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Donkey Kong Country 2 - Credits Theme

by GameOST • 76,755 views

A Soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES (1995 Nintendo.)

The 90's were grand in every scale
i remember my happy face when i finished this game, when i listen this song reminds me a lot a great nights with my twin and this game.
This is, by far, the best credits theme I've ever heard. There is NOTHING to compete with this.
The best game of all times i have play :´)
I playthrough-ed DKC1, 2 and 3 countless of times and is still after many years one of the best game trilogy's i have played in my life. Awesome memories just awesome.
I agree. This has got to be one of the best video game trilogies out there.
This is when you say I did it out of all sweat and tears and rage quitting I did it 
Oh the glory days of Rareware....WHY GOD WHY
Muy buen juego, y excelente soundtrack. de los mejores.
I remember that i really loved this song as a kid, so somehow i wired the tv with the snes audio to a hifi system and recorded it on a casette. i listened to the song on my casette player all the time. I was 9 years old at that time. damn how i miss those peaceful times...
I just wish they still made games like this with real music. This game had/has some of the best music ever made on any system. Given the limits on snes its unbelievable what they did with it.
+Juan Strong There are not that many games with music in the same sense as this game anymore. Tropical freeze is one game out of hundreds. Games of this quality are pretty rare these days and they dont even make 2d games anymore
+Joe Franlin Yes there are. There are plenty of games with music in the sense of DKC2: Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Fire Emblem Awakening, Sonic Colors, Freedom Planet, Shovel Knight, Super Mario 3D World, Rayman Origins & Legends, Mighty No. 9,  Megaman 9 & 10, Dragon's Crown, The Binding of Issac, Super Meat Boy, Little Big Planet 1 & 2, etc etc. Besides, half my list were only some of the examples of quality 2D gaming nowadays with great music. Your argument is invalid.   
So POWERFUL theme! :D Worthy of being played at (insert name here) Graduation! :D
This is such a great credit song.
whenever anybody asks me what my favorite christmas song is i tell them: THIS.
Nintendo must do a Re-make of this game, with more levels on The Flying Crock, it's 1 big ship and it only has 2 levels T_T
The guy who made the soundtrack for this game (Dave Wise) remixed it in a VG remix album.
Thumbs up if you were tearing up when you first heard this, whether it be tears of joy that you conquered the game, or tears of sadness that the adventure is over.
Me and my brother just played and beaten this game. Man the credits music is amazing, thank you David Wise.
one of the best songs in the game, its too bad that you only can hear it once you've beaten Kaptain K. Rool
@DaVince21 dude DKC2is a damn symphony. listen to more tracks
This soundtrack is very perfect, very same! I love this song!
best game on snes i wonder if avgn likes this game
the best ever end credits game music!
Esse som é Muito bom, mas BRAMBLES é o melhor!!!!! Saudades dessa época. Essas duas músicas me fazem viajar no pensamento!!!!!
Totally inspiring.. Where is the old 'n' good Rare? :(
This is my favorite music in the game!
@hairyguy23 yeah or you just cheat in the menu xD
What website did you get that from? I just want to know.
I didn't appreciate this song until later on but I played the hell out of this game back in the day.
@fuckyoubitch851 I'm sorry to hear that. I beated this game when I was on my first grades of elementary school. But man was it hard. The feeling when the credits started rolling, I couldn't have been happier. And the music, oh my gosh the music was SO AWESOME. Maybe these hard-ass games gave me the determination to keep trying in life. Now I'm studying at university.
anyone ever hear the song i'll wait by van halen. it sounds a little bit like this song. just the synthesizer part in the beginning
Man I remember those days, coming home and unwrapping a brand new Super Nintendo game.
@TheManasword you have all reason
Now look back at me, I'm on a F***ing Red Tarantula with sneakers! Aw YEAH!!
So sad that Rare is so terrible now. this is back when they were without a doubt in my mind one of the best video game companies.
This Music Plays When You See A Cast Of Characters. And Watch Boring Credits. I Enjoy It Alot. When I Go In My car With Mom This Music Is In my Head.
This theme is epic! My favorite Credit's theme of nintendo games
@Jilksy101 You have predicted the future! They actually did end up doing just that. Some say it's even better than the original trilogy, but in my opinion, it's about par with them.
This is one of my favorite credits music in any video game ever. It fills my soul with excitement.
@theblackendone Alot of the DKC music sounds like that.
Damn i love this game so much and i still play it ! :) This game has nostalgia from the 90's when i was a kid :)
yo recuerdo cuando era niño y eramos pobres pero no c como mi hermano mayor consiguio q mi padre le comprara un "snes"...^^ fue lo mejor q nos haya pasado...kmomi hermano estaba acabando el colegio, y mis otros hermanos tmb estudiaban asta tarde...a vece me quedaba yo solo jugando (y asi me volvi vicioso O.o) jajaja, q wenaos tiempos aquellos...en fin mi juego favorito ah sido y seguira siendo "donkey kong country 2" por sus canciones y porq la empresa RARE se lucio con esas perfectas imagenes
One of the best themes in Donkey Kong Country's History !!!
really nostalgic song i'll remember old times of my child era i born in 1993 hasta el dia de hoy juego este magnifico juego
Great credits song. Really made me feel like I accomplished something.
Some one losing their SNES, you also talked to him.
hate rare because they changed from nintendo to suckbox and microshit, but loved everyone of their games. they were at their time like retro studios now. and special such fucking awesome soundtrack.
esta si era un juegazo, musica y plataforma best of the best :)
gääänsehaut !so tolles lied...erinnert an die alten , guten zeiten =) will einfach wieder zurück!
I beg to differ. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Returns is coming out. Dixie is playable, and you know who else is coming back? The very man who composed this song, David Wise. If there's any company who can keep DKC2's spirit alive, it's Retro Studios.
I LOVE this game! I beat all the levels, all the bosses, all the bonus levels, got all the DK coins, beat all of the lost world levels and even the K.Rool fight in the lost world. This is the best game of all time, it has the coolest music of all time, and will always remain my favorite game. This is the best game EVER. Rock on DKC 2! We all love you!
ik this is random but... I miss SilvaGunner. He was the one who brought all of us 80's/90's gamers together with all of the retro videogames soundtracks he uploaded. Whenever I listened to a certain music like this one, I'd see over 1000 comments of people sharing the same feeling as I and it was like we were all friends with eachother and understood one another about growing up. Ik I sound dumb but...I just miss it xD
@Jilksy101 they did it, but it's a piece of crap
@Setz206 they are so terrible cuz old rare team is now retro studios ;)
same here man. the dkc games are my fave of all times.
hasta ahora no me cabe en la cabeza como se imaginaron este videojuego ....O.o deben de haber estado drogados...jijiji....^^....
I remember beating this game as a little kid and hearing this music made me feel like a champ!
if not greatest thing ever made (other than video games,and electricity)
Ohhhhhhhh, I remember this song, such a badass and fitting theme for getting every last damn thing in the game.
This was, is and always will be one of my favorite games to ever come out.
@TheHollywoodV1 They're also memories. Fond memories you've developed over the years. Whether you played them as a child in the 90s or a child today, DKC2 and the other DKCs will always hold a special place in the heart of gamers. To us they represent the pinnacle of what a platformer should be. And it's because of these memories we go back and play these games over and over again.
David Wise is back for DKC5!!!!
This song should have gotten more favs. 5/5
Sighned in just to say i hate that one son of a bitch.
such a kool theme, this, oil drum alley and the first king k rool theme were the best in the dk series if nintendo wii make 1 more donkey kong country game like the old ones, but with the same type of music, sales would probably go up by loads. :)
aww man, that really sucks. try an get a new one if you can.. or buy an emulator and get the game on that.
@RareKong But back then not everyone had Nintendo Power or internet so we didn't know the cheats.
IS there a remix of the credits theme? I really love this song so much!
@RDX12606 they better make it!!! and they better make it good!!!!
i will never sell my SNES !!!
"The Best of Super Nintendo Entertainment System" Freakin' right!
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