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Colin, Girlfriend's Sexy Past, Unsupportive Parents, Being a Better Friend

by WoodysGamertag • 286,693 views

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dude cmon?.... intro video? there would probally be a legal issue if you got any awesomer lol
ill try my advise because im 13 also but if you cant pass and you study what i do is make it fun for example how i do it is i do my homework while music is playing it does take longer to study and everything but it is WAAAYYYY better then being bored sitting there trying to remember boring stuff that is just my way of making it fun try different ways and you will find yours hope this helped bro :D
Thank you Woody for making me a better person. I think i might show my kids these videos when they are my age because they helped me and so many others like me.
This is Trolling, even if you say it isn't, it's trolling
220 people have unsupportive parents
Do sports, go to the gym and it'll go faster then you'd excpect
Hey my name is colin, spelled the same way and everything, thats coo!
in the leaderboards at the end and when he died or got a kill:-P
you sound like a guidance counsler
Thats the exact same with me. Every1 in my family dislikes me and i spend most of my time in my room watchin youtube vids. My dad insults me and overall seems just dissapointed in me. I feel really upset. Ive tried talkin to tgem but they wont listen. I have friends that make me feel better. But theyre all away on holiday and i feel so alone. I dont know wat to do :(
lolz, I'm 16 and have never even kissed a girl then again that's probably just me
I read this as Colins sexy girlfriends past
The toxic friend is like 5 of my "friends". They call me gay and ask if I had sex with men
stretch it out thats what she said hahaha lol
Woody, you are such a bro, I give you my highest regards.
I read the title as "Colin's Girlfriend".
About the guy with the issues at home, I have to say, I've been through the exact same thing. It hurt, and pretty much affected my relationship with my family even today, 9 years after I left home. Good advice; I think I can empathize with that kid.
Hey woody just want to mention the fact that your vids are beast man, so im having a start of summer, there will be about 40 people overall, 20 year 9's and 20 year 10's. So the problem is i've got a mate but recently he has become a bit of a man slag and i have seen him drunk before and he gets out of control. but he's still a mate and i will feel bad if i don't invite him , any ideas ? as well the party will have mixed, mail monday or a message would be much appreciated :)
If someone says to me "Have you had intercourse with another man?" I'm like " ALL DAY ERRY DAY!"
I just broke up with my girlfriend. she had been dating a girl before but before i got together with her i made shoure she had no feelings left for her. two weeks ago she broke up with me when she found out that she still had feeling. her new girlfriend is also my friend so i told her that she is the best lier i have ever met! She talked to her and she broke up with my ex because she was still lying. don't beleive that she said it would never happened again. So think about it!!!!
Why do u use a hellicopter or pave low or ah-6 they get blown out of the sky but nice vid. Any one know how 2send him ur letters
Bitches be crazy!! I have 2 sisters just like yours. Woody u give great advice if i ever have any problems ill ask you. And hopefully you respond but for now im cool
@SuperJohnbob123 if you really want to lose weight you have dedicate yourself! Losing weight is 80% dieting and 20% workout! So even if you workout your hardest if you dont eat right you wont lose weight!
Mail mondays man keep them up your an insperation !
One of my friends and the guys he hung out with were comeplete jerks to and I came pretty close to hurting them but I didn't. Now I wish I had. Do not be hesitant thats the lesson.
I can`t tell if my life is just boring or if the rest of the world lives in an ABC Family movie
O thanks for the reply I couldnt guess what that meant to save my life and I like how you gave me an example.
lol nobodys prestiged... ecxept tmartn
follow me on twitter :D MarkRamirez01
bitches be crazy. dont go for her. hands down. if she cheated with him, whats to stop the bitch from it again? dont do it
i hope you and ur lil bro can get through this best of luck keep hopes up and keep your head high
dude you got an awesome girlfriend. she is helping with all this family stuff. never let her go man. she is awesome and i hope my girlfriend will be like this. (i know its woody's job to give advice but still)
woody please help me my friends make fun of me all of the time and I tell them to stop and they use my anger problems against me and I didn't have anger problems before but my dad died and they use that against me please tell me what I should do.
I read this title really quickly and thought it said "Colin's Sex Past" O_O lol
i'm just realizing that the stock of the acr camo is still its original colour....has this been fixed yet?
Omg the kid below me has tge EXACT SAME probs as me the guy who talks bout his family Yea man my parents treat me like crap my mom screams at me every day anf my dad Hits me or takes my Power cable and what not I think its BS and my freinds dont live near me cuz i move every year or so
Looking back on something. "In retrospect, I should have asked that girl out..."
when your team's worst player beats the other team's top player, you know you owned them
To WoodysGamertag. His channel and username is the same
anyone notice he was playing with tmartn???
i found the hidden TmarTn in this vid.... what do i get???:-P
I kissd a girl when I was 14 (with kiss I mean tongeu) oh and after that we had sex.
I thought it said "Colin's Girlfriends Sexy" hahah no offense to you Woody just misread . :D
Intercourse is a synonym for conversation.... in·ter·course/ˈintərˌkôrs/ Noun: Communication or dealings between individuals or groups: "everyday social intercourse".
The first time I read this title I thought it said "Collin's sexy past."
Put focus on the ACR. It's a headshot magnet
when i type in the name of who i wanna send it to, do i attatch a link to woody's channel in the name box or do i type his username letter for letter?
thanks for suggestion bud, not sure if thats possible ! :L
I'm new how do you send mail to woody?
hit that cum dumpster in the face if she spits on you
y dont u suck a dick you stupid ass motherfucker ppl like you ruin youtube leave the guy alone u fuck
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