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Zambia VS Ivory coast, Final 2012 ALL PENALTY KICKS

by Mohailem Yousif • 886,871 views

2012 Africa Cup Of Nations Final: Zambia Are The Champions Of Africa Unfancied Zambia have won the Africa Cup of Nations after a penalty shootout victory over the Ivory Coast in Libreville, Gabon....

England need to go to Africa to learn how to take penalties.
dammit Gervinho...You were totally horrible back then...
this was the best football moment of my entire life. God is indeed great thanx to all those who gave us unending support from the word go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woow this time  2015  , they won by penalties congrats  Ivory coast .....
Sucks how they didn't get to represent Africa at the Confederations Cup
17:45 thumbs up if you saw mwenee running to the fans
Where was yaya toure?
He was subbed of before the penalties I think
Greatest, most memorable penalty showdown.
A warrior tribe, this Zambian team was. And what they have accomplished is immense! And watching Sunzu singing while taking the last few steps before that final penalty, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Such a moving moment, especially when knowing the sad story with the doomed plane crashing just a few kilometers away from the CAN final venue, some 19 years ago(at the time). I mean, this is a fairy tale, the ultimate redemption story. Well done Zambia, you thoroughly deserved to win this.
i am not zambian but that last penalty kick brought tears to my eyes...even though i had watched the game...such a Cinderella story indeed
One of the greatest moments in history of Africa Cup of Nations.
Feel like crying watching this
Penalty Taking 101
i hate gervinho this in not good i was ashamed of my ex favorite playa fack ya
Drogba messed up in normal time.
Libreville 1993-Libreville 2012....I don't believe in coincidences
where was wilfred bony ?
damnn illuminati shiit when did he come
Before Toure took the penalty, the Ivory Coast coach was yelling, Gervais! Gervais! (Gervinho) but the man wouldn't have it haha, he didn't want to take a penalty hahahaha
I knew the man would miss, who takes a penalty running straight at the ball
This is what's happens when you have an all star team. Who can't play as a team. Zambia player more where more team than civ.Cuz Zambia wasn't that good. This time was pure luck !! Team 225 all day every day 2015
I'm from pen island and I remember how this made me cry
Man even slipped (the guy who scored the winner)!
Ivory coast underestimated Zambia
everyone is praying... thats great!!!!!!
I am from Ivory Coast and I remember how this made me cry.
+Patson Ngoma lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
"you can't see me" Cenaion lol 
These goalies though....
Pschologically,Zambians were far more superior to Ivorians.This was the key of the victory
Welcome to Sochaux, Renard, Mayuka Sunzu and Sinkala :D
There's the commentators saying "the sub's and the manager should take it" what about the commentators themselves!
I am from Ivory Coast and Zambia :|
watched this live, what a moment
Ivory coast is way better zambia at every thing
Dedicated to Dannis Liwewe, the legendary commentator! Praise be to Lord, you lived to see your team life the cup.....R.I.E.P
Ivory coast is still the best african national team
actually it is algeria and nigeria
I'd say Ghana and Cameroon
African cup. DUMBASS!!!
sign means "you can't see me" it is from WWE (WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT)     wrestler name: John Cena
Fuck this shit Zambia kiss my ass
que extraordinarios tiros de penal ...muy dificiles
I Was Born In Zambia Now In US Zambias Better I Cried When They Won I  Wanna Be IN Chipolopolo Boys(Zambia) when im like 19
This is the worst game in the world.Even io am better than them so is barcelona.
Im a boss and Tejas sucks
I have been in 2 penalties as a player in high school, in the playoffs (won both) and also in multiple playoff penalties as a referee and it just feels so great no matter what level you play on.
great pen shootout but every keeper comes off his line to save a pen u see it so often!
Can someone tell me what song the Zambian players were singing. It sounded great
Kalombo Mwane, a traditional zambian song, sung at burials as a homage to the 1993 team that perished in a plane crash in Gabon
Fuckin ivory coast.
I am from Ivory Coast and I remember how this made me cry.
du courage aux éléphants de cote d'ivoire
glad zambia won, this would have been unfair with the penalty to reshoot for zambia, which was completely a legit penalty (all keepers need to advance a little on a penalty kick to avoid knocking the post with their head as they dive). congratulation zambia !!
I wanted civ to win it cuz of drogba. Congrats zambia
dis Wilfried guy now plays for swansea
I only watched this vid to see if he was a penalty taker lolz. Quality player!
12:40 you can't see me!
i cant believe how easy it is to score on a penalty shot in football. Honestly that was ridiculously easy. Almost every single one of those shots made it in. And the argument still rages on about how tough football is? Pfft just show them this video and opinions will change
it's not the way you see it, the goal keeper thought he was going to shoot the ball at the right, but he changed the path way quick, so you can't just shoot the ball that easy, plus you must be fast before the goal keeper reacts, so i hope you're friends will realize it too
It was a joke apart from all the cussing I just hate pricks like that.
so is the vice president(his Zambian so of course )...
And that's how we won!! World cup next!! haha we all know that aint
thank god.. the manager dont have to take the penalty
rules are the rules. keeper has to stay on his line regardless of what the end result of the kick.
les ivoiriens sont fatigues de soufrir
Many stars in ivory cost site why can lose with this poor zambia :) lol
Gervinho never recovered from this.
Is it just me or do almost all of them have mohawks?
John Cena seems to be a hit in Zambia
why did nigeria go to confederations cup if they didn't won the african cup?
Odd that the assitant only flagged one of the penalties, when both keepers were jumping out on pretty much every single one, including the Toure's saved one. Something needs to be done about that I think. Good shootout though
Mate, nothing you can say can convince me that Africans are better shooters. TRUST MEH
first off, most people watching football on youtube are not fat. Second of all, you're making your country look like a bunch of judgmental bastards when you make comments like that.
i liked zambia and i wanted them to win, but they are so disrespectful look at the champions like ivory coast, nigeria and Ghana they play soccer like europeans not like villagers. hope you loose afcon 2013
the whole country went nuts, I remember that night the was soo much noise people on the streets chanting, a great moment for my country.
@14:48 "shh...shh..shut up" starts singing
lol in the end, the white man wins (the zambian manager) lolol typical Africans. Can't stand on there own two feet.
Best shoot-out I've ever seen
This is an even more unintelligent reply, that has nothing to do with what omonil is saying
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