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BBC respond to my complaint about David Shukman (BBC science editor)

by Myles Power (powerm1985) • 12,440 views

I discuss the reply I got from the BBC complaints department. Sorry for the muffled sound I dont know why my microphone was being a dick that day. David Shukman (BBC Science Editor) - Synthetic...

Imagine what the BBC do with other topics that are not in your speciality? They are very bias on so many topics. I have my own political and other life views which may distance myself from others yet the BBC seem to be becoming a bad company to trust. I think your videos are very educating and I thank you for taking the time to produce them. 
Myles Power is a punkass, and is aiding and abetting enemies of the american people, tho many of them are too goddamned stupid to have a clue.
+marvin martin read my last post.its all u get from me.
+randle guill good now be a good boy and piss off. 
This is why I try not to get my science from the news. I'm not a scientist but I try to make sure the information I'm being told is as accurate as possible. Thank you Myles.
Do they actually name environmental groups that are actually worried about this at any point. Environmental groups seem far more concerned about power generation then they are about kids people fucking around with science. Its interesting that the first thing they teach you at any decent university when writing any academic essay seems to be to never take this approach of just going "many scientists/many theorists" that you should state who and reference where. If he was up to the job this wouldn't be too difficult for him. It makes me wonder whether they did actually get the opinions of any environmentalists or just said "eh I am sure these guys will object".
BBC staff told to stop inviting cranks on to science programmes BBC Trust says 200 senior managers trained not to insert 'false balance' into stories when issues were non-contentious
Scientist in the field.....was the pun intended? Lol
Clearly you're an expert in that field.
what about the other part i like to see that
part 2 of the news report
Cool video, but it's auntie beeb, Lloyds of London is not just a tiny, sinlge "insurance" company <3
Canadian here. We get both American and British media, including BBC. Broadcasting channels from both countries seem to produce pretty biased news pieces (so does Canada), although American media does tend to be a bit worse off. And by a bit, I mean a lot.
More videos with sheep, please!!! Just kidding, keep up the good work. Your vids are great, and, finally, factual/non-sensational. Finally, because there is just so much fluff out there. Thanks!
Here's the thing though, the base problem isn't that the BBC Science Editor is not up to the job - because how did he get his job in the first place?  What kindof organisation appoints idiots like that to high positions - and then keeps them there in the face of a public complaining about the embarasing level of sheer incompetence on display. The problem is that the entire BBC system is clearly not up to the job of self-correcting for these levels of sheer incompetence, it is incapable of fixing itself. The problem is endemic in the entire broadcast journalism industry.  I don't know what to do about it short of clean-slating the whole thing with an armed Chomsky clone army. It's an ongoing problem we have in our modern societies, how do we ensure the public is kept educated & informed enough to be able to participate effectively in our democracies. HELP.  WHAT DO
I kinda want you to just show me ur animals :) what a nice place to live. How do I get to the shire?
Why are you not on TV. Get on tv. Do it
:D That's alright dude! No offence at all. 
Have you tried contacting the reporter? I'd love for you and him to meet to discuss the subject (on video of course) :)
And your other comments are examples of you giving your utmost attention to the subject? Thats sad.
You show a remarkable talent for being a clown, go buy some really big shoes and a red nose and stop bothering me with your ridiculous assumptions and stupid tales.
so your only point is the logically fallacious slippery slope argument.
because bacteria can't mutate in a way that causes unforeseen side effects without having humans "jiggering it a bit"? what's to stop the "un-jiggered" bacteria we use now, from having such unforeseen side effects?
it appears you don't know what logical fallacies are, a slippery slope argument is, or why its fallacious. it's ok tho, i'll explain & you can google those terms to verify. niibud's point (that we shouldn't jigger with genetics bc it'll lead to some unforeseen horrible mutation) is a slippery slope argument he assumes the worst & that advocating such research means advocating this worst case scenario it's like saying, "we shouldn't go outside bc there's the possibility of struck by lightning"
Soapy legally he cannot be the US prez. as he is British Born. Our constitution only allows people born in the US or recognized states, like Hawaii and Alaska, as well as US military bases. Also the child needs to have at least one parent who is US born to be president. Just to clear that up for ya. Goooood DAYYYY!!!
I synthesised aspirin in the lab last semester using salicyclic acid, because I am stark, raving mad. I then irresponsibly tipped it down the sink without curing a single headache. Just try and stop me, David Shukman (BBC science editor).
Reading skills are a problem for you. I just don't give a fuck about any of your opinions. Thanks for sharing.
@powerm1986 a scientist in the field.. Hehe. I dearly hope the pun was intended :3
So, how would synthetic biology proceed into the unknown safely? How should one venture outside among the lightning bolts? Boldly? Without any foreknowledge? Also, if you don't know how genomes compare then you should not be able to comment about when someone compares them. If I've understood you before, then you yourself should be able to see that your conclusions do not follow from that premise.
Lol, Canada is the biggest importer of bad American policies.
Brian "longing gaze" Cox is a thousand times the scientist and fifty times the journalist of this cretinous fuckwit. Which says quite a lot about said cretinous fuckwit :P These two vids are top work Myles, unlike the two videos which are their subject, you should forward them to potholer54 for when he does his next video about the godawful state of science journalism.
My respect for the BBC just dropped a notch. Again.
Anything more recent from this David Shukman clown? Or any sign that this is a consistent failure of their science staff?
Better than what I usually get when filing complaints but still not great.
when u posted the reply you got, i read it and knew there was another video on the way. also put some shoes on
And this is how the world works. The USA fucks something up, and the rest of the world copies us. It's one of the great mysteries of humanity.
Barefoot science dude in a field of sheep. Any wonder I'm tingling?
In the BBC report David Shukman (BBC Science Editor) says that "environmental groups" have concerns about synthetic biology. Has anyone figured out who these groups are? An environmental group might have a legitimate concern about some of the chemicals used in basic DNA analysis (i.e. Ethidium bromide) that are not being properly disposed. Rather than a paranoia that someone will release a virus that causes the Zombie apocalypse!
Hope you didn't sit in any shit.
lol i think you're giving fox too much credit, they don't even bother applying the veneer of legitimacy the bbc tried here.
Un jiggered (what a fantastic way of saying it btw) bacteria can just as easily mutate with unforseen consequences, and indeed has done. What is your point?
You are such a boring fucking fool why don't you stop making a show of yourself. I'm sure your parents told you you were great and you agreed with them but frankly you're as thick as shit and I don't appreciate your ignorance and your inability to read. Go have a tantrum somewhere else you witless cabbage.
These stories keep annoying me, they don't seem to get that the synthetic DNA sequences are the same chemicals in the same order, indistinguishable from DNA extracted from a cell. They think that scientists are just chucking together random sequences to see how many legs they can make a mouse grow. Good that your complaint has been registered and saved for future reference, pity that their 'science team' seems to have the same level of scientific literacy as their 'science editor'.
OMG anyone can buy an oven and melt metal and make swords we're all gonna die...>_<
On which slippery slope does the tomato mate with the salmon?
Hi Miles, I'm not going to say anything abuot this, I'm just going to say thanks to you 'cos you've inspired me to make something like this. I'm from Chile, I'm studing chemistry and Im vegan, and there was some news on one of the radio web sites from here that had an interview with a nutritionist that said that if you are vegan you are gonna die in a few words, so I sent an email to the Chilean School of Nutrition and it was the same nutritionist who respond me.
So, exactly what I said to you is your point, even though your initial statement contradicts that... You need to sober up.
Since the genomes of organisms differ on various levels, why would anyone assume that mutation among those genomes would be the same or not any different?
Great, Myles! But I'm afraid you're still unheard. They're so glad that you didn't complain within the "timeframe", so they've got an easy excuse - that is so lame! Even if you'd responded within the correct timeframe for feedback I'm sure they would have released another lame excuse - it's all about money and popularity for the masses. Thanks Myles for fighting, don't give up! And now I can't resist to be vulgar: David Shukman should be renamed as David SUCKman! ;)
its the BBC its a media engine. its job is not to tell the truth but rather guide the public opinion. just because the word 'british' is in there, doesn't set them apart from FOX in the US, or Al-jazeera. i haven't seen a documentary on the bbc for ages that's 'great'; interesting at best.
I'm not nilbud, but you cannot really know that can you? Terribly sorry about your paranoia. The names are different. But it comes as not so surprising as you seem to be seeing the same things in all sorts of different subjects. Could I ask again in another way? If transgenic organisms are mutating and non-transgenic organisms mutate, why is it not any different?
the only person I can see throwing his toys out of the pram is your good self, now, let me analyse your above comments, 1 no-one has made any assertions to you at all just questioned yours, 2, all things are capable of learning to one degree or another education and qualifications mean nothing einstein is a good example of this having failed to get into university, 3, 'bleepy games' as you call them have proven themselves time and time again to be massive expressions of culture in many ways
its tv they think they can get away with a lot of crap and still look good
more bad trolling and ad hominems, still no refutation. your only, point is nothing more than a slippery slope argument. i won't be "noting" your ignorance, you're doing a fine job of demonstrating it for yourself.
Perhaps then you could explain your point about the slippery slope you made to nilbud.
No your laughable stupidity is noted but that has nothing to do with my argument. You really need to brush up on your stats too.
The Brian Cox of biology right here, in this video.
Start a petition. See if you can get any of the other youtubers involved. It might be tempting to just chuck it but this is a hill worthy of dying on. This anti-education reporting is doing irreparable harm to the community that works to keep us all healthy.
You're doing some great work here Miles, I really respect you highlighting this blokes incompetence. Just thought I would point out you said "Exclusive board" instead of Executive board. Keep making videos fella they are really interesting.
i was calling your comment to his attention, i never suggested you were niibud, but yeah i suppose you could be but i doubt it as your ad hominems are more subtle. seeing the same thing in different subjects? provide an example. if you're referring to my driving analogy, you missed the point of the analogy & why i made it. i don't understand your question. what are referring to when you say, "why is it not any different". different from what?
Powerm1985 is just too stupid to realise that this is the start of the Zombie Apocalypse!!!!
you should be the science editor of BBC = )))
i used to have a high opinion of the bbc but about two years ago whilst evaluating the accuracy of media (not just theirs) for part of my course. i found a few flaws, exaggerations, or exclusions from news reports vs journal or other sources that are definitely done to influence opinion; and even though some of the opinions they were presenting i happened to agree with, my opinion of them as level reporters dropped. we then visited the bbc, i'd never want to work there.
I think that you did an exelent job! You have a lot of scientific knowledge on a certain field, but, your knowledge about media is average and even naive in my personal point of view.
You see I have no interest in any of your ridiculously stupid assumptions. I don't need your ignorance and your foolishness your incorrect data or your cretinous assertions. You're not paying me to teach you and realistically you're not capable of learning. You don't have any education or qualifications and you're probably a teenager who thinks playing a bleepy game is an expression of culture. Have your tantrum somewhere else you illiterate fool.
No doubt your parents told you you were great and really clever but sadly they were lying fools and it looks like it doesn't skip a generation. I really don't need your idiotic ankle biting so if you could just get back to whatever menial tasks you do for a living that'd be just super.
laughable stupidity? sure troll lol i see you've been reduced to ad hominems already because you can't make any legitimate points or actually refute mine. i didn't cite any stats so there's nothing to "brush up on". since you seem to fear scientific progress so much, why not just go back to the caves of our ancestors, the rest of the human race doesn't need your fearmongering.
Correction: "Executive board", not Exclusive ;-)
lol i'm "making a show" of your ignorance. i'm hardly having a "tantrum", i asked you some valid questions and you ignored them to make pointless insults, way to demonstrate your intelligence ace.
Can I come over and pet one of your sheep please? Sooooooo cuddley! Hey! That one is eating my shirt!
I would say that just as bacteria and other pathogens evolve, so does our immune systems to deal with the new strains. Sometime our immune system is play catchup but It is very hard to find a pathogen in our environment that our immune system does not have at least a passing familiarity with. Even killer virus's like ebola does not kill every human that comes into contact with.
I wanna know where you get your t-shirts miles
Respect is earned. Thusfar you have shown yourself to be inept and moronic. Those qualities do not engender respect.
Ok fuckhead I'll explain it to you simply. Altered and unaltered bacteria can both mutate. Do you understand now or are you a complete cabbage?
most definitely not you pusillanimous turd, and to reiterate you, yes you most obviously do give a shit about our opinions otherwise the old hackles wouldn't have risen would they???? now accept you have met several mental superiors and fuck off back to the lil kitten videos and potato farming tips
Welcome to the world of mainstream news media... :P
theres only one way to solve this...
Watch the same display in powerm1985's first vid on this subject.
actualy he or she have to be born into the us (or reconized states)
um no, you see those rhetorical questions you ask, niibud didn't ask those or even imply that was his point despite numerous opportunities to do so. did he make any comments about proper research, regulations or planning ahead? nope, not even a hint. you're so busy strawman'ing me, that you don't even realize that we agree, i'm the one who brought up further research & regulation to begin with & did again in the very last reply, how did you miss that?
So... Your point is that altered and unaltered bacteria can both mutate in unexpected ways, and that reflects badly on synthetic biology somehow. You understand what a point is?
Nearly. He just needs to hold a permanent grin and look constantly awe inspired.
From the horses mouth, or you're a horses ass. Good rule of thumb for any reporter.
You touch your foot way too much ;3
Congratulations, that is a profoundly ironic question you pose there at the top. I'm not really reading that level of detail or conviction in nilbud's text. It could be more useful to look at your response, your attitude about research done properly. How can an envisioned worst case scenario function usefully in developing safety measures or regulations? What about unforeseen scenarios, how can those be prepared for and prevented? These are rhetorical questions for you and others to consider.
then why do you keep making strawmen of my points? niibud wasn't saying be cautious, he was saying the very possibility of the worst case scenario means we shouldn't do it at all. he assumes theres not going to be any kind of regulation or further research, it'll be as simple as jiggering x to do y & jus throwing it out there. i never said caution was without merit, but simply suggesting a worst case scenario is insufficient to warrant stopping further advancement of our "metric" thru research
see niibud, that's how you troll, you're doing it all wrong. and to answer your question, clearly the tomato only mates with the salmon on a slope in Oil Ocean Zone, it's the only way for these 3 to meet.
ridiculous assumptions? stupid tales? lol by all means name one, b/c i didn't make any assumptions or tales. no i think i'll keep bothering you. it's funny to see you have to drop to the level of pointless insults because you lack any valid points on the actual subject matter. if you wanted everyone to blindly agree with your fallacious slippery slope argument, you should have went to an alex jones video.
In these limited comment spaces it is imperative to make a concerted effort to grasp and capture the main thrust of previous messages; toward the interest of achievement. Turn to nilbud's original idea. Widespread use of the technology acquired from research in the field of Synthetic Biology, has unforeseen possibly negative consequences. This would be the worst case scenario to which you reference. Without a metric to gauge by you have already concluded that such caution is without any merit.
Very informative video. I for one didn't realize that GB had sunny days. ;D
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