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Nightcore III ~ Ti Amo !

by Baf | Top of The coRe • 952,610 views

-------------________NighTcoRe________------------- Enjoy ^ ^ Original By Azuro ft. Elly Links : DL Image : DL...

Fanculo, mi ha ingannato, non e italiano xD
io ci sono rimasta di merda XD ero convinta davvero che fosse italiana XD 
Dovè l'italiano qui?! XD
wow, tis is fantastic! I'm Valeria and you?
I think to amo means I love you in spanish
+Gamers Damers It's "Ti amo" Don't believe my google it up. I have Italian Descent. "Te amo" is Rihanna's song, lol. 
"te amo/ti amo" can be spanish, italian or portuguese/bazilian to say "I love you"... I'm portuguese and here we say "amo-te" but I think in brazil they say "te amo" 
literally "Amo" tihs song :v
I just realized that i know the whole lyrics but i am pretty surenthat i've never heard this song before oO
Teemo teemo tee-mo 
All I can think of is GerIta....
+Crystalline101 You have no idea ....its perfect
voglio i sub in inglesee
Is it just me, or is that in almost every anime. It's the girl that kisses the guy unexpectedly....
what's the difference between Nightcore, Nightcore II, Nightcore III, and Nightcore IV?
I love the photo could you send me a link and or tell e what anime it is from? Thanks. Have a great Christmas.
But it isn't italian D:
I love this song.. But I cry every time. ;-;
Ti amo is italian... 3333333
Very nice song, and image from anime!))) :)
the boy is my wish boy im a the girl
Ti Amo To po polsku Kocham ! ♥
love it, nuf said
Isn't it "Te Amo"? :D
+The new Thalita Okay arigatou....err I mean...Thank you :D
nyaan, dou itashimashite....yup XD
Hey guys, I dont want to do this but I also make Nightcore so if you want come and check it out :) Thx
"Stats have been disabled for this video", can you enable it? Thank you very much. :)
I love it is song! <33 
Now I want to read some Spamano and GerIta Doujinshis :'D I'm so random I know
Dove e li Italiano? L'unico cosa che dice in Italiano e mi amore ti amo e ti amo. Non penso che mi piace molto.
Tis song is English but say te amo xD The creator put the wrong word : From TI he need to put TE Amo xD idk if chu understand but meh I try xD
Well not exactly. Putting a ti makes it Italian, an putting a te would make it spanish.
I love this song so much
She looks better with silver hair :)
Findenify Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
ti amo mucho porce to no ? i love you so much but why not you? ik hou zo veel van je maar waarom niet ?
made me think of Yosuga no Sora for a second, the pic that is.
Es heißt eigentlich "Te amo" weil das im spanischen immer te und nicht ti ist aber sonst echt gut.
Marthia Bonetto Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
why the 3's and 2's? 
II is oShyGuyzo, III is Nasinocinesino (aka VortexVK, Nasinocinesino1 and now Nightek1). The I is original Nightcore duo from Norway, and II and III are made by Nightcore fans not made by the original duo so they name their stuff differently. nuf said
Hatsune miku is everywhere
Julie Makimoto Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Arnold Gregus Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Gumi Megpoid Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Love is my law and Law is the uke of Kidd XD
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it's ammo isn't it? Ammo comes from ammunition, which is "munizioni" in italian and "municiones" in spanish
"Ti amo" is italian, in spanish it is "Te amo"; and in the song you can also hear "amore mio", that is italian.
io sono ITALIANO forza italia!im italian!
I' m Italian.. However 'Te amo' Is Spanish/portoguese. But at the end of this song, some words, like 'Amore mio' are Italian. NYA ^^ ~
Does that image belong to any particular anime? If so, can you tell me which anime? :D Loved the song, by the way :)
Ti Amo - Italy. Te amo or Te quiero. - Spanish. I love you - English.
Idk but would be cool if the world would be anime. And specially in anime everyone looks so cute x3
Vantatene meno di essere italiano se scrivi in quel modo .
i thought she had blue hair, light blue but not white.
F A N T A S T I C O <3 *-* !!!
everyone im on the hunt for the anime i might have it in a couple of hours or days.
Love this song so much. Xd eheh yup xD
anyone knows the name of the original song?
Ich dachte erst die sagt "sailor moon " xD geiles Lied *-*
i konw she has blue hair but in that images she has white hair, i think that is a fan art (again sorry for my english).
t5e amo heist ich liebe dich nicht ti amo hust hust
This is not an anime, this is a image of Vocaloid Miku Hatsune (sorry for my english)
" Te Amo " are original on Portugal, i'm portuguese and i know :p
te amo es español! ¬¬ viva españa!!!
Me: ti amo Crush: wut da fuq u bastard u know im from Italy Me: -.-
Thanks, I can recommend music that is in fashion 2013??
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