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Songify This - Obama Sings to the Shawties (replay extended)

by schmoyoho • 10,441,798 views

In order to work together, we must dance together. THE FULL SPEECH: THE ORIGINAL IYAZ SONG: FOLLOW the Gregory...

I wish the UK has cool political figures.
+Richard Harrold Yep - I'd like to Kick Anjem's  ass if he didn't have bodyguards
Wow, Seeing all these guys telling the U.S that Obama's not nearly as bad as they think and none of them care a bit for any of their reasons. I'm afraid you gentlemen have fallen victim to the average Republican mental cycle. They don't care in the slightest how wrong they are when the party tells them that it's right, it's not about rational conversations at that point.. Sure, you'll find rational Republicans, most often they're the rich ones really supporting it, but the majority who aren't at that level mostly only join for the most inane things.. Like.. Really, Everything from hating the gays, to simply being afraid of change etc. That's just the main reasons I've listed. Me? I think both the Republicans and Democrats have allot of things to sort out, but at least the Democratic supporters don't "argue" blindly, as I'm seeing here.. They at least seem to care for the majority of Americans too.
I have the weirdest boner right now
0:24 did anyone see that one guys eyes right there they were so close together XD
lol it  just caught my eye and I was like wtf? XD
+schmoyoho What has Junkie Einstein been up to recently? I Would love to see him back onto the political scene. It's been so long since He ran for president. I went to vote for him, but I was stopped by the bouncer at the voting curtain who said I wasn't cool enough to vote for him.
I am a brazilian.this is a fucking aweasome music
That make is two*highfive*
How cute. Comments from people from other countries telling us how "cool" Obama is. That's the PROBLEM. He is too busy being cool, snarky, classless, etc. to actually uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land. He is one of the worse presidents EVER. I thought the 2nd Bush was the worst. I was proven wrong by this freaking IDIOT we have as our "president" now. My healthcare costs have SKYROCKETED. My employer used to contribute a portion of said health care costs. NOT ANY MORE. Generational welfare (I see it every day in my job) is RAMPANT. There are literally families that are now on generation number THREE growing up on the government teat with NO INTENTION of finding a job. Nor do they value education for their children. Our schools (inner city at least) are now so TOTALLY SCREWED UP as a result. (The kids who aren't passing the test are kids whose parents don't help with homework, are at a third grade reading level THEMSELVES, popped out their first kid at the age of 14, etc.) There are kids in our schools who literally have to be taught how to USE a book in Kindergarten, as they have LITERALLY NEVER SEEN A BOOK. But yeah. Standardized testing will solve all of that...
And Hi people will follow him to the ends of the Earth, thinking he can do no wrong. For the record, Hi people, Bush was equally sucky. Obama is just a bad president. Period.
+Kerry F I personally never saw any bad effects coming from only the president in my lifetime, if you want to blame the president then blame congress too.
You should edit yourself in the same resolution, you are 1080p while the video of the congress is 480p
we want to do this--but are usually in too much of a hurry to downres. maybe in the future!
+schmoyoho Poor guys. You don't have the time to take Satan's advice. ); 
i like to rape penguins for fun.
would be weird if you´d do it although you don´t like it. but since you say it´s fun you seem to be alright :)
+Thunder. Turkey this song was out in 2011 and u said this song was based on a song that just came out shake it off
Michael. That's what sarcasm is bro.
Best than the original. 
Wish my replay button got stuck.
The President's agenda: 1.Sing to the shawties. 2.Make funny faces. 3.Provide affordable healthcare.
Like if you're Watching in 2015!!! 
Well executed video - however it propagandizes a false attitude and charade 
I believe Schmoyoho should be a part of every commercial and political discussion to bring us all together with empowering beats.
I could listen to this commy if it sounded like this!!!
its still impressin me!
Sha-shhh-shhh-shaa.  Shawty!   My god, please let that word die and get buried in hip-hop music.  Enough already!  lmao
yo do america is not the best country anymore from the news room! that wouldbe sick
Why isn't Obama that awesome?
Obama is a shit president but this is an awesome song
I wish obama was my president (*lives in third world country)
I watched this while taking a dump Now l'm toilet president Wait, what?
Obama has made the world a better place with this song
how come at 0:38 he has a purple tie and at any other time he has a red tie
wonder what Obama would say about this.....
This makes it alright.
I love this song I love when she is dancing next to Hillary Clinton 
This video IS the internet.
I love your videos I think you guys should songify the dalls cowboys after losing to green bay packers mixed with their shady win over the Detroit lions
AMAZING hahaha very fun
Charles L Nichols Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I got a better one LOL
Beest sung evuuurrrrr!
This stuff just never gets old great message too!!
i miss old obama. new obama is a little shitty
He actually has a really good singing voice besides the autotune
I love this it shows that today's crappy music that sounds just like this is " sung by people who have no musical talent or abilities. Or at least could be sung by a person who has no musical talent or abilities!!!
I need a 10 hr version
Best thing Obama did in eight years.
He's good just u just hate that he can't hello all the time
Best thing on the internet.
In the top right, during the first 30 seconds or so, the woman has a singing mouth. Bet you didn't spot that.
she's singing the chorus
Shawty like a melody in my head that I can't keep out MAN I LOVE THAT SONG SOOOO MUCH
Puzzling Evidence Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube: sonGify the STOTUS
The faces are more epic!!!
Like this more than the original
Obama is so awesome I like this song shawties is awesome
what songs is this parody basd on?
whats the name of music at the end ?
But if he was white u wouldn't of said that
0:50 I can't get over the strange faces in that shot.
What name of that song
This song needs to be on iTunes. 
 liebe disen song alter <3<3<3<33<3< xD
Schmoyoho, is that your mom in this video?
I love his face at 20 seconds
I agree Obama iis cruddy but this is cool
I don't care if you don't like Obama, you have to admit this song is pretty good.
This makes me respect Obama even more! 😃
I think he's watching this right now
I got to give it to you that was good
Obama is fake its illuminati
the best song ever!!!!!!!!
Rafael Benitez Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Songify This - Obama Sings to the Shawties (replay extended):
Wats this song name the real one
just watch obama plays Black ops it may or may not help you grow on obama
If you mean the one by GameSocietyPimps that's not Obama, it's a voice actor.
Oh i know that but i no longer dislike Obama 'cause whenever i think about Him now all i get are those videos
Aaron Vigna Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
티페인을 뛰어넘는 감동이다.
Nufayla Love Akon Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
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