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SKRILLEX BEATBOX - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

by HIKAKIN • 2,714,228 views

Everyone seems really disappointed in the comment section... I don't think you understand how amazing this is, he is making 3 sounds at one time (with one mouth)! I know there are better people out there, but this is a work of art!
Ohhh yeaaaaaa I'm sooo gaa-a-a-a-aay
jvligt snabba brillor :D
Everyone skip to 0:40 - 0:45 and listen with the speed as 2 XD I'M DYING!
Ludzki narząd mowy posiada pewne ograniczenia, które są nieprzekraczalne. :(
xD Polska!!! siema
So many Spanish fuckers!! Also, this sounds like someone running over a chicken that's not quite dead yet, mixed with someone branding a cow. Sorry dude, but your sucking a lot of ass right now.
Oh my gosh Sound Made me laugh my ass off
That was bad ass! 
For all those who hate, i wonder why he has 1.5 MILLION subscribers. Also, if it was that bad, why would he have 8x more likes than dislikes. You're losing this argument and you're an idiot.
Nice Hikakin! Sub! Like! Next pls: Skrillex-First of the Year :D
Come on! Why two thousand dislikes! Even if you didn't enjoy it, a lot of work went into this.
Omg he is so talented!! This videos are awesome. And a message to the haters. If you don't like the video don't post rude comments. Just don't watch it.
я один русский??????????
Heyy u haters just put a sock in it. Give him some freaking slack. God if u can do better then make an account and tell me ur name then I'll see if ur better or if he is.
It's okay dude, I'm pretty gay too.
i dont think humming is beatboxing
maybe watch the whole video first?
Well all I can say is that he has a lot to improve on with his beatboxing....
que no, espera sentado. No tengo dinero para launchpad y micro sorry
This is incredible! It starts out okay, but by the end he is seamlessly and simultaneously humming, dropping beats, and making clicks. Fantastic!
At 0:43 did he said "Oh im gay"?
something about that part of the song was tone deaf....
Hes using his sound board
That will not like the song nor the know do not upload videos so if you do not know lyrics skrillex ¬¬
Tenia que ser chino xD LIKE :)
i think its cool but why do you have to make those faces
U ruined this song it's my fav ;-;
H0W C@n D1s V1dE0 B3 2:06 M1n$ L0Ng w3N D@ar3s 0Nly I Pe0lpE On M1lky W@v3S?!?!?!?
He's still announcing his homosexuality in this video too
Scary Monsters And Nice Spiritsをボイパでやるのチョー疲れるし大変ですよね、めっちゃ凄いです!これからもBeatBoxerのHIKAKINさんと実況などのHIKAKINを応援してます!
Its about time he s tty op sayin im so gay
きたねーな skrillexが汚れるだろーが
this dude doesnt evin seem like he has listened to the song 2 times
This is nowhere like scary monsters and nice spirits man ur a fucking fuckhead
I'm feeling sorry for the mic, so much spit!
you suck dude i hate skrillex now fuck you 
+Leslie Welker he uses a live feed record im system actually like tom thumb his camera guy is working the system
Well that shure sucked ..
lul I'm sure Ariana would choose someone who shit at beatboxing to sing with her ._.
damn son where did you find these skills
That was the most Asian "OMG" I've ever heard.
"Ohhh yeahh Im soo gaay" ?!?!?!?!?
This is truly amazing. If u think this is shit why don't u try this and see how hard it is
you say plz i will subscribe
y de repente una persona de latinoamerica
ITS GONNA BE THE BEST VIDEO if you dont sing dude!
Hate this guy i like skillerex in the second video..
all I heard is im so gayyyyyyy ayy  ohh yeah oh my gosh :I
But I am a da of your beatboxing and I think your one of the best
The thumbnail made me laugh
イエス オーマイゴッシュで吹いた
whoa awesome  XDD 
I don't know anyone who can do this
Like👌👌 ur my intro
why...................... just why.......
For fucks sakes stop calling him gay
Omg its burning me
Hess hoop meh gh gooshhh
Baubau atatatatat vabuabau pipipi triririririri vbbabababaab
I like when he says "Yes! O my god!"
すげー! ヒカキンさん応援してます〜 これからも頑張ってください!
Jaja alguien esta celoso de que no sirve para nada
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