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Amber Rose Dishes On Kanye West, His Ex Alexis & Kim Kardashian

by Necole Bitchie • 1,882,229 views

Amber Rose opens up about her relationship with Kanye West, meeting his ex Alexis Phifer and her recent comments on Kim Kardashian

You don't mess with men who are in relationships! Really Amber? You are in an fucked up industry where whores like you are no hair better than Kim K! You all messing around with men who are using you for sex!  The other day you add a video online about yourself jiggling your ass on front of cam. If you are really a lady you wouldn't do this either! Who cares what you got to say and who cares Kanye using Kim for publicity. They will get paid one day for it!
+jerricette She never said she's Mother Maria either.. 
What is the point of dissing a 17 year old dumb ass kiddo, while the Amber Rose fucks everything what is on her path? She better keeps her mouth shut!
If Kanye and Wiz left Amber, women should know that it takes more than looks to keep a guy.
+Stephon Fagan exactly!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
or that they are going after the wrong kinda guys
I like Amber Rose. Very REAL girl, total opposite of Kim K.
?ou, uh gym by GRB GCB Ada Ada Qaeda decades was w ex w av Webb n g GB NP two 0joo …,lk A
That's why you still got Wiz's face on your arm.
She needs to grow her hair. She looks like a cancer patient
Waiting for karma to get kim in 3.. 2.. 1..
For all who are bashing kim and supporting Amber, is fucking your way to the top any better than making a sex tape? Um dont think so, she started as a stripper and fucked famous guys to gain fame. and continues to make twerk videos and showcase herself as a whore even though she is a mother and wife. Have respect for yourself and others will follow. Amber Rose dont play victim, you know exactly what you are doing...girl bye!
Judgmental much??? Usually when you do that you end up walking in that persons shoes...
+She Eva​ I'm trying see how your comment relates to my original comment. Did you comment on the wrong video? Anyways, nothing I said was judgemental, all were facts. FYI
You are a stripper.  You do not have respect for your self. You only dating him because he is famous.   You allowed him to disrespect you because he has money and now you are in the spot light.  There are so many intelligent and talent females that  don't get any spotlight,  because they chose not to be whores
She was a stripper cause she was homeless with her mom at 15.. Who cares if she stripped to survive, at least she made it out of that life. I respect that. I don't care what Amber does, she's real from head to toe even her personality.
Kanye is such a bitch. It really takes a strong woman to keep her head high when you're with someone constantly criticizing you and putting you down. Thats why I feel sorry for Kim because she is not secure enough in herself to handle someone like that. Thats why she dresses like a damn fool since she got with him and you NEVER see her smile anymore, and she did all that shit to her face. Kim used to always look lively, happy and vibrant. Now she just looks miserable all the time.
She could have left him!!! 😒
If she had hair, maybe Kayne wouldn't have left. Rappers don't date wannabe cancer patients even if they are white. 
+Sam N Edu Medja  They dont consider themselves that only because of the stigma associated with it.  Doesnt mean its true.
Im sorry but Amber is more real and down to earth.Than Kim.Kim is so fake and so totally obsessed with herself.That whole damn family is.Amber to me is more someone id rather be friends with anyday over kim.Hell could you get kim outta the damn mirror long enough to even have a conversation? SHe is sooo shallow speaking about kim..I love Amber you go girl keep rocking.
you don't even know them in person..
Kanye didn't make her. She brought him attention actually because of her unique look.
Well let's see how famous Amber is going to be w/o a Rapper. Or is she going full Kim K and Famedig another nigga.
Yall need to chill on Amber Rose. Not a lot of people can be bald and looked good. Kim is a hoe tho.
Kanye was smart for leaving Amber. Kim makes her own money she doesn't need Kanye for money she actually likes Kanye for Kanye. 
Correction Amber left kanye smfh
What planet are you from
Kim is turning into a joke...doubt that marriage will last long....Amber Rose is a smart, sexy woman.
I read Kim K and Kanye horoscopes. I think they might actually last a bit. Lol
Kim really was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw, and of course had the type of body every woman wants ( and Man too, lol). In her recent radio interview with Kanye she looked so puffed up/out on the face; it reminds me of those pics of people with too much plastic surgery. If she was already admired and loved by so many, why change?? I just don't get it. I hope her and Kanye(even though it really doesn't matter in my world) stay togehter, because it would be nice to just see haters eat it, lol!
Let's be for real, all these females hating on Amber, calling her a gold digger is jus mad, what woman don't want they man to be successful, she's now in a different social circle, so she's going to date with in it, relationships don't always work out, so give the girl a break, smh can't please everyone, girl live ur life!!
Most women are opportunists, which woman would love to marry a poor man and have a miserable life? Amber Rose, in case you forgot it, let me remind you that you are a beautiful woman, a natural beauty without hair extensions and you don't need a retarded person like Kanye West to tell you who you are. You don't need anybody to tell you who you are, you must know yourself better than anybody else.  This pathetic and brainless creature could only end up with his perfect match, muppet Kim Kardashian.  I wonder what kind of people waste their precious time to watch their show, their muppets show. Those little money-grubbers, famous for what? It all started with a sex tape à la Paris Hilton, then a fake ugly butt, silicone breasts and collagen lips, followed by a string of famous black men, what's next after retarded Kanye West and the poor kid involved in this mess?  People wake up, those people are not role models and I can never swap my precious life with their dysfunctional world, 1000% never. Only God knows what's going on in their brainless heads. All the best to you Amber, keep shining, beautiful doll.
Pop quiz: does she dye her hair? A.) yes B.) no
Idk, i don't even know y i posted this comment.😴
Amber get a life!!!!! Bitch you doing Youtube interviews with Necole Bitchie and twerk videos on Instagram and low-level urban magazines while Kim is on Entertainment Weekly, Inside Edition and doin high profile photo shoots for high profile magazines with her own commercials! All you got on Kim is she did a sex tape...PLEASSSE...that wasn't even a real sex tape if you recall and rewind back RayJ was Her man and he is the low life for putting the tape out..that nigga bitter as hell he making wack music about he hit it first and Kim done MOVED ON! Matter of fact she's a bigger STAR then him andddd you...Kim and Kanye killed yall with my Street Fighter voice>>>>>FATALITY!!!!!!!!!!
This is the first time I have had Amber speaks & if she says the word "like" one more time.... Yea she is deep. Real deep. lol
She has a music carreer, modeling? Well there is no legit model agency going to hire Amber Rose and give her an editorial! Urban so called modeling has nothing to do with modeling! It's a hidden prostitution ring! You can be in a video, sleep with rappers an other people from the industry for a couple of dollars!  By the end of the day, these chicks have fucked everyone in the business and end up with nothing! Suddenly pimps lifting too on this shady business. They send chicks emails around to host parties, but these folks want to see you first and have sex with you! I have seen these emails and one of these dudes operates on Twitter. It's just sad! I know a dude from NYC, dude came 3 years ago out of prison and now he has so called models working for him. They strip, so called modeling and for the right price they have sex too! This business is fucked up!
Amber is one of the realest people out there. She won't play dumb for nobody. She won't play victim for anything. If she has an opinion she ain't scared to let people know. All this other irrelevant bullshit about who the biggest slut is, is something that people can argue about for days on end. Bottom line is, what she said about Kylie is true. That shits nasty.
amber fuckin rose...very attractive chick who like kimmora simmons....made her money on her back....used kanye to come up n then got with Wiz n now she has moved on to nick.....but if u r an attractive women you need to use what you got....Pu$$y to straight dude worth its weight in gold...."the face that launched a thousand ships.
Aren't all men assholes though lol? I hate when a celebrity is a dick it's like "omg what really??!?" like gtfo forreal doe lmao, you got people in real life that are 10x more assholes den kanye, there's always that one nigga you know dat treat his girlfriends like shit, Kanye give these girls chances and try to change them form their old ways, like before Kanye could you honestly tell me you knew who Amber Rose was?? She was a stripper, lol, Kanye made her famous, she should be grateful. 
+Janny Fisher So you've never been offended by someone in the male population?
one ho dissing another ho. 
"You don't blame the woman when your man does you wrong"  Preach! She's classy. Wish all the tabloids and magazines would get that and stop putting women against each other whilst letting the man of the hook
Kim will be sayin the same shit in a year Lol
Allyuh method of thinking weird no fuck, okay I homeless my my mum abandon me, thousands of different respectable jobs out hear na fuck that ima be a stripper, it not like I have respect for the body god gave me me. (slaps on big sean I don't give a fuck) lol
Hollywood has become a sea of high priced prostitutes, something that has been a reality for years only difference now is, these women are becoming celebrities. 
lol, this is so funny, she actually think the people who matter in this situation care whether she did this interview or not. Even care what she thinks/says for that matter.
she is so trashy, she could never compete with kim kardashian 
amber rose way better then kim !!
Amber is a busted can of old biscuits
Ive never seen a interview with amber rose until today. With thatbeing said, she seems really cool
I HATE AMBER ROSE !!!! Sorry My Opinion
Umm for all you haters Amber Rose is beautiful half of y'all hating on her can't rock her short hair and look good like her get a life haters for real Kim Kardashian is a big time slut and will always be.
Didn't she cheat on Kanye
Your awesome amber ily
Lol ppl keep saying kanye left her na correction she left Kanye smfh it's been stated many many times
She is soooo fucking real so dam cool she is is the shit and kanye lft her for fake ASS plastic kim
Not that it matters but is she white or black? I thought she was black but now I'm not sure..
lol they makin strippers sound like a real woman lol...steupz my girl child could be anystripper ye rite never find love in a strip club, kanye u said it..they sellin there body for a livin you all do the maths hommie.Real talk
I've never heard her speak 😳😳 she was spitting real shit though
She started as a stripper for survival, Shes real about what she does and is 100% REAL unlike kim...
This chick Amber Rose seems like one mad chill kind of bitch, Im glad kanye isn't with her, she has so much personality, and a guy like him doesnt deserve a woman like her .. 
U don't have the bank kim k got, that's why he's not with you!!! That's a fact kim k bought kanye a car when they started dating, kanye had to buy you a car!!!! Think about it!!! Only winners get chosen!!! Remember that!!
Omgee girl bye!! +Heather Wiley +fckyoe  Just like I told the other girl they both have pasts and if she need a man to have money, why she breaking up widd Wiz? Whatever BYE!
+Kay Brii she will hop on some other rapper's dick. You'll see =) 
Y'all some fuckin' hatin' ass niggas N bitches.....AMBER ROSE IS THE BADDEST BITCH!!!! :-) :-) :-)...#Iloveamberrose!!!!
What an ugly ass bald bitch.
ever heard of an opinion never said she is ugly so BITCH WHY YOU MAD
Nobody was talking to you. I was talking to the person who posted the comment. Don't call me a bitch, watch your fucking mouth.
I love Kim and Amber both... Seriously strong women. Both beautiful, both great moms, and both mature business women.
She calls her fans 'Rosebuds'? Why would Amber Rose have fans? She's drama personified... I can't watch this and wish I didn't dignify it with a view.
GTFOH. Amber Rose is yesterdays news like this interview. Amber Rose had appeal before she opened her mouth. After opening her mouth and listening to what she has to say, gives off the impression that she lacks class.
Such a cheap whore!!!
Lol okay Amber we'll just all forget that you were a stripper and fucked your way up to fame lol okay Amber 
"..Kanye didn't make me, my mother and father made me." - A. Rose I was like yaaass bish. Tell em.
well wut about amber and chris brown
+tony soprano stfu ugly ass fat shit fuckin cunt u ugly af & have obese flabs coming out your ass fucking lookin ass fag shit
Damn! She made my penis excited!!!!
I like amber's personality!!
I hate that society care about people like Amber or Kim, what is the big craze?
Amber is pretty :) that reporter is also pretty
- hm. lol ok look. kanye says never find love in a strip club, to amber. then marries kim. bc no one has ever seen her naked, and..can't at any time you want to look it up if you please..?xxx? (i like kim and amber, just saying, makes no sense.) but WOW, the stuff he said to her. if he didn't like her hair, etc so much why did he start to date her? he's always been that way, mean, controlling. even picks kim's clothes now. he picked her bridesmaids dresses, which the bride and her bridesmaids are supposed to happily pick. (he didn't want a slit in the dress, but all the girls did, so kim had to have no slits in the bridesmaids dresses, bc of him. i really wonder what her sisters were thinking when she had to tell them, "hey the dresses we finally have, cannot have slits ... bc kanye likes it better that way." i'd be thinking, omg my sister needs to not marry this guy. it might seem like a small thing, but that's worse bc if he has to control that, think about what else he does.. i just got sad for North thinking about the parenting he will do if he still behaves this way. remember his very non-empathetic act to taylor swift when she won an award? he treats women like it's 1940 and has never heard of equal rights - feminism - but gets mad about racism every chance. very hypocritical)
Kanye west is just a dick head! He treated her lick shit ... Wih the ugly quotes about her clothes and hair... But if you think of it kanye hasnt changed because he trys to style up kim now because hes wired possessiveness and he feels like he made amber well i beat he does and he treated amber like trash well guess what he treats kim like trash to but she doesnt wanna admit it .... Kim was born in the limelight so she wouldnt want to break of the only relationship that lasted more then a night a 2 days and the fame for a great romantic relationship with someone else... Amber moved on and i think kanye should move on and stop giving her shot outs she dont need YOU!
Why does the interview sound like she's going to cry everytime she speaks.
let that straight hair  grow amber....    you are not black..
These hoes are for everyone lol
only reason Amber put up with kanye was because he is rich.a.d powerful. She would never take that from an ordinary man. All about the Benjamin's at the end of the day,oh wasn't she a stripper
Amber Rose : I'm not Kim Kardashian !!!! (turns around to show booty) see my booty is 100 real ! real grade A quality stuff (slaps her booty).
Thats a pretty ignorant comment wannabe cancer patient you make no Sence cancer is not something a person wants to be......think before you write suck a nonsence. .
pretty girl  who is messed up in the head...  sad...
Amber Rose is uglier compared to Kim
+TheZara321 no just no nd kim had all kinds of surgery shes doesn't even show expression anymore haha
regardless of her actions she is still a woman and mother. She deserves respect and you all are blind if you don't see she is beautiful.
she is a well paid industry ho, she chooses her pain well, wealthy rappers. She must work hard for the money. Never knew her as an actor, singer, model just a ho.
Amber is way more gorgeous than Kim in my opinion. Kanye's lost.
People are so funny to me! Judging as if they have right!! You've never made any mistakes? Your shit don't stank?
"he loves women" lol as in the sex was great
It seems as if she wants attention by touching back on that topic just saying my opinion
Move on from Kanye Amber. I am tired of hearing u with the same Kanye subject.
ok, not because he sex and do the bed room thing, does not mean he is not gay.
she used to be a stripper of course she's twerking.. get ya money amber
Yall bitches need to get a life. Worrying about celebrities when you probably have 4 kids with jordans on em and no food. That's the real problem. 
Amber over Kim any day!
She can't sing, and she has no talent.
Cape Verde is an island nation off the west african coast I believe. Cape Verde an people are mostly mixed or what Americans would consider creole. This was a good and honest interview. With Kanye being an arrogant butt hole to Amber it makes me wonder was that his personality all along or was he acting out because he couldn't yet have Kim Kardashian. He seems to idolize her rather than love her.
I've seen pictures of Cape Verdeans and there are still a lot of very black Cape Verdeans.
Wow a mixed woman angry over the fact a Blackman leaves her for a white woman wonders never cease to amaze me.  Kanye had the best looking mixed woman and yet choose a dark skin white woman, now Wiz Kallifah has Amber and won't take his wife on tour stupid Amber you need to focus on you and your child.
Love how real she is !!!
She's beautiful and interesting!
shit amber fine as hell.
fuck kim kardashian ass hole... and kanye west mother fucker i hating them all time
Strippers are not bad. Men only get to look, not touch. They gotta hustle too.
Damn that no hair look is fucking gross
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