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Dead Space 2 Tribute - Everyone Dies (115)

by DeadmanCX7 • 62,698 views

Sorry bout the quality, try watching in HD. *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED * All Rights belong to EA games and WMG/Treyarch My Second Music Video for Dead Space 2, a sequel to one of my...

sweet video i love this song and these games all 3 of them
Even the third one? Thank you! That one's seriously underrated.
What kind of music???????
Sweet 115 from blac ops 1 zombies kino der toten this song goes good with the game
Sweet 115 from blac ops 1 zombies kino der toten this song goes good with the game
Two more good songs I believe could go well with this game. One is Archangel from Black Ops2. Two is I Dementia by Whitechapel. Just a suggestion.
115 from Black Ops Zombies
Everyone Dies...But Issac will always survive! Dead Space 2 RULES!!!
Dead Space 3, people!! Just gotta wait another 3 years.....
open get out alive open this mute this= awesome
this song is called 115 not everyone dies but good video
i love this song, and love how its on black ops zombies
That s the secret song in Assention on zombies in cod.
@zorrgon56 Dude,i never played the game and even i know her name is Nicole.
w8 a sec... am i watching a black ops zombie vid?
Issac must've turned on all the meteors
im pretty good at dead space i own all of them extraction dead space and deadspace 2 unless theres more
you'll understand when your older ya wipersnaper...:3
At 3:29 that monster (or necramorph) is a pretty good gymnast! XD
3:28-3:30 FALCON PAWNCH!!!!!!!!
I Can"t resist of Headbang while watching the Video
this is just wow good job the sing fits this better than it does on black ops
It goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better with dead space 2 then in black ops
good choice of music the nazy zombies musices are good for deadspace videos, and DS my fav is well. :D
1023gamerfreaksful,s comment is funny & TRUE!!!
The video buffers on 115 for me 0-o
everybody dies.....that fights Isaac.
I saw the name and I was like wait I think this is from blackops (well that where I remember the song from)
remindes me of barbie and her plastic boobs
To me its like Nicole is singing to Isaac
Never mind, just read the description. Sorry.
Isaac is that damn too good to die
Why was Isaac's eyes red in that one part
0:22 Opposite of Isaac Clarke is sitting with his girl at the left of the screen
alright we did disturbed and 115 there's one song left IRON MAN BY BLACK FREAKIN SABBATH
@Thekingdomhearts2000 but then there gonna eat you!!! ZO MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
i had a dream of me being issac and i was shot with a GRENADE LAUNCHER!
dead space 2 + cod zombies = this
great tribute and band is awesome!
well there both JUST SO CHEERFUL and 4 of my friends are bronys and not to long ago they came over and they made me watch it. I still have those nightmares of that day...
rhis songs amazing which begs the question Y THE FUCK ISN'T THIS ON ITUNES
yup. probably true but i do mostly do have them but like i said MLP is probably not at blame but my low sanity that started at a young age. but you never know MLP could be to blame...
Woah! Mad and beauty... bloood and laugh háháháá +1 like
If there is a Dead Space movie, ever, this will be its theme. If not, the people making it will die.
Lol this is 115 from kino der toten.
115 no not for tis game just black ops
ya see,for us killing hordes of insane demonic creatures that are sometimes 5 times our size it terrifying..for Isaac,its like breathing.
Friend: Chuck Norris is so boss, hes got his own jokes Me: Naw, Isaac Clark is better Friend: HOW?! HE DOESNT HAVE ANY JOKES ABOUT HIM! Me: Isaac Clark is no joke.
When Isaac was born Chuck Norris finally died
Nice video man. Is the singer that screams a girl? I fuckin' love it. Whats the name of the band?
Love dead space and love this vid!!!
i bet isacc has an ipod in his helmet that plays this song inside it
@CallofDuty10876 this is in Black Ops but it's not created by black ops creators, so this song is >> free to use!! << if someone uses this song to make music video it's not needed to be fucking Black Ops -_-* I hate when people comment like that..
Niiiiiiccccceee thx 4 the upload :D
1:45 issac possessed by the marker me: marker go fuck yourself marker: what you say bitch (issac comes in) marker: oh shit
This video made me wanna play Dead Space again with newfound Bad Assness
So, you saw something about ponies and you now have nightmares? Your over exaggerating.
@Midniki yeah she did every easter egg song for the zombies
lol I have returned *alien pegged to wall*
To an extent I had a form of schizophrenia and was suicidal at a young age ( about 10 ) but that's besides the point what im saying is at a young age they rarely happen now.
did you read the other comments? if not i'll tell ya there both the CHEERFULLEST of anything we both have ever seen!
If Issac Clarke would be in Black Ops Zombies he would be crazy with the Ray Gun .
Awesome, that's all I have to say. Simply awesome
They are watching him Then they are going to watch me OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
this song fits dead space better than cod (you know besides the 115 part) :D
AWESOME VIDEO, i had to hit replay, it was amazing!
@Midniki Uhh this song was made for Nazi Zombies. If you look up Elena Siegman (the singer of this song) you'll only find songs she made for World at War and Black Ops Zombie modes. While I agree it doesn't mean its a Black Ops song, if you listen to the lyrics it was made for Zombies.
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