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Sony Vegas: Freeze Frame

by thefrugalfilmmaker • 31,192 views

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Love how straightforward this guy is! Usually there is like a 7 minute of explanation of useless things but this dude knows what we want!
Yeah, others would be something like "Press S to split the video, you can also right click the timeline and click split, you can also do this in windowed mode, you may also press file then click split to split your timeline, it is also possible to left-click 12 times on the timeline to split the timeline."
Had years trying to do this haha
Brilliant. I love Vegas too, maybe because I used the Acid Pro audio editor ever since it was owned by Sonic Foundry. The timeline of Vegas is identical to Acid so it was easy getting to grips with basic functionality of Vegas. Glad Sony bought the whole line, they have done a great job, especially with Sound Forge.
lifesaver man!! thanx a lot!!!
Fast and effective tutorial. Awesome job man! Thanks!
i cant find inser/remove evelope??? it not stands there?? pls help!
I learnt how to freeze frame from this video, what more can I say? GG thanks.
GG? How is that a good game... I really dont get some people these days
I came here just to upvote ZiggyD
Scott, you are a lifesaver, man!  This is precisely the effect I was trying to figure out how to do in a video I'm putting together and didn't want to have to capture frames as images, then insert the images for some duration.  With your advice all I have to do is use S to split just on either side of the one frame I want to use.  This makes it so much easier!
THANKS A LOT OMG!!!!!!!!! awesome trick!
This is really helpful for my vids! Thanks, mate!
Your tip helped in the creation of my music videos. Thanks!
Great! Just what I was looking for! Thank you.
Just wanted to say thanks for teaching me something new!  :-)  Thumbs up!
Thanks man, this really helped me out
Thanks man!! You have helped my videos become better in another aspect!
I don't see how anyone can dislike this. Maybe the ones who made a too lengthy video are jealous or amateurs who are unfamiliar with their own software. Thank you for you clear cut presentation. Its annoying to listen to 8 minutes to get to a 1 minute point. 
Exactly what I was looking for. Period. =D
Thank you, tried watching another video where they spent 5 minutes to describe a 20 second task!
Thank you I didnt knew that
Very Good and str8 to  the point. Thank you
I did happen to see a tutorial that also mentioned the velocity envelope, but they didn't mention you could right-click the start of the green line to set the value. Until your video, the best I could do was 5% speed by dragging, which sucked. So... thank YOU!
I know I was just asking why he doesnt use it jeeze settle down...
Thanks. I Love a short but straight to the point tutorial that is simple to follow that actually works :)
yes they are totaly different but can both achieve the same things research your facts before you try to think your smart
Thanks now it works perfectly! I tried first with taking a snapshot and adding that to the video but for some reason that snapshot was always darker.
You do realise Vegas and After Effects are totally different? After Effects is made for motion graphics, special effects etc. Vegas is made for rather simple editing and exporting, it also has a much faster workflow (in AE you need to render everything first to even get the sound working). Redownloading the trial won't work, because the trial leaves registry entries which tell the software if it has been installed before and not everyone wants to be a pirate.
I would like to see now coming out of the freeze at the frame following the freeze.I thought that you might save the frame to a file, then put that still file into the timeline. This was quicker. Keep the Vegas tips coming.
I'd love for you to do more Sony Vegas videos... This is also my Editor of choice...I don't care what any one says... its Awesome and Intuitive. By the way----Love your videos!!
I used a freeze frame pretty recently actually. I was doing a film about a photographer and for some of my shots, I did a POV of the photographer looking through his camera and when he took a picture, I'd do a freeze frame and turn it black and white. Similar to the effect used in CSI when they're collecting evidence. Just adds a little bit of an extra oomph to it.
If you do get the Pro version, I think you will really like using the Velocity Envelope. I used to have the full version of Vegas (version 4.0!) and then when I upgraded to Platinum 10, the Velocity Envelope was the thing I missed the most. The only thing I missed, really.
what happens to the velocity at 50 percent? is it the same as stretching the clip making it slow motion?
THIS WAS GREAT...! Sometimes can u show how 2 make masks, like to un-brighten a super bright sky, and stuff? Or...lessay putting some talking person into a "desert" or high on a cliff --must be so simple but...I think some don't know 2 do it (me :( ) THUMBS UP..!
I think all of us viewers should pitch in and buy you an iMac and Final Cut Pro. You are still being frugal if you didn't pay for it right?? haha
Could you show us these tips and tricks in LightWorks? It's free and out of beta.
What I did to Freeze Frame instead of using velocity , is press the save frame button just above the video/program monitor. but you have to have your video preview set to full best.. to get the best image.
An excellent alternative to taking a snapshot of the frame and then inserting/stretching it to match the length desired. Maybe it's cause my coffee hasn't kicked in, but at the moment I draw a blank as far as why and when this technique would be used as an effect. Could some one please post a short video response which shows a "proper" use of this effect??? Otherwise I'll be clueless til Scott does it in one of his vids. (Derp...)
y dont u use after effects?????
Move the cursor to the frame you want to capture (as seen in the preview window). Click on the little disk icon just above the preview window. This will capture a still frame with resolution based on the preview setting. Import the still, place it where you want it in your timeline.
or export clip as a jpeg still and put it in the timeline
Platinum does not have velocity envelopes for video. It does have fade and color envelopes and the audio has volume and pan. But I did just see someone suggest to do the frame split move one frame and split again, then stretch the frame. I might have to get the pro version.
awesome tutorial thank you so much
yeah what are the alternatives if you have sony movie studio?
Sweet! Very nice and to-the-point tutorial. Love to see more Vegas tutorials!
sony vegas is way cheaper than after effect. i mean the movie studio version of course. and his channel name is the FRUGAL filmmaker
Thanks this is so much easier then what I was doing!
you can also take a picture of the frame using the save icon above the preview (looks like a floppy disk), just make sure your quality is "Best" for the preview so you can get a good picture, then just put the picture after the split :D
i knew how to do this already but what i want to know is how to sync it with the audio. I know you just right click it>synchronise>byslipping/bymoving but in most cases im unable to select it for some reason, it greys out the same way the "velocity" button did at 0:25. How can i fix it?
I probably use it most often when I have a shot of a group of parts or tools on my counter, and I need to lengthen it as the VO dictates.
Dude, know what you're saying. After Effects is to composite visual or special effects and motion graphics while Vegas is made for simple editing. They're totally different.
so what if its frugal film maker he can still use after effects and he can just redownload the trial over and over for free.....
Nice Tutorial. I use this method: I make a picture of a frame, after i split the middle of the video where was the frame and after i put the photo in the middle.
cant u just use a snapshot to do this?
You can (and that technique could be used on ANY version of Vegas), this is just faster and the way I'm used to. Thought I would pass it along.
Well, these entries are often hidden and removing them may require a 3rd party software, all this can be a time consuming process and possibly even illegal.
Finally, someone with a tutorial with a method that actually works and makes sense!
I use freeze frame at the beginning and ending of my videos for titles, then begin or end the live action from or at the freeze frame. I also sometimes analyse other people's videos who claim to filmed bigfoot. I'll use freeze frame for a few seconds to show a scene as normal, then zoom in or apply an effect to better show what's there. Just been using a snapshot to do this in past. I have Studio Platinum HD 11, so if I remember and it works for me, I'll try your way. Thanks for the tip.
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