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Schwarzenegger Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 107

by Cinemassacre • 4,494,846 views

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I met Arnold recently at a Wal-Mart in Colorado and all I can say is what a nice down to earth cool guy.
+The SEA Did he have a cage over his head?
+Anonymesh no but he had a hat like St. Nick
I do have one good thing to say about Predator... at least they spelled "Congratulations" right.
20:31 My reaction when I accidently kill a shiny pokemon.
How I feel when their a hacker or overpowered on call of duty games 20:28
+PokeShadow77 I have seen and caught ONE legitimately obtained shiny pokemon, and that pokemon was... ...a red gyarados. 
Hey James, you want a really really bad game?  I have one for you.  Its a PC game called Diablo 3,
its still better than most of the shitty modern games, hell Blizzard rocks
+Ege Baysal Blizzard is bleugh. Starcraft isn't even a RTS.
By the way yo mama is pregnant leaves foeva
20:31 My reaction if Ridley was a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4.
20:31-20:43 My reaction to Microsoft. In general.
+Sailor Sedna its not true you can still buy used games and it will work 
Lol. Why does Arnold self destruct? Is the Terminator the one that self destructs himself, not humans.
Yea! Predator in English.
There's something about him I find really cute. Maybe because I find him to be an adorable fixer upper.
Man, im so jealous of his toaster nes.
That would be sweet, to buy it. For a decent price
+Stricken 7th eh, £50 is a good price since amazon has NES for 70 pounds.
Hey guys is it true that James has a daughter and is married too someone answer this please
20:31 Me when I'm forced to play a game by Big Ape Productions except for MTV Celebrity Deathmatch.
He hasn't been the same since this video, after this video he started spending most of his time working on that cruddy movie.
Back in the day when you rented a shitty game you were just screwed for that weekend.  No refunds, no reviews you could check out (unless it happened to be in Nintendo Power).  Same thing when you bought a shitty game.  You were just out $50.
why do you have so many copies of bible adventures? lol
4:19 I just love how he looks like he wants to say "The fuck is wrong with you?"
=)) 20:31 this is your feeling when you forget to save game! =))
In the background around 2:27: "PLAY VIDEO GAMES AT THE FUCK OF A SWITCH"
20:45-21:55 Is he playing Predator or Call of Duty?
After 8 years, I still don't get the joke of him pretending to drink beer when it's actually water... Or is it one of those American watered beers?
I don't think it's a joke... It's just a nerd tradition that he drinks beer in the videos (he secretly is actually drinking water so he doesn't get drunk during recording)
In Last Action Hero, Arnold's sprites look like Lester the Unlikely  OH NO LESTER THE UNLIKELY 2 CONFIRMED
the easiest boss in Video game history has to go to Dracula in Castlevania II Simon's Quest 
play 4 video games at the flick of a switch. i misread it -_-
i read it as play 4 video games at the f**k of a switch since it was in caps
Haha, same! Also the way the camera angle is looking towards the box, really makes it look like that.
20:31 Everyone COD fanboy who is a steryotype when they die in a nutshell (not every cod fan is like this, i sure aint...)
Is there a bad review for SEGA Mega drive 2?
Useless Fact: The NES version of Total Recall was programmed by... Brian Fargo. As in Wasteland and Fallout's creator. He's stuck by the game... and said it was released only three-fourths finished with most of the beta testing never done. Blame Acclaim for the rush job... as usual.
Wasn't Brian Fargo more of a producer for the original Fallout?. I think the title of "creator" suits Tim Cain a lot better, he poured his soul into that game.
Lmfao sexual tyrannosaur!
"Baby pony." How redundant.
Isn't pony basically a word for a young horse?
No, ponies are a subset.
man...and i thought i had a shit load of games!!
22:02 What if James accidentally did self-destructed in the game right there?
For a guy that hates E.T., The Nerd doesn't mind having a cardboard standy in his room.
He only hates the 2600 game, not the movie
+ilike2fly71 That's what I meant. The Game.
2:52 . To it's credit, that actually looks IDENTICAL to fucking Michael Ironside. VERY WELL DONE
Not NES but I love True Lies on SNES.
why does he use a nittouster instead of a beta nes
Best opening theme song for AVGN!
All this games have in common a shitty music. I would prefer a game with no music rather than that shit. 
why the fuck dont your videos load today!
At 7:11, You made me laugh when you said "It was done by the "assholyiens from the planet ass". That was funny.
the intro sounds bad ass....
Fuck you, and your cryptic Bullshit! 10:51
did you t bag the rock lolol
Where can one buy those "Shelves full with video games" wallpaper? It looks awesome!
Damn that intro music got me HYPED!!!
"It's fuckin'.. fuck time!" Great reviews of some ultra shitty games!
i came up with the idea to jump by pressing down :3
I always thought the "guys head" in Last Action Hero looked like an iguana eating a mouse. 5:38
yeah i just shoot my wife
SUCKS DUCK CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah best comment ever......
I could tell total Recall would be a shitty game as soon as the Nerd showed up the front of the game cartridge with the Akklaim logo in the corner of the label.  They really don't know how to make good games themselves.  They only know how to port them from arcade.
I was waiting for the LJN logo.
You think he really got a NES in that toaster or just for show lol
Yes it is a custom nes! Some friend made it for him.. i think it can be buyed too
Sucks a duck cunt?  That's a new one to me.  I'm using it from now on.  
20:31 My Reaction If Rosalina or Peach's Being Top Tier In SSB4
I see you just copied someone else's comment but changed a character. Fail.
I know how you feel
20:31 my reaction to sonic 06
1:00 fuckin hilarious. Just look at his face the whole time LOL
I love this episode and I FUCKING LOVE THE INTROOO!
Note: Interplay makes beautiful games
Shit! They didn't put the girl with the 3 tits in there? God damn it!
20:39 lol! The guitar player died! That's kinda sad though...
5:36 looks like George Washington taking Chun Li hostage.
aren't all games pretty much like watching a movie nowadays ???
you thought you could ride a red scorpion? are you crazy?
Now their is expandables 3 lol
At james' background, it says on the box "Play 4 video games at the Fuck of the switch" LOL
So,you have Predators that look like the Ninja Turtles & then the floating Predator head looks like Casey Jones..Yeah..Something ain't right here
Conan on nes was actually a C64 game called Myth: History in the making put on nes with Conan in it.
True Lies on the SNES is a pretty solid game at least...not NES like the vid, but worth playing at least :P
i fucked Sam Sprocket's life
Awesome music theme at the beginning!
Has he done games by id? Those games are good, but Hexen is difficult.
my reaction ljn will come back
Even the enemies can't play it!
12:24 haha omg it will turn you into a sexual tyranatore like me
I hate guys with a stubby punch too
True Lies for the Sega Gen, was by far the best Arnie game I.M.O 
I love how he puts the games into something that resembles a toaster xD
It's an NES AND a toaster.
I was thinking dick mot glory hole
You could play Five Nights At Freddys
well, all he wants to play games that are from the 70s, 80s or 90s.
People like you ruin good channels
i just have to know… WHY DOES YOUR NES (I'm assuming its an NES… i can barely tell) LOOK LIKE A FREAKING TOASTER!?!?!?!?
+DarthRushy he talked about it in his atari jaguar vid part 2
What is up with AVGN videos anyways? :( they are doing the game reviews with Mike, but no more avgn as far as i can tell, are they like completely over?
+KaiSaeren We are working on new AVGN episodes. Coming soon
Arnold Schwarzengger is fucken bad ass
I love this video. :) This is very funny.
Why's there so many bad games on the NES? I can't eat them all! D:
Wakko, didn't I tell you that you're not allowed to watch AVGN? Get your 7 year old butt back to watching SpongeBob!
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