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Team Fortress 2: Meet the Pyro

by Machinima • 5,093,017 views Click here to watch Minecraft Shorts: That'll Do, Pig (Machinima) Team Fortress 2: Meet the Pyro (TF2 Machinima) The long awaited Meet the Pyro has...

Reading the comment section made me smash my head on the keyboard so frikkin' hard.
Pyro isnt a fucking woman......hell she isnt even the fucking administrator ya fucking newbies
Worst part about this is. That the teamfortress Meet the Pyro was better than this. It showed how insanely psychotic he is while letting us see how he views the world.... Why do I have a feeling no one will listen...
Wait, so the announcer dressed up as the pyro and went around dominating the other team. She's a better pyro than the pyro himself...
look at the game theorists, he explaines every detail, just type in game theorist pyro
FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE и причем здесь мортал комбат?
How Pyro ruined Meet the Team. I swear I'm missing something...
MUCH better than that bullshit official video that Valve made. I think they completely ruined the enigmatic nature behind the Pyro and transformed it into a delusional freak. It was garbage: it was the worst of the "Meet the Team" videos by far. I'll prefer this fan-made tribute over that any time: at least here, Pyro is a badass.
shit. pyro is a dude
Dudes! does pictures of meet the spy i think its spy and pyro!
0:26 blu base has a camera setup in the red snipers bathroom.....
This is not Meet The Pyro... its meet the spy. DISLIKE!!
+Weetile Ate A Yoshi look at how old this video is, and then the date in the original meet the pyro
People have been hating on this vid ever since the official came out. STOP BITCHING!
Game theory said Pyro was a feminine man, the concept art for Pryo is male, he's a guy.
Just so you know pyro 100% DOES NOT HAVE A GENDER in the game there is a way to see the character models if you remove pyros mask it all black. I think valves likes it a mystery!!! Or maybe he is slendys long lost bro!!!!! But I'm telling what I'm saying is true. (If you click the link in this vid where it says original vid it says created by two pyro fans!)
Yes, they like it a mystery, but valve is not valve if they don't put MORE mystery and HINTS, thus like the model and fisical statement.
This Is Fake Who Ever Made This Has No Life And Pyro Is Male And This Is NOT The Real Meet The Pyro Trailer Watch The Real To Really See The Real Pyro!
No shit it's not real.. It even says Fanmade on the bit that says "Meet The Pyro"..
i really hate when pyro is chasing me or behind me... really scary like those psychotic on movies
Wait... If this is fake then why was this released 1 year BEFORE the supposed 'Real' one?
Pyro = Scout's Mom? X3
Frist:Pyro inst Administrator Sencond:Pyro inst a woman (GAME THEORY MY FUCKING DICK THE GAME THEORYST IS A CRAPPY LIE) And third...3:14 BOOM HEADSHOT!
Sanco. I haven't noticed Oh!! Just.. Just shut up and take my money. ( ゚ Д゚)ノ[ ($) ]
i genuinely thought this was the real thing for a year or two.
The mystery of pyro is resolved,is a female.
this is a fanmade dumbaaa and it made 1year before the official
it evens says its fan made stop saying its fake
wait its been so long i guess i forgot
+Bartosz Chwastek How do we know you aren't fake? How do we know IM not fake? Omg, I think edwin snahcez is FAKE!
I don't like this video
Yeah it's fake but it is still funny XD
Now before you go and say something stupid Everyone is aware that this is "fake"
pyro kill everybody ? thats right!!!
You guys do realise how bad that Game Theory video was, right? The measurements were based off of the American average but only 2 TF2 characters are American and the finger thing only applies to the majority. Heck, Im a bisexual male, and my index fingers shorter than my ring finger.
+deathsroommate . Yeah, I get that, I was replying to where he said ". . . he says at the end so you cant counter him" I was just poking holes in the logic people use when they treat it as canon
What pyro is a girl but hes in the game That doesent make any scence
wat? pyro kill heavy? heavy have minigun 300 hp pyro have 175 hp and flamethrower
+TheCaptainNutzlos or ambush them and axtinguish them  
He didn't have his gun revved up.
Medic! - Gegyyc! Put a centry here! - Mh m Mhmh h! Spy! - Mh hmm mh mh!
He's mute. He uses tools as melee weapons. My guess is that Pyro is Gordon Freeman.
Wtf what pyro is a women
It was scientifically proved that the Pyro is male and not female, CREATOR.
by who, Game Theory? He was wrong. There was so much evidence that can be easily countered in that video.
Mostly, these are all clips from other 'Meet the Team'
better than the real one
This video isn't needed anymore.
(insert inception sound here)
well it was fake but at least you showed us A face its either a pyro or a girl in a big suit
really you use all the meets
This is so much better than the original!!!
Even though this is fan made, it still kinda sucks
Everyone die with pyro kill people :-D
the pyro is a female based on the voice and WRONG! the pyro can talk
this is the original trailer of meet the pryo
No it is not, it's fan-made
Pyro is no shit female.
3:25 Bottom Right: "Vavle please don't sue :P"
I already know that she is scout's mom but still it's great
Do u guys know the lady that says victory and they deliverd the austrailum Well... SHE IS THE PYRO
pyro is a lady waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Pyro is a women watch the team fortress 2 origin
1 : 50 sniper noooooo : c
screw machinima!!!!!! watch this on valves channel cause valve is way better then stupid machinima
wait wait what? pyro get sentimental when he saw the spy and scout mother photo, its me or pyro IS scout mother?
the reason it has so many dislikes is because the pyro is not red
This actually makes sense
This is better than the real thing.
dont get why everyone bashes on this, back before the official meet the pyro cam out this was loved, to be honest for a non pro to make this is great it was smooth and cool, it was fan made and it should be appreciated, all you free to play noobs come along and find all the pro made trailers and bash on the fan made ones that were made before the pro ones did
I like how the pyro just kills every class in their meet the x videos. Ties in nicely with the actual meet the pyro video.
better then the meet the pyro valve made.
Pyro is administrator ._.?
No this is a fan made video
So  The Announcer is the Pyro? JK.
fake this isn't met the pyro 
i still like it but the ending makes no sense
the valve made one is funny, but i still like this one better, maybe because it came out first.
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