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Doctor P - Sweet Shop [HD]

by BlastItUp13 • 1,198,747 views

Sick tune by Doctor P. Bookings: Other enquiries: Twitter: @doctorpcircus

i remember my frend seth giving me a copy of this track back in 7th grade and a couple others we had so much fun lol.
From what ive read online its his original work but im not sure who did the singing.
Memories from the summer with my BFF...
that was in littlebigplanet
The city that brought dubstep worldwide: London, UK.
Just watched Doctor P live over the holidays.  He played a few Zomboy songs too, amazing.
Rave Anthem. You won't go to a club without hearing this sampled in a 70 set, especially if you're overseas.
Sounds like something from a fighting game in the intro
my ears are masturpating atm
need a new headset now...
Had a cold at the beginning ate the end the doc fixed me
Omfg!!!!! ToTal EARGASM!!!!!
love this song!!!!!!!!!!!
;-; He is right.....                                        +carterroxify
Can some one please tell me the name of the classic track in this song. Doctor P will not admit its a sample and i remember it playing at the Rave.
All I find is 8bit game sounds. With that. +HOLY ROLLY
thank +HOLY ROLLY  - I created a section callled Questions, Docs & links and moved the tread there
Doctor P is #3 on my all time greatest Dubstep artist. Circus Records alone has 3 of my top 10 favorites. #WubHeadForLife
It sounds like he's saying "Switch up"
A penguin flashing black and white running around is what I picture.
I came here from "Iron King vs Doctor P's Sweet Shop". This is an awesome song!
i think we're forgetting this drop is one of the best of all time
saw him in miami a few months back, he is now my favorite dub artist (and the only one i even like!)
this shit hurts my ears go jam it up your ass
Carlos Almeida Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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[Brostep] Some nice, simple brostep. Catchy melody, simple-but-still-catchy drop, and so I dub this a good song!
This is so fucking old.
Kazim Simsek Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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[Brostep] I need more Doctor P. Any recommendations? I only have this song and "Flying Spaghetti Monster"
If it has yois and yayas, it's brostep. If it has growl basses, it's brostep. If it's basically a sine wave with an automated cutoff, it's dubstep.
It becomes brostep when beer bongs are involved.
I died yesterday and im gonna kill you in heaven bin laden, if i can't kill you.. I WILL LOCK YOU IN THE SWEET SHOP AND YOU WILL NEVER COME OUT!!!
I used to listen Skrillex, but then i found Doctor P !!
saw this in concert, the bass was amazing!
Oh shit.. What happened with my speaker .. Just blow up..
The mixing on this song is atrocious but hey man it's still rad as shit
Arch vile you are Gay and suck go suck you're boyfriends dick you gay ass fuck no one likes you
Sorry friend, but p means pixels fps is frame per second so pixels are for resolution so, more pixels song haves better is digital code of sound (in pc) and speakers turn it to analog so we hear analog (you cant hear digital coded sound)
this tune sounds better in 240p
this song started it all for me
This was pretty much everyone's favorite dubstep track back in the days of Doc P, Flux Pavilion and Skism.
Doesn't matter, it's still dumb and unfunny, and not hard to think of. All you're contributing is the bullshit you randomly spew.
Thanks headset, Nice try ears
just doctor p and deadmau5 oh and its deadmau5 not deadmou5....
This isn't hardcore like I'm used to but it still is BOSS!!!
does anyone else not even see a difference from 720p to 144p or is it just me?
like 4 some cand from this sweet shop ;)
well actually no body likes haters so yeah bye bye : )
My Beats shit themselves, ate the shit, puked and died
t,t,t,t,take me high, tttt,take me higher? wtf is this bullshit???? dub steppin all on my toes n shit
hey this guy is just starting out please check out his dubstep his name is TheHawkenC if you have the time to mark this as spam you have the time to check his music out
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