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7 more pedophiles busted

by Amourdillo • 149,637 views

msnbc's dateline with chris hansen busts another 7 pedophiles

Why do these guys always send pictures of their junk?.......oh man.....its the ugliest part of a mans body...they must actually think cos guys like tits and ass,girls must like......junk!.....oh man,is there no hope?
Not being gay or anything,but i really wanted to see if he was 'BIG' down there, bragging more likely
Your ass is going get deported back to Mumbi, So long Slum Dog.
If i was that girl i would have called him to come over. I would i would have told him that ill be back and then my sister would have came and pulled off there dicks and roasted tem and feeded them to my dogs c;
This is disgusting and sad
every time those guys ask "am i in trouble" and he answers well...that's not up to me" or "we'll get to that in a minute" they get way more nervous. it's much worse then a simple yes or no lmao
"So actions speak louder than words, huh? Have a seat right over there on that stool for your first action" -F-ing priceless
and getting tackled to the ground by the po po actions
"Now let's see how it goes..." - Chris Hansen   LOL
the decoy has a strange behaviour..."do you have condoms?" what the fuck? The decoy tells the guy to come in her house, bring condoms and the guys have to go to jail? The show do everything to bring theses guys in front of the girl. It's a stinky trap
sure, and some girl asks you to come home with a knife and to kill her, and you do it then it's not your fault, it was a trap ... Asshole paedophile.
Mannbay and lovesource looks like brothers....Hmmmmmmm
lol, only mexicans
That sounds racist cause I'm Mexican!!
there was a caucasian, filipino, latino, indian/pakistanian/whatever the fuck he is, another latino, another latino, and yet another latino.
a_latino_man559 xDDDDDDDD OMG LOL
omg am I really watching this? Im 15 and looking at some of the comments 0.0
STAY out of the comments. Its a hellhole down there, Thats why I rarely read 'em.
Is it just me. or all. these guys in this episode where foreigners XD
If only it was this easy to catch all of the dirty bastards.
Because our society is fucked up. Especially when they trick men into coming to these places, just to arrest them.
I note that all the victims here are female and I am wondering why. that is statistically inaccurate. most pedophile victims are overwhelmingly boys who, of course, are easier to access than girls.
2:34 he said it like chris would be proud that he had condoms lol
These reactions are unbelievable...FAKEEEE.
sexual orientation there little kids that dont know any fucking better so they migh have feelings there not use to they learn with there own age kids you had ur chance just cuz you could never get laid unless you pay a hooked or rape your pet cat dsnt give you the rite to mess with little kids you and anyone think that its ok lets meet up so i can just fuckin kill you.
its the attraction to youth, they likely missed out on the adolescent sexuality that most kids explore and express, maybe suppressed/overly sheltered by parents or other social problems but when they get older they still have the desire to relive the experience they never had, basic physiology. Also when a woman reaches fertility she can attract a mate whether they know it or not by the change in their biology such as smell (pheromones) behavior, other cues that only our biology can catch on to
I'll bet that the Perverted Justice people sat around laughing and eatting popcorn while laughing at these guys pulling the little carrots on these videos. How stupid can someone get to send something like that?
coming from the guy who's screen name says "bury my cock in her" :)
baiting perverts really stinks. I agree, get them off the streets, but these people are ill and stinging them simply takes advantage of their illness. that is not right..
Seriously how fucking stupid can these guys be even granted that it's a total setup. Who the hell could mistake any of these chick for 13? I really loved the one who showed up with a fucking peter pump in his truck! What the hell was he going to do, run out for a quick "fluff" if she was ready to go? Driving 3 hours, overnight bags, dick pics, looking at felony time, lifetime sex offender status. Too much free legal porn out there. Stupid fucks should'a stayed home & spanked it!
You wrote like 10 comments in a row and practically raped the comments section, i couldn't help but read them, seeing as i literally couldn't view any other legitimate comments.
I hate these sick idiots, I've been raped 2 times and both of them didn't get inside bars. The worst thing is, I know who they are.
So if I think the girl is 18 when she really is 14, it's not illegal? It's the thought that counts, right?
Just like they can arrest someone for soliciting an undercover cop for sex or soliciting an undercover cop to murder someone. The crime is the INTENT. They only thing stopping the pedophile, john or murderer was the fact that the person they were soliciting for sex and or murder was actually someone undercover. This strategy helps to get a person with serious INTENT before they actually hurt someone. Would you rather they commit the crime first?
I think this is just so very sad. Entrapment of sexually frustrated men Is just a very sick thing to put on TV. Almost all of these "busts" were judged to be entrapment and/or too little evidence to file formal charges yet their lives are ruined because of this television show. There is a place in hell for Chris Hansen.
37 more people are pedophiles
deleted his comment lmao, Maybe he took a seat...
"What'd ya bring here?" "A quesedilla." "Quesedilla? Wow..." "Yeah..."
I know a guy who got a longer sentence for refusing to pay tax than a pedophile got for being a pedophile. I am done with this bullshit law. I am just going to follow my morals and say "goodbye" to all the laws i don't believe in. Goodbye: Tax ..... ..... ..... .....
it's funny that the asian guy is claiming he has a big dick.
Chris Hanson has seen a lot of wang.
Chris Hanson should be president!!
Glad to see them get what they deserve.
I gotta say, that you are sick thats defending thoose guys..
i feel bad for them but i hate pedos...
No, just get the guy in the hot tub to make him look really Just watch if they get out or sit in or turn on the jets to relax themselves.
To the person who said all single guys would do it WTF?? Im a single guy and I wouldent even consider something like this..what the fuck is wrong with you? Maby in bizarro world where you live but I believe the vast majority of normal men would never have sex with a 14yr old girl..see you on dateline you fucking weirdo..
Chris Hanson, ultimate cock blocker.
I DIDNT bring the bag, i always carry it with me i only came because i found a chat log on my computer and wondered who this person was and why my friends were doing talking to this person. so i came over to check to see if it was a teen, if so i was going to fucking findout which friend had been using my computer to talk t oa teen like that SIMPLE. i do not like entrapment, yes they were wrong to go but its still entrapment, hence why the show stopped , to many sued
1) Attempt is a crime 2) Actual impossibility is NOT a defense
I know right, they cock blocked the fuck out of those guys
But why would you respond to me just to say you don't care? Doesn't that seem counter productive to you? That's like saving the princess in Mario just for the soul purpose of telling her you don't care about her.
thx but honestly It's just absurd ppl show genitals to others in a chat room.
I get what you say, but they have a different distorted mind, some psichological and social issues made them to like a little child, so yes, they're sick or distubed, that's why they like those girls.
So you must feel arousal when at a middle school then right? That is not alright. They are too young to understand love and the concept of giving up their virginity to an older man. Like I said, age and maturity is what matters.
young females today from 12 to 17 years old have an average of 2 or 3 children by the time they are out of school (or quit school) because they simply dont think that unsafe sex and justin bieber music are a potentional problem and to think that i am 24 years old right now with no kids and never been the dumbest person i know but i knew even when i was that young (not that im very old) that i didnt want to have a kid and i still dont
They use intent and what the perv THOUGHT he was doing. He thought he was talking to a 12-15 year old, showed his intent on having sex with said child, and showed up with the requested objects, further showing intent. The idea is to punish them and get help for them before actual children are harmed. Think of it like this: Say a guy shot someone multiple times, intending to murder them. Even if the gun and "dieing" was faked, it still showed he intended, planned to and tried to murder someone.
Everytime he says blank omg lol
It's sad how many guys will have sex with whoever is available, even women who are physically and mentally unattractive, so even if the guy sees the situation as repulsive, if he's horny enough he'll still do it. We really need to stop promoting sex though the media because this happens. We create sex addicts.
I don't see how this is pedophilia if the girl is physically mature enough... it just depends on how mature she is mentally.
That would be funny if they got in the hot tub before chris came out.
Nope, I'm right. If this were a game. I think you just committed suicide. Can you show me evidence that you don't care?
Who cares what race these scumbags are? Scumbags are scumbags.
No, it's just that you're logic is that of a retarded parakeet. Billy Madison did a spot on interpretation of your response, so stop crying over my responses.
If I was chris hansen I would pop out with a gun and shoot their dicks off and watch them bleed to death
how to make a grown man cry ? ...tell him " Hello ,I'm Chris Hanson "
Gosh, they act sooo calm. If i was a pedo I would run for it :p LOL Too bad I'm freakin 14 :p
which series is this? Florida or cali?
omg no Mikes hard lemonade, gutted :(
I was busted once as I turned up to a house to have sex with Chris Hansen - I had organised it on-line. Sean Hannity came out and busted me for having bad taste.
LOL .. " I masturbate twice a day "...
People would sympathize with a couple if they were in love regardless of their age difference. But clearly these men aren't coming to fall in love, especially when they send pictures of their penises and speak to the preteen as a sexual object.
It means some pedos know that it´s wrong to have Sex with Children.And they don´t do it.And some "normal" Dudes do it when they have the Chance to.Just because they can.I worked at a Hospital.Believe me,some Dudes are dangerous like Hell.I saw what they´ve done to their own Kids.Because they were just bored.
how old are you? Im 30 err 40... stupid idiot!
Even though these guys are sick perverts I feel 0.5% bad for the ones that actually bring her food like the quesadilla and the hamburger LOL they still need to learn their lesson
You better watch out when a real pedophile (that you leftists protect) comes knocking on your door and rapes you. Of course, being stupid like all democrats are, you will not have a gun to protect yourself - so have a great time!
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