edition for mw3
i meant 7:25 you didint got a triple u had 8 hostles and when you throwed the granade back it was still 8 hostles
Just saying, the triple drag missed. Watch the hostiles remaining when it explodes, it stays at 8. But the final noscope made up for it :)
I waiting for the one in wool vines
whiteboy Friend not "Freind" you on facebook.... check your description
you can't be a camper when it's wave defence
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i did it in 5 min 30 sec but i cant record it no pvr
@bclionsrock11 wtf is wrong with you hees raising money for cancer you fuckin insensitive douchbag
Erm... i don't know about you but i completed these missions a year ago....
great mission! :D --- Sent From WhiteBoy7thst's AppRats (Facebook App)!
@FruitCakexDD he said triple FEED. Thats different than a triple
theres already a cure for cancer, the government just wont publish it because they want to systematically exterminate most of the global population
@bclionsrock11 sorry you feel that way, but 83 people and counting do agree with me, I don't want to lose people to cancer and I hope you dont
if you check he had 8 left when he threw the frag and claimed tripple but still had 8 after sorry whiteboy your still epic tho
@KrookedGamers this is a good thing everyone should help
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