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SHINee "Lucifer"

by Eat Your Kimchi • 366,966 views

This week we review the SHINee Lucifer Music Video and tell you about the video, the dance, and the English. Huzzah! Read more over at:

Oh, I just remembered why it's the "Lucifer" maybe it's just me because I'm catholic, but Lucifer is a fallen angel aka Satan the devil and her whisper is the devil
Awww!!! It's baby SPUDGY!!!!!
Her whisper is the Lucifer = Her breath stinks
i really enjoy these vids!
Isn't the lyrics : her whisper is ''The lucife'' Like she is saying the lucifer? 
Loverholic robatronic means your addicted to you lover
If you see the English version than you idiots would understand
Who's Simon married to?! Martina?!
KERORO SHIRT!!!! drools
I had a good laugh over Simon's shirt...
The "Her whisper is the Lucifer" means her whisper is the devil... Like her voice makes him commit sins.... If ya know what I meaaaaaannn ;)
well, lover-holic the meaning: addicted to love robotronic the meaning: moving in a robot like motion
First kpop boy band on KMM ? :D
Lucifer us suppose to mean like angelic,powerful and whatnot
That's why we have Google.Weird, my social studies teacher actually met the guys who made Google when it ess just an idea.Had she actually paid them money she would have a part in Google
Thank you Google~~~ xD
Loverholic means... you know "holic" means obsession right?? "Alcoholic, Shopaholic, etc etc..." Robotronic means.... Like a..... robot...?
wowwww you guys have changed so much!!!
This is probably a bit late, like 3 years late, but this link might help you in understanding the song. Actually the lyrics and the concept of the lyrics are really really awesome its one of my fave :D You might also want to search for the translation of the lyrics?
Here's the thing though too. Most of the members of SHINee themselves are Christian. It might even be in the video, but Taemin often wears his rosary bracelet. Also, Lucifer in used as expression to which something is attractive, like a person you want, but know you shouldn't have. Many people, religious and not know the story of Lucifer and can relate to the idea that "Just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's good for you". I'm sure a great deal of romantic interests for a LOT of people had this happen. They loved/are still attracted to their ex, their current lover and they aren't good for them. But they seem to have this spell over them. Abusive relationships can often have this quality. A sort of spell that you know it's there, but you still aren't free. This song apart from a religious take, is just plain about a love interest which you shouldn't have, because she/he are bad for you. Also, as for the english, no, Loverholic and Robotronic are not real words BUT, when you get the meaning of the song, it could be surmised to mean Loverholic = Person who is addicted to love or making people fall in love and Robotronic = A person who has the actions or feel of a robot. I've heard robotronic be used before in some other American or British song actually. With the previous understanding of the song we can get that SHINee is saying they are stuck in a love they can't get out of and as such turn into robots, or puppets for this "Lucifer" It just re-expresses the idea of a Bad Love or controlling relationship. Taemin's lyric of "I dance for you, who will never be satisfied" the somewhat robotic or rather perfectly executed moves of the dance also support this idea a bit. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. But saying "Her whisper is the Lucifer" Should really be "Her whisper as my lover is like Lucifer" and the message is clear, but saying that many words wouldn't fit with the beat of the song xD
+z90OoAluYsioNoO09z My mom is dedicated catholic, she once came in on me watching the song... yeah I'm banned from listening to it :/
I love your shirt! It's my favorite show! My bias (Seohyun) would like it too.
Who noticed the apple on the desk o.o The leaves like started to move and I was like "Woa..."
The meaning of the english words is easy to understand.. Her whisper is the Lucifer = Her whisper is tempting and stuff. You know, like she won't let them go and stuff. Loverholic = Addicted to her love. Robertronic = Emotionless, maybe related to the love they're supposed to be feeling? This review wasn't your best..
i think the loverholic part represent the girl who is maybe obsessed with the love or abuses it or something like that while robotronic represents the man (aka shinee) who acts as a robot and does whatever the woman wants. just an idea
The good ole days when the voting had hardly anyone voting XD
They keep saying sensei. Are they trying to say teacher? The way to say teacher in Korean is seonsaengnim. The word sensei is Japanese. Isn't this K-pop? I just know some Asians get a little sensitive.
OMG Martina, you are wearing the best shirt in all of Pekopon!!!!!
Simon didn't look like a sensei, he looked like a sith lord.
I love your shirt Martina . . . I need it . . .
My parents wont let me listen to this song anymore. Because it has the word lucifer in it and they think if i listen to it i could worship the devil. I want to tell them to not be stupid and told them the meaning and they just dis me. But i still listen to it anyways. Off the record its it weird that song came up right as soon as i got to church today?
haha. rewatch this vid. you guys talked slower.
me and my sister have given the lip rubbing a name..................EPIC DROOL WIPE
Martina got mad about SHINee's rainbow clothes, not she gets mad about TOP's turtle neck. ^-^
AWWWWWWW the puppy at the end STOLE the whole video hahaha
she definitely said she's a Key biased....
I think maybe "her whisper is the Lucifer" could mean that it's TEMPTING them to SIN, which is basically what Lucifer does.
I've always seen 'her whisper is the lucifer' as saying the girl, and how she'll be around them, is alike to the devil - how she's always 'whispering' in their ears, trapping them and tricking them into staying with her... but IDK, just my idea...
Give it a few years when we have robots in everyday life and they will be.
Probably Love aholic... Robotronic I have no idea...
Lovaholic robotronic basically means they are addicted to their love but it is an emotionless like a robot due to what the girl did to them... *i think*
Did anyone else find that apple thing on the table really distracting? o.O
Maybe loverholic means addicted to love(her love?) you know kinda like shopaholic(is that how you spell it XD) and maybe robotronic means her love is emotionless???? SHINee Figthting!!!
just look for the english lyrics
You know you've watched too many Music Mondays when you realize Simon wears that shirt again later in Season 2....
"Loveaholic robitronic " meaning they are under a spell because she cast the spell lucifer on them
where can i find that live version of lucifer with the rainbow outfits??:P
0:15 Dracula? Yeah, right. She was obviously imitating Mordney, guise. Amirite?
Ok lets take advice from a true korean.. 1. "her whisper is the lucifer " Lucifer was some evil man i'm pretty sure.. and she's whipering bad things. " lovaholic , robotronic " like the first comment said " addicted to love but unable to feel it yourself" the song is all about this succubus at daytime trying to take him(them) and feast on his soul . The succubus uses this in a romantic way to get to them and you know take there soul. That was Advice from and true korean. :)
you know the word shopaholic? it means the one who love shopping right? so loverholic means the one who love love feeling ithink.
I was hooked when I saw the Keroro shirt
no, she said that it 'confirmed her bias to Taemin', but she wasn't talking about her bias in shinee. It was more of her talking about her bias to him as one of the best dancrs in Kpop or in yoonique itself. She said somwhere in another video ... i think it was a 'w.a.n.k' video that her bias was key. Then again i could be wrong~
First off, Lucifer was Satan's angelic name, before he turned evil. Just thought I'd point that out, for the sake of clarifying the context of the myth. I come at these videos from the perspective of a 40-something TV critic, yes, an ajeossi. As such, I'm using my brain to judge, rather than my hormones. Having said that, SHINee gets my vote simply because they gave me something unique and intricate to look at, unlike SNSD. While there was no story, 'Lucifer" actually kept me awake.
Lucifer is an energetic song that is about a devilish girl! They r singing about her and comparing her to lucifer! Eventhough they can't stand her they are attached to her and can't stay away! When Onew puts his arm up right before Key's part it means i feel like a clown trapped in a glass castle! That really shows that they r a fool and they r stuck with her! I have no entire clue why i am using ! points..............I do not get the music video though i like the japan mv better:D
i dont get what her whisper is the lucifer means either XD
I'm staring at the moving apple in the background O.O... what is wrong with me?!?! can't look away!!
Holic means crazy over it or soemthin, so LOVERholic, (in love with) Robotraonic (dancing robot?) lol, just gueesin :3
I have the same Keroro shirt--but in green :)
lol i like how they're in Korea and about Korean stuff but they use "sensei" haha x D
NOOOOO !!!!!!! LUCIFER IS 5 OF 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL She said she was a Locket on the review of Replay. :D
The dance in Lucifer is actually called the Handcuff dance :)
hahahahaha It feels so weird watching the old Kpop Music Mondays...
i love that keroro shirt!!!!!!..
omg i can see the changes they go through!! the effects of kpop >:DD
Haikus are easy But sometimes they don't make sense Refrigerator
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